Yes, this week we deal with using images, music and sounds in your posts.

But can’t I use any image, music or sound that is on the internet?

No, you must use creative commons or in some cases the fair use rule.

But where can I find these images, music and sounds?

Head to the creative commons website. Check out the CC wiki to find out what is happening in your country. What are the different licenses used? Teachers check out the education section of creative commons. Youtube allows creative commons for videos. Teachers: A fantastic guide to copyright, fair use and creative commons has been written by Ronnie Burt and I would suggest you read this to understand more about using images, music and video on your blogs. Larry Ferlazzo also has a great “Best List for images” that you might want to check out as well. Mrs Yollis did an activity with her students about creative commons.

OK I want to use some legal creative commons images and music in my slideshow. Where can I go to get them?

Do you have compfight plugin for your blogging platform? Click on this link from previous challenge to find out how to activate it in Edublogs and how to use the normal compfight website.

Other places to get images and music:

You will need to work out how to get the attribution to put on your posts.


Music and sound effects

Jamendo, CCMixter, post with 14 websites for music, post with 20+ websites for music, post with 55+ sites with sound effects

Now for the activities for this week

Activity 1 Watch this video about sharing work and write a post about what you learned.

 Activity 2. Check out this story using remix and fair use of video. Leave a comment below after watching the video. What was interesting, positive or negative about it?

 Activity 3. Find an image or piece of music. Add it to your post and write a poem relating to the image or music. Invite your readers to write their own poems. PS April is Poetry Month. Thanks to Mrs Hutchison for this idea.

Activity 4. Similar to activity 3. Find an interesting landscape image.  Write the beginning of a story relating to your image. Remember to include a conflict of some sort between your characters. Invite your readers to finish the story. How many different endings can you get? Which ending do you prefer?

Activity 5. Write a sentence using just images – no words.

Activity 6. Find 5 images that create a story – again no words.

Activity 7. Create a slideshow, photo gallery or poster about your interests to add to your about me page or as a separate post.

Activity 8 – Create your own images and add to a post of your choice

Other options for creating your own images include:

  1. Image Generators such as
  2. Comic Generators like,  kerpoofToonDoo
  3. Photo Editors like Befunkyfd’s Flickr Tools
  4. Tag Cloud Creators such as Wordle
  5. Graph Creators including GraphJam and Crappy Graphs

Mixing up your images using these types of tools can really spice up your posts! Leave a comment on this post, if you or your class can recommend some other image sites to add to this list.

 Activity 9– Zoom out from an image

We first tried this activity in the challenge in September 2010. Choose a picture, and have your readers zoom out, so to speak, by leaving comments.  Check out the example from Huzzah who finished their story. If doing this activity, include the word ‘zoom’ in your title so I can find it easily. Remember to give attribution. Most important here is to read previous comments, so you can add to the story.

Check out these zoom pictures: BeckyJacquelineAbbey

Activity 10 – Go back to previous posts

If you have used images in any previous posts you have written, then you are ethically obliged to go back to the post and give the correct attribution or take the image out of the post if it does not have the right creative commons license.

Activity 11 – Create a jigsaw from your image. Check out how Mrs Schmidt’s students did this for a previous activity. Here is a post from Mrs Schmidt with a tutorial on how to create the jigsaw images.

Hot air in the cold air and early  morning glowActivity 12– Tell the story of the picture

From Bill Ferreirae – I sometime find a picture and tell students to use that picture to come up with a story. It can be about the picture, what happened before, what will happen next, etc. So, here is the image I have chosen for you to start with. Copy the image to your post, then write the story. Remember to give attribution. If you don’t have your own blog, tell your story in a comment here.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Let Ideas Compete via Compfight

Still got time left this week:

Visit other student and class blogs

Start using tags and categories with each post you write to make it easier for people to find posts on certain topics. Make sure you have the tags and categories widgets in your sidebar.

Have at least five other student blogs linked on your sidebar – students from other classes and schools- not your own. We will need this for a game we play in a couple of weeks.

Try to have a few different headings like

  • My Friends
  • Class Blogs
  • Overseas Blogs

Having lots of  links to student blogs from other countries will help spread the game.

Here are the instructions for adding links to your sidebars.

EdublogsBloggerKidblog – not sure if this widget goes on the class page or each student page

 Most important thing to take away from this week’s challenge is:

Use creative commons images, not just any image on the net. Always include attribution of where you found the image. Compfight plugin does this for you.

78 thoughts on “Week 4: A picture is worth

  1. The use of the Walt Disney film clips certainly caught my attention and that made me watch it over again to listen more carefully to what the characters were saying.

