Admin: This week I am starting to highlight student names and classes from the participants list, if either I or your mentor feel you have not completed enough challenge posts. I know some classes have been on holidays and fall break, so to stay on the list, you need to have completed the following:

  • an about me page or post
  • 2 other posts related to challenge activities

I will be highlighting in red those students  that I will be deleting next weekend. Anyone who still has the basic blog with no posts at all will be deleted immediately.

Now to this week’s challenge

I have been visiting many blogs over the last few weeks. Some students new to blogging have been writing some great posts while others who have been blogging for a bit longer have started adding videos and images to their posts.

Yes, this week we deal with using images, music and sounds in your posts.

But can’t I use any image, music or sound that is on the internet?

No, you must use creative commons or in some cases the fair use rule.

But where can I find these images, music and sounds?

Sue Waters over at the teacher challenge has written a fantastic post about images, copyright and creative commons. I would suggest you all head over there to read the post. She explains about creative commons and the licences, attribution, how to find images for your blog and how to upload images to your blog. Most of this would be appropriate whether you are using Edublogs, blogger or any other blogging platform. This might be very wordy for some students, but Sue uses lots of images and how to do sections in her posts.


Have you read Sue Waters’ post yet?

Off you go then come back here for more information and the activities for this week.


Other places to find information

Head to the creative commons website. Check out the CC wiki to find out what is happening in your country. What are the different licenses used? Teachers check out the education section of creative commons. Youtube allows creative commons for videos. Teachers: A fantastic guide to copyright, fair use and creative commons has been written by Ronnie Burt and I would suggest you read this to understand more about using images, music and video on your blogs. Larry Ferlazzo also has a great “Best List for images” that you might want to check out as well. Mrs Yollis did an activity with her students about creative commons.

OK I want to use some legal creative commons images and music in my slideshow.Where can I go to get them?

Do you have compfight plugin for your blogging platform? Follow the instructions from Sue Waters’ post.

Other places to get images and music:

You will need to work out how to get the attribution to put on your posts. Check Sue Waters’  post to get more help and more places for images. This post from Edublogs explains how to add media in all its forms to your blog posts or pages. If using blogger, check out the posts from this blog.


Music and sound effects

JamendoCCMixter, post with 14 websites for music, post with 20+ websites for music, post with 55+ sites with sound effects

Now for the activities for this week

Activity 1 Watch this video about sharing work and write a post about what you learned.

 Activity 2. Check out this story using remix and fair use of video. Leave a comment below after watching the video. What was interesting, positive or negative about it?

 Activity 3. Find an image or piece of music. Add it to your post (with attribution) and write a poem relating to the image or music. Invite your readers to write their own poems.

Activity 4. Similar to activity 3. Find an interesting landscape image (include attribution).  Write the beginning of a story relating to your image. Remember to include a conflict of some sort between your characters. Invite your readers to finish the story. How many different endings can you get? Which ending do you prefer? You might need to visit some other bloggers and invite them to finish your story. Remember to leave the URL of your post for them to click on. Leave a comment on this post if you want me to visit and finish your story.

Activity 5. Write a sentence using just images – no words. You still need to include attribution for each image you have used.

Activity 6. Find 5 images that create a story – again no words only the attribution for each image.

Activity 7. Create a slideshowphoto gallery or poster about your interests to add to your about me page or as a separate post. Your final slide should include attribution for each image.

Activity 8Create your own images and add to a post of your choice. In your post add a link to the website or tool you used to create your image.

Other options for creating your own images include:

  1. Image Generators such as
  2. Comic Generators like,  ToonDoo
  3. Photo Editors like Befunkyfd’s Flickr Tools
  4. Tag Cloud Creators such as Wordle
  5. Graph Creators including GraphJam and Crappy Graphs

Mixing up your images using these types of tools can really spice up your posts! Leave a comment on this post, if you or your class can recommend some other image sites to add to this list.

 Activity 9Zoom out from an image

We first tried this activity in the challenge in September 2010. Choose a picture, and have your readers zoom out, so to speak, by leaving comments.  Check out the example from Huzzah who finished their story. If doing this activity, include the word ‘zoom’ in your title so I can find it easily. Remember to give attribution. Most important here is to read previous comments, so you can add to the story.

