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Next weeks activities will relate to digital citizenship and digital footprints and we will also be taking part in a global blogging activity with millions of bloggers around the world.

This is called “Blog Action Day 2014” and is held every October. The theme for this year is “Inequality”  Please visit the blog action day website, register your blog if you are over thirteen, add the badge to your blog sidebar and start researching what you are going to include in your post on the 16th October. For ideas about inequality, visit the websites of the partners mentioned on BAD14 or look at their wordle here.

Many schools have been on holiday or breaks recently or may have only just joined the challenge. So this week does not count as a formal week in the challenge instead it is a time for being creative. Have a go using some of the tools mentioned on the sidebar of the student blogging challenge blog, leave a comment if there is another app or website you would recommend I add to the list.

We want to see or hear your creative masterpiece so you might need to make a screen shot to save as an image to add to your post. Otherwise add a link to where your creative work can be found.

Remember if you are under 13, you will need to get parent and / or teacher permission to use many of them.



  • Magnetic poetry – create a poem using their words, take a screen shot or submit to their gallery and put link in your post
  • Use Fotobabble  (13+) or Blabberize to create a movie or book trailer
  • Register at Educaplay to create lots of games and literacy activities
  • Create a book that flips the pages at flipsnack. Check out the other links at the bottom as well.
  • Make beliefs comics are great for your creativity
  • Little Bird Tales for creative writing
  • Another great site is goanimate – teachers there is an education version of this as well

Music and audio

  • Isle of Tune is fantastic for creating your own musical items
  • Voki allows you to type or speak what you want the character to say
  • Audioboom – education version, create whatever you want to say on your blog then embed it.
  • Create tones to use on mobile phones at Wolfram – need quicktime plugin
  • Use keyboard, guitar or violin at this site
  • Play drums here, but use a headset
  • Create your own music and become a composer
  • Music activities for all ages


Simulation Games

  • African Expedition – follow the route Henry Stanley took when he tried to find Dr Livingstone
  • Ayiti – make your family of five survive the years in Haiti
  • Refugees in Sudan – keep your refugee camp safe from militia
  • Shoe Sweatshop – create your own shoes to earn money for your family
  • Stop Disasters – develop a disaster plan to save your country
  • Third world farmer – develop your farm in Africa and survive with your family

Creating your own images include:

  1. Image Generators such as ImageGenerator.org
  2. Comic Generators like MakeBeliefsComix.comToonDoo
  3. Photo Editors like Befunkyfd’s Flickr Tools
  4. Tag Cloud Creators such as Wordle
  5. Graph Creators including GraphJam and Crappy Graphs

Sites suggested by previous students in the blogging challenge

Wacky Web Tales from Dawso

Stykz – similar to Pivot from Isabel

Edheads – try knee surgery from Gabriela

One of our mentors Maria, suggested these sites for creating quizzes

QuizBean,  SocrativePurpose Games,  Quizdini,   AnswerGarden,   FlipQuiz,   eQuizShow,  Quizlet

More new tools from students in the 2014 challenge

Zara recommends Audiotool for making music

12 thoughts on “Time for a break

  1. I wish I would be a participant for “Blog Action Day 2014.” But the time is over. Very SAD.

    Md. Sadiqul Alam

  2. Hi Miss W,

    I did this weeks challenge. I made a desert painting on Art Pad. It’s on my blog.
    Here is a link to my blog http://vgatbtitw.global2.vic.edu.au/. I don’t know how to hyperlink it to my blog on a comment so you might just want to highlight it and put it into the address bar.

    From: Tim.

  3. Hi Miss W,

    I really enjoyed the 3rd week challenge. For my creative masterpiece I made a Kizoa with images of thisissand and artpad creations I made. I also have 3 silk ‘work’ I created. I thought this task was really fun because as you put it Time for break, I got to relax while you made your master piece. I think this challenge was a great idea.

    To see my master piece go to http://tthit.global2.vic.edu.au/ (you have to scroll down a little).

    If you made a masterpiece what would it be?

    Have a great day

    Ti (Tyra)

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