    Week 4
    Activity 1

  2. Dear Miss W.
    I found the video extremely interesting, being an avid disney fan. I liked how they would add transition clips in between. At first, I thought that the video was illegal, until they got to the part about fair use. Now I understand the laws and how they need to be followed. 🙂

  3. Dear Miss W.
    I learned that it is very important to check the copyright on something before you upload or post it. I think that this is a very valuable lesson and I will use creative commons more often.
    With My Regards,

  4. Hello Miss W.
    My children and I spent a couple of weeks on this challenge. Learning about all the different CC licenses, what can be used, how to use other’s work and give proper attribution can all be quite confusing 😕 , but it is very important to us to do everything right, so we are learning all we can and doing our best.

    ➡ Check out Ghost’s activity 4 post: The Dragon War, and if you click on his home page, you will see his activity 3 and 6 posts as well. I thought he did a good job, especially since he has not been that excited about doing a blog.
    Here is a link to the Creative Commons post I added to our class blog.

    Also, thank you for the wonderfult activity ideas! 😀 They were a great source of inspiration.

  5. Activity 2: I enjoyed this video however I don’t think the way they presented it was very strong. It was a good idea and I’m sure that the people who made it worked very hard, but, the overall video lacked thoughtfulness.

  6. I thought that this video could have been very informational but due to the switching Disney scenes it was very hard to understand. I thought that this was a very cool idea but it wasn’t executed very well.

  7. This video was fairly interesting because of all the different disney scenes. It was a little hard to understand because of all the parts that they had to incorperate.
    I learned what many of the different copy rights were called. 🙂

  8. Second Video (Activity #2):
    This video is very creative and interesting. What is positive about the video is that it teaches and helps us understand copyright using Disney movies. Using Disney is positive because it can be familiar to many people, so it is more amusing to learn about copyright while watching a cartoon that you know. The only negative point about the video is that it is sometimes hard to understand what the characters are saying, because either the video was going too fast, or the words themselves were hard to understand. Overall, the video was a creative way to learn about copyright.

  9. I think that I already posted a response to this, but I can’t seem to find it…

    Activity 1) The first video was very interesting and displayed a very helpful message. It was never boring and the design was creative and helped to better the whole message of the video. I learned a lot and will be sure to be aware of this in publishing works on my own blog.

  10. Activity 2) I believe that the video had a very good message, but was hard to understand and comprehend. I think that there is a much better way to display the information without the video being confusing and still appealing to a younger audience.

    – Quinn

  11. I found the video very creative. The way the director but the different movie clips together really made me focus more on what I was listening to. On the downside the video was quite confusing because of the different clips. I would have added subtitles to the video this way it would have been easier to understand.

  12. I think that this video was difficult to understand, but had a very good point and underlying meaning. I think that if there had also been subtitles, this video would have made more sense. While this video get the point out in an entertaining way, it still was not exactly viewer friendly because it was difficult to understand. If the creator’s goal was to just prove the point, a more visual video would have helped.

  13. One thing that I thought was negative about it was that it was really hard to follow, and it was pretty repetitive. I don’t know about others, but for me, it went way too fast. This is negative because I couldn’t really understand the message that the video was trying to get across to me. I thought that the video was really redundant. Also I got really distracted trying to figure out which movies the snippets were from.

  14. I found ti interesting that they used a company notorious for copyright restrictions and used clips from their videos to explain copyright and fair use. However, the video seemed to be a bit biased. I think it may come from the perspective of a person (or people) who do not create and distribute much work online. They claim that “it is not fair” for copyright to last so long. An author of a famous or important piece of art may disagree with that statement. Overall, though, the video was quite clear and explained the two issues well.

  15. I liked how they used really disney characters. I don’t think I really resinated with the video that well. The video did a poor job of instilling their message.

  16. I thought this video was definitely funny how the Disney characters talked and perhaps a little distracting. I think that the movie should have been more serious because copy-writing something that is common.

  17. I thought the video was interesting. I thought it was very ironic how the video was made using clips from various Disney movies. However it was hard to understand. I got very confused and it just made my head hurt. But I did learn new things, such as fair use policies, so it must have been a good video.

  18. I found the video a bit confusing. While I think it was an interesting idea to use different clips from different Disney movies, it didn’t really drive the point home. It must’ve taken someone a very long time to do this video, and I applaud them for their effort. However, it was choppy and there was a lot of movement which made it wobbly. The video did make a good point about copyright from what I could understand.

  19. Hi Everyone,
    I thought the second video was generally quite good. The sound quality and the editing wasn’t very good so I couldn’t understand some minor things. But generally it covered all of the basics to copyright law and was pretty cool.
    PS I have done all of the challenges for this week.

