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I have been visiting many blogs over the last few weeks and am disappointed that there are some students registered for the challenge who have not yet written one post. Some mentors who have been visiting their allocated blogs have also contacted me about this problem.

As there are some students without mentors, I am going to visit all blogs over Easter. Any student blogs which do not have a challenge related post by the end of Saturday  30th March, will be taken off the spreadsheet. This will allow those students, who still want a mentor, to be allocated one.

Sorry about having to do this, but mentors want to be able to connect with students and that is hard to do when there is no post and no About Me page to visit.
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5 thoughts on “Important news – please read

  1. Good day everybody! My students are two nice small girls. They are both fond of English and have very little experience in many things: Writing and speaking English, communicating, blogging, computing. But they try to do their best and do all the tasks. They have made their first ZooBurst books, they waited for the comments and appreciation but nobody did so. I saw happy faces of one of them when somebody wrote to her that she/he liked her blog. Can you motivate them and write them a few lines about their work?

  2. Does this deadline apply to “classes” as well? My students just joined my “class” this past Monday, and only a few have started on Challenge 1. I will not see my students until next Monday. Aughh! Thanks for any help you can give. 🙂 Mrs. Peters

    1. G’day Mrs Peters,
      No it doesn’t apply to classes nor those students who have just started. Mainly to those students who have been in the challenge since the first couple of weeks.

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