As many students are on either Spring break or Easter holidays, I have decided there will be no challenges this week. It will give you time to catch up on those you might have missed and for the classes and students who have only just registered, you might be able to get some activities done.

You might also want to visit Mrs Kreb’s class blog where her students have created surveys. They would love some input from the students and classes in the challenge.

I would like to apologise to those kidbloggers and blogspotters – apparently only pingbacks from Edublogs blogs are appearing in my comments. I do have some one at Edublogs working on the problem at the moment.

Many thanks to Helen O for co-ordinating the 7-9 year old Kidbloggers board on padlet.

Have you been visiting lots of other students and classes?

Now is the time to start finding those blogs which are interesting to you.

Some of our mentors are also taking part in the challenge posts – Dinah, Rhonda,

Year 2 Smarties have only just joined the challenge, Mrs Flowers class doesn’t have pingback options but lots of posts, 7-9 year old kidbloggers board, Challenge 1 kidbloggers board, Class 20 in Russia try out new tools,

Sock ideas from Lily, Cogan, Devon, George (great way to present), Juliana, Angelika used Goanimate, Cayla, Kahu, Joshua, Costello, Valentine, Caitlyn, Kassidy used WordFoto app, Andres, Siana used a Voki, Molly, Alexandra, Olivia, Aaron, Zach, Carley, Heidi, Saddam, Niko, Grace, Morgan, Julia, Hannah, Kristina includes an animoto, Room1 in NZ, Busy Bugs in NZ, Add sock ideas to this wallwisher (padlet), Mrs Schmidts class use Voki, Goanimate and comics for this challenge, Mrs Allen’s class are starting their sock challenge, Sasha wrote a fairy tale about socks, Amber included a comic, Georgia,

Earlier challenges (some students only just starting challenge 1)

Angela, Bryson, Johnny, Mitch, Sadie, Mercedes, Molly, Hannah, Morgan, Morgan, Andrew, Saddam, Zoe, Mrs Vilas’s class have lots of posts to read and comment on, Sabastian , Kevin, Shannon, David, Michael,

Great posts with attributed images – many about favourite sports

Anthony, Sydney, Jayen, Tyson, Louis, Nick, Donovan, Raina, Riley, Brandon, Alicia,Dia, Lillian, Heidi, Julissa, Callie, Ryan, Sarah, Room2 looking for a caption to the image, Isabelle, Juliana included a prezi, Arwa, Julia, Molly

Inspiring posts

Hannah and the gift of life, Kali on smoking, Jessica on abortion, Olivia on exercise, Jade on endangered animals, Paige on sport participation, Tosh on sleep, Carley on snow days, Cullen and Latin, Cullen’s Ancient Rome story, Saddam on failure and success, Meghan on drugs, Eryn on underage drinking, Earth Hour in Tunisia including video, Emilee on judging people, Kathlyn on iPads, Sam on wrestling, Bumblethrees checked out the Pacific Garbage Dump, David on singing,

Stories using images

Zac and Nicole from Merrybeau, Morgan wants an ending for the story, Karina used Zooburst to create her story, Rosemarie loves Potter and Dr Who, Lisa,

Mentors recommendations

Ellie on softball, Ian created a photostory, Jonathan on minecraft, Maryem from Tunisia,

12 thoughts on “No challenge but let’s visit

    1. G’day Maryem,
      Most students have a mentor who is visiting their blog and leaving a comment every now and then. Either your mentor named Kilah or I have visited your blog and recommend other students also visit it to leave comments.

    1. G’day Edgar,
      This week is a chance to have a break from the challenges. If you have lots of time and want to do something though, you might want to visit other student blogs to read their posts and leave comments.

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