Check out these zoom pictures: BeckyJacquelineAbbey

Activity 10Go back to previous posts

If you have used images in any previous posts you have written, then you are ethically obliged to go back to the post and give the correct attribution or take the image out of the post if it does not have the right creative commons license.

Activity 11Create a jigsaw from your image. Check out how Mrs Schmidt’s students did this for a previous activity. Here is a post from Mrs Schmidt with a tutorial on how to create the jigsaw images.

ready to goActivity 12Tell the story of the picture

From Bill Ferreirae – I sometimes find a picture and tell students to use that picture to come up with a story. It can be about the picture, what happened before, what will happen next, etc. So, here is the image I have chosen for you to start with. Copy the image to your post, then write the story. Remember to give attribution. If you don’t have your own blog, tell your story in a comment here.

Photo Source: from Miss Wyatt’s Flickr account

Activity for 13

Find 13 websites for creative commons images, clip art, music, videos. This can also include tools for finding these images. Write a post including a link to each site or tool.

Still got time left this week:

1. Visit other student and class blogs – leave some quality comments

2. Reply to comments on your own blog – if your country is in yellow then your mentor has been leaving comments but you haven’t answered.

3. Start using tags and categories with each post you write to make it easier for people to find posts on certain topics. Make sure you have the tags and categories widgets in your sidebar.

4. Have at least five other student blogs linked on your sidebar – students from other classes and schools – not your own. We will need this for a game we play in a couple of weeks.

Try to have a few different headings like

  • My Blogging Friends
  • Other Class Blogs

Having lots of  links to student blogs from other countries will help spread the game.

Here are the instructions for adding links to your sidebars.

EdublogsBloggerKidblog – not sure if this widget goes on the class page or each student page

 Most important thing to take away from this week’s challenge is:

Use creative commons images, not just any image on the net. Always include attribution of where you found the image. Compfight plugin does this for you.

PS If you have done the blogging challenge before, you will find these activities are nearly the same each time. If you have ideas for different activities please leave a comment on this post.


83 thoughts on “Week 5: Pictures and videos

  1. I think the Fair(y) Tail use video was really cool because it was very unique and I’ve never seen something like that used to make a message to people I’ve only seen it to be a joke so I thought it was cool that the video used all of peoples favorite Disney Characters to teach you about fair use of someone’s picture or video on the internet.

  2. I did activity 2. I liked this video because I knew all the Disney characters talking in it. I did not like the length of this video.

  3. Hi Miss W.

    Lately, I have been having my children do hundred word challenges (ones that I make up), for extra writing practice. My son, Ghost Soldier, says he doesn’t like to write, but once he gets started, he really gets into it, and he always surprises me with his creative thoughts. I am trying to get him to post some of his work on his blog, because I really enjoy reading his stuff, and I think that others might as well.

    One of my hundred word assignments that he did turned into a great “finish the story” post for this challenge. Here is the link: DOOR 331

    Thank you,
    Ms. Mara

  4. Dear, Mrs.W

    Hi. I did the activity when you have to write a story to go with the picture.

    Mateo p.s. visit my blog at

  5. Hi Miss W I have just finished challenge 5 .
    I hope you enjoy looking and reading at my post.
    This is my blog address

  6. Hi Miss W,
    Also in the video I thought it would teach a lot of people how to follow the rules of copy right. I have a widget where I can search up images on it and they aren’t pictures made by people, which means I’m NOT using copyright. Thanks anyway From Grace.

  7. Dear Miss W,
    Hi Miss W I watched the Disney copy right video and it was really interesting and it definitely told me a bit about what copy right is. I believe the makers of this video put a lot of effort into it WOW it was so detailed. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog most appreciated. Grace

  8. I chose activity 2; I thought it was very interesting how they combined a bunch of Disney films to creat a video about copy write. A positive thing is it taught you a lot about copy write. A negative thing about this film is that during some parts you couldn’t understand what they were saying. Other then that I thought it was a great video.

  9. Hey Miss W,

    This week I watched the video ‘Fair(y) Use Tale’.

    I thought that the ‘Fair(y) Use Tale’ was very funny and creative. I thought it was funny at times and made me crack up laughing!

    The downside was when the movies were switching over I didn’t quite get or understand what they were saying. When I was listening I heard the main idea but it was still hard to understand.

