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Let’s get down to this week’s challenge.

Most schools in Australia and New Zealand will be on holidays at the moment. I will be travelling also for the next two weeks. One place I am visiting is the capital city of Australia, Canberra. There will not be an official post for next week, but I will include some great places to get creative. It will also be a week for classes to catch up on activities if they have missed them.


Miss Wyatt loves history, museums and nature.

Mrs Waters

Mrs Waters enjoys chocolate, food and popular sights of the area.

Activity 1

If we were to visit the capital city of your country, what are three places you would recommend either of us see?

Activity 2

If we were to visit the capital city of your state or province, what are three places you would recommend?

Activity 3

All countries have their own currency. Research the history of your currency. What was the first type of currency? Which animals and people appear on your currency now and in the past? Write a post relating to currency, maybe include an image of some of yours. You might choose just one note or coin or write a general post, but remember to write in your own words. Here is a great post about wildlife on currency. If we were to visit your country, how much would we get for $100 Australian? How much would a cup of coffee and sandwich cost us? How much would a block of chocolate cost?

Activity 4

Create a quiz about your state, country; this website is good for embedding a quiz. Try my quiz about Tasmania

Reminder that this site is only for those over 13 years old. If you know of other websites or apps for creating embeddable quizzes, leave a comment so I can add it to our tools list on the sidebar.

Activity 5

Where would you prefer to live – in a small town in the country or in a big city? Give pros and cons for both

Activity 6

If you could live anywhere in the world, universe or world of books, where would it be and why?

Activity 7

Write a post asking 5 questions about a country for your overseas visitors to answer. eg Where is the best place to view wildlife in your country? Which National Park has the best scenery in your country? Where would you recommend not visiting in your country and why? Remember to ask them to leave the name of the country they are from as well as the URL of their own blog so you can visit them.

Activity 8 – more for middle school, high school students

What makes an Australian/Russian/American etc feel proud of their country? What makes you an Australian/Russian/American etc? Do you have to be born in that country or taken out citizenship of that country? Think about you and your country. Write a post about your feelings about being a citizen of your country. What about dual citizenship? Should you be allowed to hold office (be a politician) if you don’t have citizenship in that country?

Activity  relating to 13

Some people believe in superstitions and haunted places. Are there any ghost towns or haunted places in your country? Have you ever visited them? Would you stay overnight in them? Here is a slideshow of some ghost towns around the world.

Still got time left??

Make sure you are visiting lots of other student and class blogs. I have seen some great posts being written and some fantastic conversations starting to happen.

Remember to leave a comment on this post when you have finished an activity. That way I can visit your blog and leave a comment.

Check these out from the last couple of weeks: Mrs Yollis and Bubbe, do you have Maria as your mentor?, Shaffer writers starting blogging, War Kat wrote about family and used avatars, Bri and Ella writing a novel, Ms Seitz’s grade 4 class wrote about themselves as did the Bloggin’Frogs from California and Ms Nichol’s grade 6 class, Jazzy wrote why she is excited to be in the challenge, Alex, Victoria, Paige, Jaelynne and Leo introduced themselves, Mrs Muller’s students have introduced themselves – see list on her sidebar,


71 thoughts on “Week 3: Town and country

  1. Hi Mrs.W I completed this weeks challenge

    First I went to Anthony’s blog then Eddie’s blog and finally I went to sponge bob’s blog and posted a comment

    For the second one I first went to Zoey’s blog then abbigale and finally Nelly’s blog and posted a comment

    For the final one I went to Patric then Charlie and finally Arabella’s blog and posted a comment

  2. Dear Ms W,
    I have written this to you to let you know that I have completed the activity ‘Town and Country’. I enjoyed doing the activity.

    Kind Regards

  3. We have updated our post with many more responses. There’s a lot of great information about our state!

  4. Dear Mrs W ,
    I’m writing this note to you to tell you that I have finish the post about the 3 highlights of Melbourne. I’m having loads of fun doing the Student Blogging Challenge. Student Challenge #3 [ 3 highlights of Melbourne ]
    Thanks for your time

  5. Hello Miss W here to let you know that I am done my week three task and if you would like to read some of my posts here is my link

  6. Hi. In week 3 I made my province capital post on Guangzhou. I live in Guangzhou and I think it’s really cool. I liked doing that post.

