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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Rebecca via Compfight

For those who are new to blogging, anything that is in blue colour is a link that you can click on. It will take you to another website. They should open in a new tab or window.

Before we start the actual challenge, please make sure you have read this post as it has some important things you need to have done to make the challenge more enjoyable.

You need to know the difference between a PAGE and a POST.

On the challenge blog, PAGES are found above the header. It depends on which theme you have chosen, but some themes do not have pages visible. You will need to go to dashboard> appearance> widgets and drag over the Pages widget to your sidebar. PAGES usually have information that doesn’t change very often, so on the challenge blog I have the registration page as well as the lists of classes and students that are participating in the challenge.

POSTS are published on the main part of your blog in reverse order, so the newest posts are at the top of your blog. Eventually a post will disappear off the front of your blog – you will still be able to find it by clicking on older entries.

OK Time to start the September challenge

Introducing yourself

Check out how these students, classes and mentors have introduced themselves by using a page or post.


Warrior Kat,  Felix,  Nicole,  Kendall,  Tina,


5SK in Queensland,  First class Rm 12Blogs by the sea with Mr Jewell, 3/4 in Tasmania, Tipperary cattle station in Australia, If only the best birds sang from Ireland, Rm 1 from New Zealand,

Mentors and teachers

DinahMs HerringMrs Keane, Mrs Yollis, Mrs Muller,

Activity 1- comparison

Write a post comparing the different about me pages. Which one did you like the most and why?

Activity 2 – about me page

Create your own About Me page or post. Be careful about how much personal information you include. Try to be creative in both your words like Felix, or by including visuals like Warrior Kat.

If using Edublogs, here are instructions for creating your page. If using blogspot, check here. If using weebly, check here. If using Kidblog, you will need to write a post.

  1. Login to your blog, go to the dashboard>pages>add new
  2. Change the title to About Me or something similar.
  3. If you only have one row of icons above the box, click on the last icon called the kitchen sink. This opens a second row which allows you to change font colours and to insert from a word document.
  4. In the box, write a bit about yourself remembering to be internet safe. Make sure you have checked out the pages from other students mentioned – many of them have been blogging for a while.
  5. When you have finished click the big blue button on the right side of your screen – probably says update.
  6. Once you have saved your about me page, go back and delete the sample page.
  7. If your theme doesn’t show pages in the header area, then you will need to go to dashboard> appearance> widgets and drag across the Pages one to your sidebar.

Activity 3- apps or websites

What are some apps or websites you could use to create something interesting to add to your About me page? Tell me about them, costs, age to use etc Perhaps a word cloud or glogster – brainstorm as a class.

Creating avatars

Now you have introduced yourself to your readers, you need to have something to show who you are when you leave comments on other blogs. This is called your user avatar. By clicking on each of the images below, you can go to different websites to create your own avatars. These sites are suitable for all ages.




doppelme avatar  

Activity 4 – create user avatar

Create your user avatar. Save it to your own computer drive as a jpeg file format no larger than 200 x 200 pixels. You might need to crop and resize.

If using Edublogs, check here. If using blogspot, check here. If using kidblog, check here. Teacher might need to change some settings in Kidblog to allow students to add own avatars.

Activity 5 – avatars for family

Create a series of avatars to represent your family members. Use different avatar websites depending upon the person’s interests. Write a post about your family and include the avatar for each person. Remember – be internet safe, no personal information.

Activity 6 – Class activity

As a class create a slideshow of your user avatars or add them to your header area. Below is an old example using animoto. Or check out how to customize your header – Mrs Smith has used artwork rather than avatars.

This was my very first Animoto created back in 2009.


Activity 7 – Write a post describing your avatar.

How much does it look like you? What sort of personality does your avatar have? What makes it typically you? Remember to include your avatar as an image in your post.

Activity 8 – apps or websites

What are some apps or other websites you could use to create an avatar? Tell me about them, costs, age to use etc  Maybe write a tutorial telling how to create the avatar on that website or app.

Still got time left this week?

As this is our 13th challenge, every week will be an activity to do with good/bad luck, superstition or something similar. Here is this weeks number 13 challenge.

Activity 9 – 13th challenge

The answer is 13. What could the question be?

Don’t just use maths – how else could you get an answer of 13.