  20. I thought this video was very interesting. I like how they used Disney’s movie scenes to create this video in a unique way to display that copyright is against the law. At times, it can be a little annoying and hard to understand, but other than that it is a great video.

  21. Any mentors please come and visit my blog 🙂 I haven’t got any visitors or mentors or any comments since this blogging challenge started…. would appreciate some feed back…

  22. Hello, dear friends!
    We spent a poetic week learning to insert CC pictures into our posts and to write “constructivist poems” relating to them. The topics chosen by the students were quite different (beginning with sport and ending with philosophy). Interested?
    Check out Maxim’s (, Rustam’s (, Paul’s (, Kostya’s ( and Tatyana’s ( pieces of poetry. And also all of them collected together in one flipbook ( made on
    See you!

  23. I liked how the film used real Disney film parts but some times it was hard to understand because the clips did not go together.

    Paul ( ‘__’ )

  24. The Disney film was very educational and fun, I thought that it was a really smart video and taught me some things

    P.S. If you would like to see the other tasks from challenge 4 that I did please look at my blog, Amber the Enchanter: …………………….. and by the way if there is a week that you don’t know what task to set one could be when you have to research an Australian leader and write a post about it!!
    Thanks again

  25. We watched a ‘fair(y) use tale.’
    We liked learning about copyright. We thought it was cool that Disney clips were used. But now we know that we need to ask or pay money before using someones photos, pictures, videos or other work. We will be careful not to break copyright laws.

    From Karaka

  26. I think this video is hard to understand because you are mostly focused on the characters, not the words they are trying to teach you. I thought this video was also very funny in some parts. I wish that I could have understood this video more.

  27. I think it was an interesting and creative video. While I did learn some things about copywriting and fair use, it was a bit hard to understand what the video was saying because the words were a bit choppy when moving from different characters and movies. I liked how the video had a reason for using Disney movies specifically, though. It was very captivating to watch because of the variety of children’s movies that I used to love, but I don’t think it was the most effective way to get a point across.

  28. I really liked this video because of the creativity and effort the creator must have put in. The only issue is that I feel it was often difficult to understand and distracting from the actual lesson.

  29. Video 1: I found this video to be very interesting. It conveyed a nice message and reminded me to double-check my work before posting it to the internet. Even published a image that was copyrighted (that you found after a quick Google image search) can have consequences.

    Video 2: This video was cool because it concatenated together clips from a variety of disney films and made an informational film about copyright laws. The video was hard to understand at times however, but I still think it made a good point. Perhaps the editor could have added subtitles at times because it was sometimes hard to make out what the characters were saying. Nice concept though!

  30. I like how this video teaches people about the importance of copyright laws. It takes the beloved Disney movies, and uses them for a great educational purpose. This video also could be very useful to teach kids how to avoid breaking the law.

  31. I have positive and negative thoughts on this video. On the positive side, it had a lot of really good information. On the negative side, the video was really choppy and it took my a while to figure out what they were trying to say

  32. I liked how they used words that were from parts of Disney movies to make A Fair(y) Use Tale. On the other hand, it was hard to understand because it went by fast. Also, the voices kept on changing which made it difficult to understand.

  33. In my opinion, this video was bad. It was bad because the scenes chosen from Disney movies were very annoying to me.

  34. HI Everyone!
    I have completed activity 3. If you would like to check out my poem, here is the link: GUMMY YUMMIES! I also added a funny video! ITS HILARIOUS!!! 😎

  35. Activity 2) I believe that while the video was a very good idea and many people knew the movies these were taken from, it was hard to understand the words and sentences. The varied accents, ages, and genders of the speaker were incredibly confusing and hard to follow.

  36. I liked this video, but I think that the format of it was a little confusing. It was creative to use clips from different movies, but it didn’t really get the point across. The voices didn’t match but I did learn a little bit about copyright. The Disney Characters were annoying. I liked the first video better than the disney on but thats just my opinion

  37. Miss W,
    I thought the video was interesting, but hard to focus on and get the message. The cuts from all the video clips were relatively harsh, so it took me a while to put the overall message together. As well, i got caught in all the disney movies instead of the message, once i got it, so i found the clips almost distracting, the negative part of it. It did bring back good memories of disney movies though!


  38. this video was very cool i like how they used Disney’s movie scenes to create this video i think it is a cool way to say that copyright is against the wall but buzz light year gets a little bit annoying because he keeps saying copy copy copy copy copy. Other than that it is a great video.

  39. This video was interesting because it told lots of information about copyright while using clips taken from movies. The only bad part about it was that at some points, it was difficult to hear what was being said, due to the constant cuts to other video clips. However, in general, it was a clever way to spread a message and very unique.

