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September 1st in Australia is Wattle Day. It is the sign of spring coming. The daffodils are starting to appear and plants are starting to flower.

The same is happening with the blogging challenge. The forms to fill in for enrolling in the challenge are being organized and should be up by the end of next week. There will be two different forms:

  • classes – if you have a class blog where the teacher writes posts and students comment, then the teacher will fill in this form
  • students – if you have your own personal blog, then the student will use this form

Once you have filled in the form, check in the header area to find the link to all the classes and all the students participating. Start visiting and making connections.

We will also need mentors – if you have time to help 10-30 students with their blogging over the months of October, November and early December, then comment on the mentor post next week.

Teachers: Check out the teacher challenge activities as they might be helpful for some of the activities in the student challenge.

Students and classes: What could you be doing now to get ready?

  1. Add the student blogging challenge badge to your blog sidebar – read this post for instructions on how to do this
  2. Subscribe to the student blogging challenge blog so you automatically get an email when a post is published
  3. Write a post for any early visitors to read on your blog – remember a great post will have a question at the end to start the conversation between the blog author and the readers

9 thoughts on “Are you getting ready?

  1. Dear Ronnie Burt I am ready for wattle day I thinks it wonderful but the real question is are you ready? If you are not then id get ready because if Ur not ready Ur gonna be sad I also love your log its so awesome and wonderful I just love how it all come together! Sining off your wonderful blog -Bakerj21

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