The 2015 Student Blogging Challenge begins in early March. If you want to register, go here.

In preparation for this year’s upcoming challenge, we have the new 2015 badges ready to add to your blogs.

You can right click the badge above to save it to your computer, and then follow the instructions below to add the badge to your blog.

Adding A Badge to Your Blog’s Sidebar (Edublogs & WordPress)

Using the Image Widget

  1. First, save the image above to your computer.
  2. Then, log into your blog and go to Media > Add New and upload the badge.
  3. Then go to Appearance > Widgets.
  4. Add an Image Widget to your sidebar.
  5. Give the Image Widget a title (Optional); something like “Student Blogging Challenge 2015” would work well.
  6. Click the Add Image link and then click the Media Library link to choose the badge image from your library.
  7. Click the “Show” link next to the badge.
  8. When the image details appear, scroll to the bottom and click “Insert Into Widget.”
  9. Once the image is added to the widget, paste into the link URL so anyone interested in the challenge can easily click through.
  10. Click Save.

Using a Text Widget

  1. Login to your blog and go to Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Add a Text widget to your sidebar.
  3. Give the Text Widget a title (Optional); something like “Student Blogging Challenge 2015” would work well.
  4. Copy and paste the following code into your widget:
  5. Click Save.

5 thoughts on “2015 Student Blogging Challenge Badges Are Here!

  1. Hi Sue,
    I am trying to use your code and it is not working. Is it just me?
    Looking forward to another great challenge! 72 more students to be registered during the week

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