Activity 10 – visiting other blogs

One important aspect of blogging is commenting on other blogs. Classes and student participants are grouped according to similar ages. Visit some other blogs, read posts, get ideas from them, leave a comment. Make sure you include your blog URL so they can come to visit your blog.

Most students also have a mentor who will be leaving comments. Make sure you read their comments and reply back to them. In fact, you should reply back to any interesting comments you receive – that is how conversations get started.

Leave a comment on this blog post when you have finished your activity or activities for this week. What activity did you do? Why? What did you enjoy about doing the activity?  What else could we do regarding about me pages and avatars. Remember to include your blog URL so I can come to visit you and leave a comment on your post.


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  1. I loved looking at all the pages. All of them are from places and people far away, so reading them feels a little like traveling around the world! I really like Dinah’s page because her video blog was a nice introduction and reminded me of my own recent college experiences. I also loved Felix’s pages where I could hear his voice and he illustrated while he talked about his life as a Chinese student. He reminds me of my own son, Jesse.

    • christinajensen
  2. thans for the advise

    • dishaatedublog
  3. Hi Miss W!

    Sorry I forgot to say this, but yes, you can use it in the challenge in March.


  4. Hi Miss. W!

    Thank you for the wonderful comment. I’ve actually written a self published novel through Amazon. I did it in fifth grade, and it is available for purchase. Here is the link: http://goo.gl/JYBeCW
    I am starting a blog through school on edublog, so I can post on there. Here it is:http://audreyh21.edublogs.org/

  5. Hello Miss W,
    I’ve finished challenge 5 pictures and videos. Thanks, I have had a great afternoon. This is the linkhttp://blpsjenna.global2.vic.edu.au/2014/10/21/pictures-and-videos/

  6. Dear Miss W
    I have written to you because I have done the ”All About Me Challenge”. I really like the challenges that you are setting for us.

    I would really like it if you could visit my page at http://blpsnatalia.global2.vic.edu.au/sample-page/

    Sincerely Natalia 🙂

  7. Dear Mrs W

    I would like to let you now I have done the ”All about Me”page.I hope you enjoy my blog.

  8. Dear Mrs W,
    I am writing this note for you because I just wanted to let you know that I have written an “About Me” page and I also added an avatar. I am really enjoying the Student Blogging Challenge. Please check out my blog.

  9. Dear Ms. W
    I have written this to you to let you know that I have done the “About Me” page. I have also done the avatar for my blog. I am enjoying doing the Student Blogging Challenge. Please come and visit my page.

  10. Dear Ms. W,
    I’m writing to tell you that I have done student challenge #1. By the way, we all really appreciate you working really hard on the website and the challenges!
    Visit my “About Me” page at http://blpsandrew.global2.vic.edu.au/i-am-unique/

  11. Dear Mrs W

    I would like you to now that I have finished the “About Me” page.

  12. Hello Miss W,
    I have completed my week 1 challenge (about me). I have some very interesting facts About Me on there. I hope you visit my blog. My address is: http://blpsmeg.global2.vic.edu.au.

  13. Hi Miss W I am here to let you know that I have finished the All About Me task and if you would like to go onto my blog and read some of my posts here is my blog URL http://blpstay.global2.vic.edu.au I hope you can visit and possibly comment on my posts and pages.

  14. Hi Miss W I have done the all about me page and I am really enjoying the blogging challenge so far if you would like to see my blog here is the link http://blpsdani.global2.vic.edu.au

  15. Dear Miss W,
    I have finished my ‘All About Me’ page. I would really like it if you could visit my blog and read my posts and my all about me page here is my blog address http://blpsholly.global2.vic.edu.au

  16. Dear Miss W.
    I would like to tell you that I have finished updating my “All About Me” Page. I hope you can visit my blog and read some of my posts and my “All About Me” page. Heres my blog address: http://blpsemi.global2.vic.edu.au

  17. Miss Waters,
    I would love to tell you that I have this week’s challenge completed! I would like it if you check out my blog at: http://jayson1am.edublogs.org !