    Now, from watching this video I know that copyrighting isn’t right and I thought up my own pickup line for the whole copyrighting thing, listen… ‘You can rub out grey-lead but you can’t rub out copyrighting’.

    Do you like my line?! Any way I hope I have completed the challenge!!

    Kind Regards,

  10. Hi Miss W,
    This week I watched the Fair(y) use tale. I thought it was a different and creative way to help kids understand more about copyright. At times it was a bit confusing when they kept on playing different snippets but I think that’s why they sometimes repeated things so you could understand the message. I can’t believe you can to jail or get a fine just for copying something and not making an attribute. That’s kind of scary a bit. Out of that video though I learnt a lot about copy right and will keep thinking of it in the future.
    From Zara

  11. Hi Miss W!
    I did activity 2 and watched the video about copy write.
    A positive thing about this video is that the video teaches children that if you copy write a picture photo video or anything else, you have to say where you got that image, video and everything else from because it really isn’t yours. Plus the video is very funny and entertaining by adding in scenes from disney movies. Who ever has made this video, has done a great job!
    The only thing I have to say negative about the video is that the video was a little bit hard to understand but that’s about it.
    Last but not least, this video was really interesting and fun to watch. I bet all the children around the world will love this video because it is so funny!

    If you would like to visit my blog here is my website down bellow….


  12. Hi Miss W,
    I have just watched the 2nd video and I found it interesting and a bit funny. Even though the video had a meaning. I can understand now that you can go to jail just for copyrighting which is an interesting thing because copy writers sometime end up coming thieves themselves… My definition of a copyright is when someone sees something and they like the idea of it and then they want it to belong to them and they but if they do use it, they can only use 10% of it. When they say you can only use 10& of it, it doesn’t always mean it has to be specifically 10%, they could also use lots of different little snip-its to add/ use to whatever they want to do with it. it also means that they can change it as much or as little as they would like to.
    Thank you for such an amazing and interesting activity!
    See, Ya

  13. Hi Miss W,
    I have just watched the 2nd video and I found it pretty cool. Even though it had a meaning, that copyright was bad. I can understand that you can go to jail just for copyrighting which is a good thing because copy writers sometime end up coming thieves sometimes.. My definition of copyright is when someone sees or hears about something and they like the idea of it and then they want it to belong to them and they but if they use it they can only use 10% of it. Thank you for such an amazing and understanding activity!
    See, Ya

  14. Hi Miss W,
    I’ve done activity number 2. I found the video funny but it had a meaning that copyright was bad. I’ve never copyrighted myself but if I did I would get permission. I can’t believe that you can go to jail just for copyrighting. My definition of copyright is when someone sees or hears something and they like the idea of it but if they use it they can only use 10% of it. Thanks for the activity
    From Molly 🙂

  15. Hi Miss W,

    I thought the “A Fair(y) Use Tale” video was quite interesting. I like how the creators deeply thought about the title so it was relevant to the video. It gave me some good information about copyright for example: copyright lasts a lifetime plus seventy years. I also found out what fair use and public domain really mean. I like how it used Disney cartoons to explain, other than just somebody talking about copyright. It was quite funny at some bits as well! I would recommend it to somebody who wanted to learn more.


  16. HI Miss W,
    I thought the Fairy Use Tale, was very funny. i thought it looked really cool. It was a bit confusing when it went really fast and hard to understand. Our class got all the lessons and rules about copy right. I learnt lots of things like how long copy right last and why we do not copy right and laws and regulations.
    From Georgia

  17. Hi Miss W,
    I thought it was very interesting because it told you lots about copy right, what it is and how you cannot copyright. I thought it was very clever because it took different snippets from Disney to make a sentence about copy right. It could be confusing at some times.

    Have a great day

  18. For activity 2, I thought it was very interesting, and catchers the eye of viewers. Also I thought it could be negative because it is very confusing to me.

  19. Chose the fair use video or activity 2 because it was not just imformational it was also fun to watch.

  20. Hi Miss W,
    I thought that the ‘Fair(y) Use Tale’ was very creative and imaginative. I thought it was funny at times and get me really entertained. The downside was that, it was a bit hard to understand what the video was talking about with all the switching of movies. I got the main idea, but I didn’t get it word for word. I now know that copy righting has it’s limits, and all the pictures I have are probably copyrighted. That is a good acknowledgement.
    From: Tim.

