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This is not an official post for the challenge, just lots of websites to go to enjoy yourself.

These teachers have lists of websites used by their students. Some of them might have login details needed.

Here is a link to a previous post I have written all about having fun. Lots of links to fun activities.

Love having widgets on your blog? Sue Waters (The Edublogger) has written a post including 42 widgets – might be handy if your clustrmap has gone grey recently. Here is a post about fixing the clustrmap as well.

Why not visit lots of these links during your holiday or break and write a post about the new sites you enjoyed. Remember to include a link in your post somewhere so others can find the site easily from your post.

Remember to still check out the links on the sidebar of the challenge blog as well as the Get Help links if using blogspot or kidblog.


5 thoughts on “Have fun during your break

  1. Hello fellow students and teachers! I have been adding a few posts for each weeks challenge and I also have a post about trying to end Malaria. If you are interested in reading about this, please check out my blog: Thanks!!

  2. Hello, my name is Scotty and I have been adding new post and wigits to my blog. I would really like some feedback on what I’ve done good on my blog and how I could improve it. Please check it out, comment, and if you would like, I will do the same.
    Thank you

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