    TJ at

  7. Hello Ms. W!I did a blog post on the province of where I live, Guangzhou,China. in it I wrote what there was to see and a few buildings.

  8. I finished writing aboutbGuangzhou. Also the three places you should visit if you come to visit and also five facts about Guangzhou. This was fun and a lovely experience. Please visit my blog at

  9. Hi! I’m Jiyoon.
    I did the post about the
    province of Guangdong, Guangzou.
    I liked telling others about
    my city and good places to visit.
    It was fun.

  10. Hi my name is Anthony . I already did my challenge this week feel free to visit my blog at

  11. Hi Ms.W, this week I typed the post about Guangzhou not the capital cause I never been their, I chose Guangzhou cause I know a lot of fun stuff.

  12. Hello Ms.W I just finished posting my country’s capital
    And my city which is the capital of my province. Please visit my blog at

  13. Dear Miss W.,
    Thank you for making such an enjoyable challenge for kids and adults to enjoy!


  14. I’ve been finding these challenges to be very enjoyable! Also I’ve completed all the activities. My blog URL is

  15. G’day everyone! The students at Shaffer are posting in their student challenge activities! We’re all still learning our way around so will try to remember to post here once we complete a challenge. Looking forward to reading the other blogs! Ms. Clary for Shaffer Writers.

  16. Hey Miss W,
    I finished the challenge for week 3 I really liked it I wrote about Missouri which is where I grow up most of my life. I can’t wait to start the assignment for week 5 please leave a comment on my blog see ya later.

  17. Dear Mrs. Wyatt,

    I have finished this weeks blogging challenge!! I had so much fun! 🙂 Both of my posts have been approved and they are on my site. 😉 You can see them at Talk with you next week! 😉


  18. Dear, Mrs.W

    I’m in 4th grade and I just made a post about Washington DC at the website bloggin frogs. Also I took the quiz I got 100 out of 1000 it was my first time even hearing about this topic.


  19. Hi Miss W,

    We were going to visit a haunted hotel, but not sure if we are going to make it this week. So, I went ahead and wrote a post about an Arkansas ghost legend.

    Here is the link: Hallow Spooks in Arkansas

    Kat 😎

  20. Hi Miss Wyatt,
    Only one of my students has entered the challenge this time around but she is doing a sensational job. Her name is Sophie and you will find her blog at
    She has written posts about the first 3 challenges.
    Thanks for otganising all of this, it’s fantastic.

  21. Hi Mrs. Waters
    I wrote a post about the history of the USD
    it was interesting because AUD has less value here
    100 AUD is only 87.13 USD
    BTW: the post is still waiting approval

  22. Hello–
    Our class blog URL is correct on the class blog challenge list:
    but I don’t think we are getting these challenges in our Reader.
    I just logged in to my personal blog here at and saw this challenge post in my own Reader…perhaps an error?

    Our students just finished Blogging Bootcamp on Friday, so we will now pick up with the class challenges 🙂

    Tracy Kriese
    West Ridge Middle School
    Austin, Texas

    1. G’day Tracy,
      I think your class blog is part of a campus setup, so the admin of your campus setup needs to add the blogging challenge URL into the campus reader. I think that is how it works.

      Hope your students enjoyed blogging bootcamp – what sort of things did you cover?

  23. Dear Mrs.Waters,
    Your already helping me understand this blogging stuff. I know in the future you are going to be a great help and I know that you are gonna be one of the first people I go to when I need help! Thank you!

    1. G’day Corbin,
      Just so other readers can visit your blog, here is your URL

      You also have some great help on your blog and that is the edublogs help and support button. This could be in the top left corner on the black bar or it might be listed on your blogroll.

      The person who writes most of the posts on the help and support is Mrs Waters while it is Miss Wyatt who writes the posts for the student blogging challenge.

      1. Dear Mrs. Wyatt,
        This experience with the blogging challenge has been absolutely amazing . my favorite blog was the one about were would you live if you could live any were it was so fun writing about the world that my book takes place in.thanks for your time.

  24. When you mention URL, do you mean I am a dinosaur here. I am 60 yrs old and hating all of this technology……but I do see a positive side to it. The kids love stuff like this, so I am adapting. Your questions are like Greek to me. I went through the instruction series, but for someone like me, I need the Vince Lombardi method, “Gentlemen, this is a football……….”

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