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Our world is a very complex one, yet like the song says it is a small world now especially with technology and ease of transportation. This week we are going to look at the world of your grandparents and even further back if you can. Look at how their culture might have affected the world in which you live.

The world of our grandparents

Activity 1. Survey the students in your class or school. Where were their grandparents born? How many are immigrants to the country they now live in?

Activity 2. Are there any foods you eat that come from your grandparents home country? What recipes have been handed down in the family?

Activity 3. Are there any cultural events that directly relate to the old country from which your ancestors came?

Activity 4. How many generations do you go back before you find an ancestor immigrating to your present country? For example on my mother’s side of the tree, I can go back 5 generations to my great great great grandparents who were sent out from England as convicts to Australia.

Activity 5. What is the most important invention created since your grandparents were born? You might need to ask them and others of their generation.

Cultures of the world

Activity 6. Write a post in your native language. We have students from over 20 countries taking part in this challenge, many don’t speak English as their first language.

Activity 7. Visit blogs written by students from other countries.

Activity 8. How different is your world to that of the other students in this challenge? Write a post asking questions for overseas visitors to answer. Think about water, food, transport, technology rather than singers, movies etc. Watch the video to get more ideas for questions.

Activity 9. Check out some of these games and websites about different cultures of the world.

Still got time left this week – visit the classes and students taking part in the challenge. Leave great comments and continue conversations.

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