  18. TJ | October 17, 2014 at 12:01
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi! I’m TJ! For week one, I made an All About Me post. I also made a funny avatar that looks just like me! It was really fun to do that! So far, I think that was my favorite thing this blogging challenge! You can see both of them at my site ramlog.aisgz.org/11petersent😉

  19. Dear,ms.W
    On the first week I wrote my all about me post and I started my avatar.
    See you soon,

  20. Hi! I’m Jiyoon!
    I did my all about me post and
    making avatar.
    It was fun and it looked so
    similar to me!
    It was fun making it!

  21. I did the all about me and I created my avatar. It’s awesome my avatar and looks exactly like me ramlog.aisgz.org/11vallesh

  22. This week I created an avatar it really looks like me !!!!!!
    I also created a all about me page. You are welcomed to visit my blog!! http://ramlog.aisgz.org/11lina/

  23. Hello Ms. W, for week 1 I did my all about me which I kind of liked to do and I also made my avatar that looks similar to me. Here is my blog URL: ramlog.aisgz.org/11savagea

  24. Hi Ms. W! Today we added the student blogging challenge badge to our blogs, I helped some people and I did mine with no problem, except for the country counter widget, the chass had some problems with it. I am really exited to be in the student blogging challenge!

  25. I finish doing my avatar and it just looks awesome and just like me. I did all about me page and I will be happy if you comment it
    Thanks if you do that!

  26. Hi, my name is Anthony. It already did the all about me post and the avatar

  27. This week I did my all about me page, and my funny avatars. I love my avatars a lot because they look exactly like me. 🙂 Go check out my blog (ramlog.aisgz.org/11chenm).

  28. I did my all about me page and made my avatar! My avatar is like me I think. And my ‘All About Me’ page tells all about me! If you don’t believe me go to my blog:

  29. This week I did my all about me page, and my funny avatars. 🙂 Go check out my blog (ramlog.aisgz.org/11chenm).

  30. Hi, my name is Anthony. This week I have done my ” all about me ” which is the blogging challenge for this week.
    Feel free to Visit my blog at ramlog.aisgz.org/11wena

  31. I’ve finished my avatar and it was really fun. I liked making my avatar because your avatar pretty much a mini you.

  32. Hi Ms.W this week we made a all about me page, it was fun cause we got to tell people about your life and we also made avatars, it was fun making your face and you body. Student Blogging Challenge is so fun!

  33. This week I made a post and my avatar just looks like me! A crazy little monkey with sun glasses!

  34. This week I did my all about me page. It was a bit confusing but after my classmates helped me it was easy. Also this week I made my avatar. It doesn’t look exactly like me but it does more or less. I found making my avatar was fun and a great experience.

  35. Hello Ms.W My name is Gwynnie I had just finished my All About Me page and my avatar. I hope you will enjoy it
    Please cheek out my blog if you want to make sure I did it:
    ramlog.aisgz.org/11guow Please copy and paste this.

  36. I have completed the all about me post and made an avatar. I like my avatar a lot because it looks very simaller to myself.

  37. Hi Ms. W! I would just like to say that I have done Challenge #1! I would love for you to check out the avatar I made and the little writing piece that goes with it. It doesn’t really look like me but it’s close enough. I would love to see what you think of it since I really like the challenges you make, and I’d love to see your response to mine. Here is the link to my blog:

  38. Dear Miss W. Please checkout my blog at Tatum’s Tales.

    • G’day Tatum,
      Remember you need to include the URL of your blog in a comment, so readers know where to find you.

  39. Hi, I have completed the About Me page, my avatar post.

    • Jasmine Shepherd
  40. Hello Ms. W, I’m Sofia! I just started the challenge this year! These challenges are so fun! I like how we got to create avatars for our blog, there were so many ideas that you could create for your avatar!

    Sofia 🙂

    • G’day Sofia,
      I would love to visit your blog but you haven’t left the URL for me to click on.

  41. I did my About Me page and I love the way your blog is set up its so easy to use. This is the best blog I have ever done. I’m glad your doing challenges, the challenges are most enjoyable I never get bored when I’m doing a blog. Anyway I would like it if you came and visited my blog at http://katie7pm.edublogs.org/ and before I go one question. How do you come up with all these challenges?

  42. Hello Ms. W! I’m Savannah from Oregon! I am having fun blogging this year. I would like if you would comment on one of my blog posts. Thank you!

