Every year in November/December Edublogs runs an award program. They ask for nominations for student,class, group, individual blogs and a variety of other things. Once nominations are in, they are looked at and a shortlist is created ready for bloggers around the world to vote on.

The winners for best class blog in 2013 are our guest bloggers for this week’s set of activities. This school runs a journalism course for students in Junior High. They have their own blog where students report on events at the school, interview local people, write about the happenings in their community. This week they have set our challenges.

Once you have visited their blog,  completed your activity and left them a comment, come back here and check out the other things you could do this week.

Off you go, click on this link to go to this week’s challenges.

You still here, go.

Going, going, gone.

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Still got time left this week

Visit lots of other blogs from the student and class list.

  • In particular visit those students who don’t have mentors yet – their name is not in colour.
  • Make sure you visit lots of students not from your school.
  • Leave interesting comments as some students have not yet received any comments.
  • Remember, whenever you leave a comment include the URL of your blog in the comment, otherwise that person wont know where your blog can be found, so they wont be able to visit and leave you a comment.
  • Also make sure your comment is a quality comment not just:  This is a good blog, come and visit mine https://studentchallenge.edublogs.org
  • Your comment should look like some of the great ones that have been left on the challenge blog. Check some of them out.
  • Come back here and in a comment tell me of three blogs you left comments on. Why did you choose those three?

Did you notice we have a new flipboard magazine?

Have any of your posts been included? If no, then you probably haven’t left a comment on the challenge blog once you have finished an activity. Remember I am choosing posts that are well written, paragraphed, great spelling and interesting to read.

Do you use twitter?

If yes, then check out our hashtag for the challenge #14stubc  You will find out when new posts are published and some interesting posts to go and visit.

20 thoughts on “Week 5: Guest bloggers

  1. Hi Miss W.,
    I loved the memory challenge, and I think that I did a very good job on it. It made me go down memory lane and I haven’t been down that lane for a while. So I was wondering if you can see my post and, possibly, put it on the Flipboard magazine. The link is below ↓
    Thank you!
    -Thriya 🙂

  2. Hello Miss W.,
    This challenge was very interesting for us. Memories, feelings, and emotions are often the topics of discussion in our family, whether they be our own or analyzing people in history, the news, and such. Why do people do what they do? It all comes down to the absence of love. Everyone wants to feel loved. Adults are just grown children, and the feelings they carry from their childhood determine how they view and respond to life as adults. This is a subject matter that I could go into great depths about, but my comment could wind up being a book. 😯

    I thought my children would really be into this challenge, since it is an area that we spend a lot of time talking about and dealing with, but they informed me that they did not want to share their personal feelings, good or bad, with the world. I respect that thought and understand.

    Ghost did write a post on his views about what memories are. Here is the link: Memories: What Will Yours Be?. It looks like Kat already posted her link, and I added a short thought on memories and some “food for thought” in our class post: Memories: A Guide to a More Beautiful Future.

  3. Hello Miss W.,
    My memories are very personal to me, whether they are good or bad. The only people I like to share them with is my family, which made this challenge hard to do, so my post is kind of short. Also, I wasn’t sure if I should leave my comment here or on the Cougar News Blog. So, here it is: Memories: A Mixed Up Bag of Jelly Beans I hope you like it. :mrgreen:
    Kat 😎

  4. Hello Miss W! For the Week #5 Student Challenge, I wrote a blog post about some memories that I would get rid of if I could. I think it is funny, if a little scary, and I would like to know what YOU think of it. Would you please visit my blog and check it out? It is called “These Memories Aren’t Healthy…so I’m Sharing Them With You.” And if you really like it, please consider featuring it on the featured blogs site! Please visit at elijaham1.edublogs.org. (Sorry, I don’t know how to insert links on this computer!)

  5. As a mentor I’ve had the pleasure of reading lots of blogs. One of my favorites was Taylor’s post about Gossiping is Harmful. It’s compelling and well written. http://Taylord262.edublogs.org

    Rylie did a great job of explaining why people might like to visit Austin. I’ve read quite a few posts about Austin, Texas and it sounds like it is a place full of music and fun. http://rylieh200.edublogs.org/2014/03/27/expository-my-city/ is where you’ll find the article. You’ll also love the graphic setup of the blog.

    Chris gives a different perspective of Austin. http://christophers222.edublogs.org/2014/04/04/austin-expository/ in his blog….love how weird can be good.

    I’m looking forward to reading more blogs and learning more.

  6. Our class has been working on the Shared Stories challenge. We’ve been writing our own

    Stranded http://lmsblogs.org/newspaper/2014/04/10/stranded-and-alone-student-blogging-challenge-story-for-you-to-finish/

    And “An Unexpected Prairie Treasure” http://lmsblogs.org/newspaper/2014/04/01/an-unexpected-prairie-treasure/

    I think at least 3 of my students have gone to SteamingThroughLife blog and helped him write an ending to the Cookie Monster story. http://steamingthroughlife.edublogs.org/

    1. G’day Alice,
      Best way to let me know you have completed an activity is to come back to the challenge post and leave a comment just like you have today. Make sure to include the URL of the post, so you might have to wait until your teacher moderates and publishes it for you.

    1. G’day Asaad,
      You don’t have to do all the challenges every week. Just choose one or two and do them in an interesting way.

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