  40. Fairy Tale Use – Blog
    April 2, 2014

    A Fair(y) Use Tale

    I learned about copy right laws that you would have to ask for permission to use people’s creations in order to use them. If you don’t ask for permission you will have to pay a fine or take the consequences. If you feel it is important to use, you would need to ask for permission or revise what you choose to use. While watching the short video about copy right, public domain, and fair use, I learned that all these apply to the same law, which prevents people from stealing other people’s work. This video showed me what not to do, and to respect other peoples creations and their ideas.

  41. I liked this video because it was a clever way to explain the Creative Commons. It was interesting that they explained the Creative Commons completely using words from the Disney movies. My favorite part is when Buzz Lightyear kept on saying “copy”.

  42. One of the things that I think is negative about the video is that I couldn’t understand most of what the Disney Characters were saying. On a positive note, this video taught me a lot about the Copyright Laws.

  43. The video was positive. I learned about copyright and fair use. It was interesting because the creators used Disney characters to teach us about a serious subject.

  44. I thought it was interesting how the video used clips from many different movies into one. All the movies were from different time periods but came together to make one big, fun video about copyright.

  45. I found the second video interesting and informative. While the idea to use Disney cartoons was creative and made sense, it became annoying how much the tone of the person speaking changed because they switched movies. The did make up for it by repeating the most important bits of information several times.

  46. The video really got my attention because it had a lot of messages to it like that copyright is a law. It was a different way to send a message and awareness to students. It was a bit hard to understand the Disney characters because the kept changing frequently.

  47. The video was a different way to show that copy right is against the law, it really caught my attention. It used different disney characters which was a plus in the video, however it was sometimes hard to understand what was trying to be said with all the words being changed so frequently.

  48. I liked the video, except for the fact that the broken clips were very hard to listen to. It sounded like the characters were speaking random words. Otherwise, the concept and the idea (copyrighted) were very cute.

  49. It was interesting how they contributed parts of disney movies to explain this message. I like the video clips they use because they go with what they are saying. However, the video was kind of annoying, because it’s a little hard to understand which makes it confusing.

  50. This video was, very funny but gave a lot of good information, but i would suggest that the video was a little bit more edited and refreshed so you could understand it better, but still great video.

  51. I loved this video. I think its so cool how people can put together words and make a video about copyright. It was hard to understand some parts of this video, but it made a good point.

  52. The Video Showed how to use copyright in the right and wrong way and I got a lot of information out of it and how Disney movies will not go in the public domain for a while.

  53. I thought that the Disney video was very interesting how people put it together by taking little parts out of a carton show to make it show information about copyright.

  54. That disney video was really good because it could get the attention of kids by using disney. The video captured fair use because it taght us about it in a fun way.

  55. I really liked how in this video they used words or little seances from Disney movie using Disney Characters like Buzz Light year I found that it was a little hard to under stand but it was good

  56. What was interesting was how they used parts of an owners clips to explain a story using the owners work. This video definitely made it more interesting then just a single person talking. Although it was hard to hear what the clips were saying at points, but good idea

  57. I found the video very interesting. I liked how the whole story was used by copyright video. I also liked how they informed us about the laws and limitations about a copyright. I thought the very itself was very entertaining, but was hard to follow along with.

  58. The video was really creative and really cool how they put Disney characters to explain copyright. It catches peoples attention and interest them! It was harder to understand what some of what the characters were saying but overall I loved it!

  59. I thought the video was pretty cool, It was hard to understand at times but I still think it delivered an interesting message. I think that message was it is illegal to use copy righted images and video’s because the owner has rights to it and it is theirs to use and modify.

  60. I think that it was interesting that they used real parts from the Disney movies but it was a lot harder to understand because they took the parts and they didn’t go together very smothly

  61. I believe that this video was very interesting. I liked how the video was addressing that copyright is illegal by using scenes in Disney Movies. I find it very weird that most people copyright and don’t now that they are committing a crime. Always think before you post. Overall, the video was good and I liked how they were trying to give a positive message in not to copyright in this unique and creative way.

  62. The video showed lots about copyright and gave lots of information on it. I found in positive and very interesting and funny.

  63. It was interesting to see all the different characters in the remix although sometimes it was hard to hear what was said by the characters. It did make the video much more intriguing then if the video was just person talking all about the copyright law.

  64. I really liked how in this video they used words or little seances of a Disney movie using Disney Characters like Buzz Light year , and the dad from beauty and the beast to say the word copyright. its a really cool way to get your point across on how copyright is illegal

  65. The video was interesting. I found that it was harder to understand than a video then someone just talking. I liked how it used Disney movies to tell the story.

  66. The video was fairly interesting but I could not understand the words that they were saying so I could not hear much.

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