  43. i have done this weeks challenge and week 2 and 3 challenge

  44. Dear Mrs.W,
    I’m writing to let you know that I finished writing my “about me” page. I also added an avatar. I really like learning about blogging. Please come check out my page. http://fernando04.edublogs.org/about-me/


  45. http://dp5all2k.edublogs.org/ Mrs. Rauser I did all of the activities you’ve assigned. I enjoyed the create your avatar assignment because I liked being able to be creative and express myself. On about me pages we could be given questions to answer on the post we need to write like where we were born or what our hobbies are.

  46. Hello Miss. W,
    I am Eva from Springfield, Oregon USA and I love your blogs and how much thought you put into them. With my blog I will mostly only do part if the activities but I would love to do more of each challenge when I have time, but for now at least I can do part.

    • G’day Eva,
      I am glad you are enjoying the challenges. Do as many as you want and as you said, you can do the others another time, perhaps when the challenge isn’t operating.

  47. enjoying blogging the challenge is so much fun

  48. i happy to be joining the blogging compotion.

  49. Hello Miss W.,

    We are happy to be joining the Student Blogging Challenge from Los Angeles. Our class has created an About page with a fact or two about each student. We look forward to learning about and chatting with other classes around the world.


    Miss Nichols

  50. hello

    • G’day Phillip,
      I usually approve a comment like this only once. In week 2 of the challenge, you will learn about writing quality comments. Thanks for joining the challenge. I hope you and your classmates enjoy the activities.

  51. Yay I completed the challenge!!!!

  52. Hi Mrs. W,

    I finished this weeks assignment! The experience of setting up my own blog was amazing! I love that we can design our own to make them more like us. I enjoyed going to different peoples blogs from around the world and seeing what they had to say, it was really fun and educational. I look forward to doing it again soon. I also enjoyed creating my avatar. Thank you for providing us with the links for those websites. 🙂 The first post we did was a lot of fun, thank you for giving us a chance to create and develop our blogs. Please come and visit my blog whenever you’d like – http://jazzy2am.edublogs.org/. I look forward to the rest of the year with you and my fellow bloggers! 🙂

  53. Hi miss waters i have completed this weeks blogging challenge. This website is great

  54. how do I add a picture?

    • G’day Adicuf,
      We will be learning how to add pictures in a week’s time. This week will be about commenting. But here is a link to how to add a picture if you want to try earlier. http://help.edublogs.org/inserting-images-into-your-posts/ This is if you are using Edublogs at your school. Otherwise look on the sidebar of the challenge blog to find how to get help using other blogging platforms.

  55. I love to hear other peoples lives and what they play and what they consider fun. I hope to make new friends from different countries.

  56. Hello Miss W my name is Alex I am from Springfield, Oregon, USA I just came to tell you I completed this weeks post Well Bye PS I love the name waters 🙂

  57. Hi Miss W,

    I’m so glad you liked my about me page and linked to it in this challenge. Thank you!

    I finished activity 5. I made a magazine cover Thinglink with avatar pictures of my family, and I added Tellagami videos introducing my family. Hope you like it!

    Here’s the link to my post: The WarKat Family

    See ya later alligator,
    Kat 😎

    • Hi Warrior Kat,
      I left a comment on your awesome post. Thanks for being so creative and also including those sites you used.

  58. I had so much fun creating my avatar, thank yo for providing the avatar making sites. Im so glad that you made this website and challenge, so that use students can learn more about each other. And how other students around the world work.Check out my blog!

    • Hi Victoria,
      I am sure I will be visiting your blogs as they develop over the next few months. You have a great teacher there who includes the blogging challenge as part of your language arts program.

  59. I’m enjoying the blogging a lot so far I’ve just figured out how to do most things and am really having a ton fun with it so far and I just put in my first page/post I’m waiting for it to get approved. 🙂

    • Hi Paige,
      Thanks for leaving a quality comment. I will be visiting many of yor blogs over the next few months – I am sure I will see a great development in your writing and presentation of work.

  60. I’m new to edublog and don’t know how to start things. I would like check the posts of my fellow classmates. I am in the WS 375 class with UH Manoa. Any help will help.

    • Hi Jessie,
      I have added you to the student list rather than the class blog list. You might need to check the age I put you at and comment or email me a couple of your interests. If your other classmates join, you will also find them on the list. Does the teacher of your class have a general class blog? Because she might be able to add the other students on the sidebar of her blog.