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So you have just turned 18, left high school and deciding if you will go onto university. What will you do for the next year? If you are anything like me, you will travel the world, working in lots of different countries and learning about cultures that are of interest to you.

This week’s activities are all to do with travelling. If you don’t like my ideas, do something that is of interest to you but related to other countries.

Please use one or more web tools you haven’t used before – eg glogster, storybird, flipbook, bitstrips, kizoa – there are lots of tools to use on the sidebar of this blog as well as here and Edublogs staff have put together a great list including how to embed into your blog.

Planning your trip

  • Look at passports, visas, working permits for 3 countries you would like to visit.
  • Create a map showing your proposed journey – remember this may change
  • What will you need to pack? Remember weight limits when flying.
  • How will you travel?
  • Where will you stay?
  • Create budget for part of your journey

On your way

  • International signage for toilets etc, signs on roads
  • What will my money buy?- exchange rates – how much is a cup of coffee in 3 different countries?
  • Contacting mum and dad – know your time zones, how to use skype or similar
  • Flight times – using 24 hour time – how long are flights between major cities?

Visit at least one country in each continent (include Antarctica in Oceania)

  • Make a collage of where you visited
  • Teach us some of the language of at least three countries eg How much is a cup of coffee? Where are the toilets?
  • Create a story of your journey
  • Interview some of your employers or relatives you stay with
  • Create a playlist of 9 pieces of music or dance from your journey – not in English

Home sweet home

  • How will you tell your friends about your journey?
  • What were the highlights and lowlights of each country?
  • Where would you visit again and why?

If you need to use images remember to find those that are creative commons. I have also found some at Pixabay  where you have to download the image to your computer and then upload to your blog post (just include the name of the photographer at the end of your blogpost) and photos for class where you download an image to your computer and it will automatically have a watermarked attribution included.

Here is a photo using Pixabay – I have added the caption to include the photographer’s name – the image is a jpg and you can choose the size to download. If using Edublogs, you can also choose size of image before inserting into your post.

Pixabay - photographer: Alexas_Fotos
Pixabay – photographer: Alexas_Fotos

Here is a photo using Photos for Class – it is a png image but you don’t have choice of size to download – if using Edublogs, you can choose size of image before inserting into your post

Still got time this week

Please visit Solana and give her lots of encouragement to continue the challenge. She is only student from her class still participating in the challenge.

Travel the world by leaving comments on blogs from countries other than your own. Write a post about who you visited including a link to the post you commented on.


Next week will be your chance to shine and show your teachers, fellow students, blog visitors how great you are at blogging. Make sure you know what makes a great post and how to attract people to your blog so they will leave a comment and start or continue a conversation.

21 thoughts on “Week 8: Let’s travel

  1. Hello there Miss W. This weeks post was really fun and easy for me to write. I wrote about how I want to travel in the future and some of the places that I want to go to. My post tells a little about the place and some of the things I want to do there at each destination. When you have a bit of free time please visit my blog.

  2. Hi,
    I have completed 3 separate posts for this week. I have kind of done my own thing taking photos from three countries I’ve visited, writing a quick diary about them and displaying information on the language they speak in each country and a picture of their flag. I would love for some feed back on them if you have time.
    Here are the links:





  3. Hi Miss W-

    Namitha, one of my sixth grade students, has been so moved by the tragic earthquake in Nepal that she’s written a post about it. This isn’t exactly travel, but she’s inviting student bloggers around the world to send the people of Nepal hope and encouragement through our words. I want to share her post with you:

    Take care!
    Mrs. Martha Rombach

  4. Hi everyone,

    My students have really been enjoying the challenge of planning a dream trip around the world. Brandon is the first student to publish his writing this week. Please check out his post and leave comments and suggestions to help him improve his writing. More coming soon. Thank you.

    Mr. Helpern
    Helpern’s Helpers

  5. Hello again Mrs. W!!
    I have completed the week #8 post Let’s Travel. I particularly liked this post, because I got to write about the once-in-a-lifetime trip when I am going to have the amazing opportunity of traveling to Europe for an eleven day trip, taking place in the summer of 2016! 😉 I hope you have time to come read about my soon to come experiences!
    ~Jazzy 😀

  6. ACK! I love my theme! It’s so me with the paperclips and the notes and the doodly swirls. I hope it’s not one of the themes on the to-be-retired list.

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