  21. Hello Miss W,
    How are you? I love the student blogging challenges! My class and I watched the Fair(y) Use Tale I thought it was very clever. I never new that copyright could be used for so long or for so many things! I think that the copy right laws are actually very good. I think this because… Why should every one else take credit for your work once your dead anyway what do you think about the laws and rights of copy right?
    Written by: Frankie (AKA Frances)

  22. Hi Miss W
    I really enjoyed this video, I watched the copy right video, with all of the little snippets from disney movies.
    I thought that the idea was really clever and I thought it got the message of copy right across.
    To copy all of those images wouldn’t it take allot of requests and asks to use those images in that short film?

  23. Hi Miss W.,

    My students and I have been enjoying this year’s challenge, and I personally appreciate all your hard work in creating unique, but meaningful post ideas each week. I have been wondering if you will be starting the Flipboard magazine for this year’s challenge. I know that was a highlight for many of my students last year; it made it easy for them to discover other student bloggers.

    Take good care,

  24. Hi,
    This week I did activity 2 and I really enjoyed it. I watched the video “A Fair(y) use tale and liked they way they used all the different Disney movies to come up with a short video about copy right and fair. The title A fair(y) use tale is a really smart one meaning fair use and fairy tale which is really cool. From that video I now know a lot more than I used to about copy right like you need permission to copy the idea. I think it was a great idea whoever did!

  25. I really like this video because it’s cool and creative. I like how they used Disney characters instead of just some boring video. And I also really learned a lot about copyright and found it very informational.

  26. I really liked the Disney video. It taught me a lot about copyright. I think after watching this people might be more aware about copyright and fair use. Although it taught me a lot, sometimes it was hard to follow along and understand what the were trying to tell us. Other than that it was really helpful.

    1. G’day Alex,
      Sorry that your district blocks YouTube, but I am not sure the videos are on schooltube or vimeo. You might need to do a search for them. Or if you have a computer at home, maybe you could watch them there with your parents instead.

  27. I think this is a cool and fun way to teach people about copyrighting! Some people don’t really listen to thongs like copyright laws… but when you make it more interesting, people listen more.

  28. I liked how they used Disney. Its commonly known through out the world. I also like that they broke it down into pieces so we could understand. The only thing I dont like is that it goes past a little fast, so sometimes you can not understand them.

  29. On the second avtivity where you had to watch the remix video I really liked the way they made it from old movie sences from Disney. But I really didn’t like how on some parts it was confusing about what they were saying. With this in mind, I still really like how it still told a lesson even with the different sences.

  30. Our class blog fits for the challenge this week! We’ve been doing photography as well as writing, so have been mainly using Be Funky. The photos in the different posts for this week were photos I’ve taken so there is no problem with creative commons. I’m hoping that next week we’ll repeat this exercise using photos the students use.

  31. Dear Miss Wyatt,
    This week as a class we watched the film that had lots of little snipes of the Disney clips that taught us about copyright. I thought that is was a good way to learn about copyright by watching a clip that was exiting. I have done the activity about the ‘creative commons’ and I have posted 3 picture of “creative Commons” picture on my blog.
    On my blog I have written why I think ‘creative commons” is a good website to use and what copyright is, please visit my blog to read what I wrote about copyright:
    Kind Regards, Demi.

  32. Hi Miss Wyatt,
    This week our class watched the video linked to your blog. It taught me about the copyright law and the importance of it.
    I think using “Creative Commons” to get our photos is a good idea because it means we know for sure that the photographer has given permission for us to use their photos.
    Even though the photographer might have given permission for people to use the photos off places like Google Images it’s better to be safe.

    From Jojo:)

  33. Hi Mrs Wyatt,
    I am loving the Student Blogging Challenge so far, It had challenged me to do things I never knew I could do. I am really enjoying this weeks task and I loved watching the Disney mash up movie. It took a while to get used to but when I did get used to it I learnt heaps of new thins about copyright.
    From Sarah

  34. Dear Miss Wyatt,
    This week in my class our teacher showed me and my class mates the Disney film clip. After watching the clip I learnt a lot. Al is more fun when Disney comes along. All this week we have been learning about copyright. It is very interesting too. Our teacher has showed us a awesome film clip ‘Creative Commons’. I think it is a really good idea to use ‘creative commons’ because if we just get a picture the person that might of took it might not want you to. So it is a good idea to use ‘creative commons’ because the photographer gave permission.
    From Kye

  35. Hello Miss Wyatt,
    This week my class watched the film that uses lots of little Disney clips to teach us about Copyright. We thought it was very interesting and we liked learning all about copyright, public domain and fair use. We completed an activity about Creative Commons. The students found “common” images and posted them to their individual blogs. We kept asking ourselves the question, “Why is it a good idea to use ‘creative commons’ images?”
    from Mrs Miller

  36. The Fair(y) Use Tale was pretty interesting because it used things we know about and it was unique, though it did get a bit annoying when they would say the exact same thing multiple times.

