1988403964_11b486821fWhich of last week’s  activities did you complete?

  • Post about a passion
  • Post about 10 dream jobs
  • Added tags and categories to all your previous posts
  • Added links to your blogroll
  • Checked out Earth Hour website and joined
  • Post about a special event
  • Research a famous person listed
  • Leave comments on other blogs using the special codes from Mrs Yollis’ blog

While reading tweets on Twitter or reading other teachers’ blog posts, I get the feeling that creativity is being left out of many school curriculums. So this week, we are going to get creative.

Challenge with number 10

I have just finished washing my clothes and found one sock that is now full of holes. I can’t use it as a sock, but list 10 other ways I could use the sock.

Think creatively. You might want to use one of these tools. Remember to leave a link in your post back to this post.

  • Automatoon will not work with Internet Explorer but great way to create an animated movie.
  • Another great site is goanimate – teachers there is an education version of this as well
  • Kerpoof is great for all ages
  • Voki allows you to type or speak what you want the character to say
  • Audioboo – create whatever you want to say on your blog then embed it. Check out Em’s blog for examples.
  • Create a book that flips the pages at flipsnack. Check out the other links at the bottom as well.
  • Make beliefs comics are great for your creativity
  • Little Bird Tales for creative writing
  • Magnetic poetry – create a poem using their words, take a screen shot or submit to their gallery and put link in your post
  • Use Fotobabble  or Blabberize to create a movie or book trailer
  • Create your own art work at artpad
  • Sketching with odopod
  • Use Toondoo to make a comic or embed a book you create there

Challenge to improve your blog

When adding widgets to your sidebars, like a pet, often they might overlap a little into your post column. How do you change this? Maybe just moving the widget to the right hand side sidebar will solve the problem. Otherwise ….

Knowing a little about HTML code will help.

  • Before copying the code from the website make sure the width is no bigger than 180-200 pixels. Check out this post I wrote about adding a cyber pet to your sidebar.
  • Some of you may have noticed that your challenge badge is not circular – that is because the code was not quite right. Thanks to Ronnie Burt, it has now been corrected.  If your badge is more oval shaped, go to your dashboard>appearance>widgets and open the widget for your badge. Look for the code and find where it says width and height. Each of those numbers should be 200. Make your changes, then save, and finally close. Does your badge look better now?
  • Leaving a comment with the URL of your blog in it can be done more neatly by using some code – check out Mrs Yollis’ blog post to find the code to add your URL in a comment. It is included in the section for advanced bloggers about how to add a hyperlink to a comment.

Other challenge posts to do

What is your school doing for Earth Hour this year? Maybe you could do something at school this Friday then take part as a family on the Saturday evening. Check out the ideas here.


Use some of the tools mentioned in the challenge for number 10 to do one of the following. Remember to leave a link in your post back to this post.

  • write a creative story including energy efficiency somewhere in the plot
  • write about reducing, reusing and recycling – fits in with Earth Hour
  • look at energy use in your school – what is wasted? How could this change?
  • look at energy use in your home – how could it be improved?
  • do you have a solar model challenge in your state? Check out the results for Tasmania where I live. Here is the world solar challenge. Students designing fuel efficient cars
  • apparently some schools in New York compete to reduce consumption over winter
  • design an energy  efficient house – explain where the efficiencies can be found – maybe make a model and take photos to put in your blog
  • research energy efficiency – here is one from Africa, Mexico, wildlife vs energy,
  • if you or your school took part in an Earth Hour activity, write a post about it

Leaving comments:

We have students and classes from the following countries taking part in the challenge.

Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Russia, Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago, Serbia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ireland, Honduras

Visit a student from at least 6 countries (not your own) and ask a question about energy or creativity. Remember to read previous comments so you don’t ask the same question. If they have a box at the end of the comments about being notified of replies, tick this box so you will receive an email when someone answers your question.

If you have comments left on your blog, make sure you reply to the commenter. This is how conversations happen. Also make sure you check your spam folder as comments with links often get put in here.

When leaving a comment, use that special HTML code to include the URL of your blog.

Photo Credit: World Bank Photo Collection via Compfight cc

71 thoughts on “Challenge 3 – Get creative

  1. Hi Miss W,

    For Challenge 1, I wrote about cyber bullying.
    For Challenge 2, I wrote about tide pools.
    For Challenge 3, I added the blogging badge and a pet cat to my blog.

    I’m having fun blogging. Thank you for the challenges. Thank you also for putting a link to my blog about Audioboo.


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