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Welcome to the organizational post for the 13th Student Blogging Challenge.

The first challenges will be published on 14th September, 2014.

Registration forms for classes, students and mentors will be published by the end of August. These will each be on a separate post with a Google  form asking for certain information. Once you have registered as a class or student, you will be able to visit the participant pages which will be found in the header area of this blog beginning September 1.

Mentors when registering, I will only need name and a way to contact you to send reminders such as an email address. The results from this form will not be published, but you will also be asked to write a short bio in the comment area of the registration post including a blog or website where I can check your educational credentials.

We will be having a badge again that can be added to your blog. Watch out for a post by the Edublogs team about how to add the badge to your sidebar.

This year I am hoping some classes will run one of the challenge weeks. But this is still being discussed. If your class would like to run the challenge for one week, please leave a comment mentioning the theme you would like to set challenges for eg global issues, history, my country, nature, and the date for it to be published.

So you know when the registration forms are published, I suggest you subscribe to this blog by either using the subscription widget in the sidebar or click on Follow in the black bar at the top of the screen. This will then appear in your reader if you have an Edublogs blog.

With this being the 13th challenge and that number being considered an unlucky number, I would like to have an activity relating to superstitions each week. If you or your class can think of one, leave a comment and if used, your class will be acknowledged.

3 thoughts on “Ready for the new challenge

  1. I’m returning to blogging after a long leave of absence. Since my last blog post I have moved from primary school to secondary school and loving it. Happy to help out as a mentor. Will help me to get my blog back on, so to speak.

  2. i am a student from sns college of technology .my branch is EEE iam first year student .iam from coimbatore tamilnadu, india

  3. I am a 5/6/7 teacher in Australia. My students will be participating in the student challenge for the first time, so in this way I can help keep the whole thing running smootly. Kids rely on comments to keep their motivation up!

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