  37. I thought that the video was really cool. Especially how it is a collage of all sorts of Disney films to inform people about the copy writing laws. The only thing that was kind of annoying was that sometimes you could not understand what they were trying to say with them cutting around so much. Otherwise it was a very good video. Come visit my blog at

  38. The video was very entertaining. I love how it talked about copy right using clips! However, it was hard to listen to because it was so choppy. The clips kept changing and the pictures were more entertaining than the message.

  39. I like this video because it is interesting. Instead of teaching us about copyright with out it being boring. It is very creative with all of the disney movie clips. The only bad thing about it is sometimes I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying.

  40. xD I feel this is nonsense and is stupid cause removing people for not doing this stuff seems redic not gonna lie.

    1. Thanks for the comment, rexatron. When you sign up for the challenge, it is assumed you will do some of the activities. I feel having an about me page or post and two other posts is not really very much effort considering you have had over 5 weeks to complete them. Also at the moment it is only those students who have been given mentors and who are not keeping up that will be removed from the lists.

  41. I enjoyed the Fairy Tale copyright video, but I found that after a while of all the cutting out it was doing, it became hard to follow. Although it was a really awesome idea, the editing could have been put together a little better. But overall, I did enjoy it.

  42. I thought that the way the video talked about copyright laws through clips from Disney movies was very interesting. Though at parts it was hard to understand, it was also amusing to me. Two thumbs up.

  43. I liked how the disney remix was pieces of all the movies. It was kind of hard to here all of the words, but it teaches a lesson about copyright and the conequences that will happen if you steal that piece of work.

  44. In activity video #2 I believe it is an engaging discussion about fair use and actually would promote Disney movies. My kids loved it because they found it educational and they wanted to see their DVD’s again. I loved it because it gave a great example of exercising fair use when it came to movies and music while still giving credit where it is due-NEAT!

  45. Dear Miss W
    I loved the way they constructed the video, it kept me entertained! But I also found it a little difficult to understand the words at sometimes. I found it cool how they used all the Disney movies.

    Gabi xx

  46. I thought that the fairy tale video was very interesting! I loved how they put all sorts of Disney movies, I still like to watch those movies sometimes. It also teaches a very valuable lesson about copyright.


  47. I found the Fair(y) Use video to be entertaining. yet informational. I liked how he used clips from Disney movies to inform us. It must of taken a while to create!

  48. I think that the second video was very hard to follow because all the characters were talking at different speeds and in different voices, but here’s what I got…

    At the end they said “Oh I hope we get a copy of that tape.” Which means that they want someone else’s work. That was the bad thing I saw.

    The good thing that I saw was that at the end they gave credit to who helped create that Disney remix clip.

    The overall theme is to give credit to other people and to protect your own things you post online.

  49. I think Activity 2 is a good video because in the beginning, it said that the video was made with permission from all the movies in it. At the end of the video, it showed the name of all of the clips from the movies in it.

  50. I think Activity 2 is a good video because it tells you why not to copy other peoples works and the consequences of it.

  51. I have done this challenge and I really enjoyed it so I hope you can check out the website I have put in the post!

  52. On activity 2, I really liked it how they used Disney, and not some other company. The thought of making a remix like this never even touched by my mind. I would liked to know how thy did this, and where to make it.

  53. On the activity 2 post, I liked that it used characters we know. It was hard to understand them though, the video moved to fast. Other than that the video was fine.

  54. That Fair(y) Use Tale video was pretty cool. You got to learn all you needed from a really fun way. I liked how they used Walt Disney to make it. I don’t know why, but it’s always more fun when Disney is involved!

  55. Hello Miss W I have posted a photo of the Melbourne Star and said a really great site for getting copyright free media!

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