An important part of the Student Blogging Challenge is connecting with students and other classes by reading posts and leaving comments.

Comments allow you, and your readers, to engage in discussions, share thoughts and connect with your blog.

Most new bloggers find publishing posts easy and commenting harder!  Your bonus activity this week is to learn more about commenting and improve your commenting skills!

What makes a good comment?

Comments transform your blog from a static space to an interactive community.  Commenting is one way a blogger can create conversations.

Your readers leave a comment that hopefully asks questions (which encourage conversation), you reply back to their comments on your blog, then visit their blog to read their posts and engage with them on their blog.

The better your comment that more chance you have in creating conversations.

Start by watching either of the following two videos on Commenting.

Watch Mrs Yollis’s ‘How to Write a Quality Comment‘.  You can also watch it on Vimeo if YouTube is blocked in your School District.

Watch Nicolas Weiss’s Leaving High Quality Blog comments video  if you are a high school student.

Now visit Huzzah’s Commenting Guideline to learn some more commenting tips.

Important tips:

  • Refer to Adding a comment support documentation if you are unsure how to add a comment.
  • Comments may be moderated on your blog.   Remember to check your Comments folder, and comment spam folder,  to approve any pending comments.
  • Include the url (address) in your comment when you leave a comment on another blogger’s post so the blogger can visit your blog and comment.

Below is an example of a comment from Huzzah’s blog that shows how to include your blog URL in your comment.

Comment example

Activity 1: Leave a comment on this post. 

Each week the best posts published in the Student Blogging Challenge are featured in our Flipboard magazine.

To check your posts we need you to leave a comment with a link to your post on this blog whenever you finish a weekly activity.

So your first activity is to practice leaving a comment below with a link to your post for an activity you’ve completed this week or last week.

Here is an example from Ayla last week:

Hi Ms. W,
I have just finished this week’s blogging challenge by uploading my avatar and making my about me page! Here is the link:
So far blogging I have enjoyed creating my blog and I hope to get lots of comments

Activity 2:  Practicing commenting on a class blog

Mrs Smith has published an excellent activity that guides you through commenting, learning to read student posts and practicing comments.

Visit Mrs Smith’s I’m New Here post to work through the tasks in her post and then leave a comment on her post.

Activity 3: Write a post, create a video or create a poster about commenting.

Might be tips to get more visitors,  guidelines for acceptable comments on your blog, examples of good and bad comments – think outside the square. Remember you don’t have to approve all comments. It is your blog; send some to the trash and if it is a company trying to get you to visit their blog to buy something, then label it as spam.

Here are some links to commenting guidelines written by students and classes. Class in New Zealand, grade 11/12 class in USA, Huzzah class blog in Canada, Abbey has a blogging guideline page, Mrs Allen created a poster about commenting, Shaffer writers, WarriorKat uses lots of visuals in her guidelines,  Sophie had a great post, the Blogging Frogs have some great tips, Cole wrote about commenting

Activity 4: Visit other student or class blogs

Visit 4 other blogs on the lists above the header area. Leave a quality comment on one post on each blog. Might be the About Me page or another post you found interesting.  Write a post on your blog mentioning who you visited, which post you left a comment on and why, then include the comment you left. Hint: make sure you copy the comment before you hit the submit button.


There will be two posts this week so this one has been published earlier than normal.

404 thoughts on “Week 2: Let’s comment!

  1. I love how it allows anyone really to just engage on topics and other comments it is very creative, also you should come see our blogs they are very creative, but only when you get the chance come check them out

  2. Wow!!!! I have been learning about quality blog comments as well as you guys well done you guys know alot about quality blog comments too.

  3. Hello. After scrolling down the page for 30 minutes, I found where to leave a comment. I would like to ask everyone to please tell me what is their favorite food and what they eat on a regularly basis. Thank you for cooperating.

  4. Hello Mrs. W,
    So far I have finished my week 1 activities. This is my post for the second. Thank you!

  5. Dear Ms. W,

    I have learned so much about blogging just by completing the first couple of weeks of the challenge. Creating my avatar was probably my favorite activity so far because I got to create a fictional version of myself online! I look forward to much more blogging in the future! Here is the link to my blog:

  6. HI Ms. W
    I have just finished this weeks blogging challenges by finishing my about me and doing my avatar. I am excited to start the new challenges.
    Thank you,

  7. Hi Ms W
    I have being doing the student blog challenge but no comments have been made on my blog. I have updated my About Me post and have done the Australian Food post I also decorated my blog but taken that down.

    If you would like to like at my blog here is the URL:

  8. Hi Miss W.,
    As a teacher, I am learning quite a bit about teaching blogging! I love all the content you include in the posts and want to share it all, but I don’t have that much time in my 45-minute class once a week. It takes time for my students to read the posts and the create a post in response, so many of my students are doing just one activity each week. We are also behind the schedule because we started late. We will have to skip a week or two to stay on track, but I will keep try to come back to these posts after we catch up.

    Do you have any suggestions for generating more content from the students?

    Here are the posts from the Friday class I teach. Thank you!

    1. Hi Mrs Arendt,
      Students only need to complete one activity each week from the challenge and if you are behind that is OK too. Just use the activities throughout the rest of the year. The first three weeks are the challenges that are important: introducing themselves, learning to comment and learning how to find creative common images. All the other challenges each week are based on a theme or topic that would interest kids of all ages and countries.

      Have your students visit other class or student blogs and leave comments – remember they need to include the URL of your class blog so you can then get visitors coming to your blog as well.

      Often students think they can only write in their blogs at school and only do the suggested post from the teacher. Once you say that it is their blog or page and they can add posts about the things they are passionate about, then they might start doing more posts. Here is one example from Penelope in grade 2 – has only had her blog for two months

      1. Miss W.
        Thank you for the suggestions. Penelope’s blog is absolutely amazing! I plan to share it with my classes. I am encouraged to know that I can keep going even if we are behind the schedule, and I like that I can continue to use the posts even after the challenge is done.

        I need to give my students time to comment on other’s blog posts and help them to understand that this is their blog. Encouraging them to take ownership of it rather than view it a library work is a great idea, too. I have a formal observation in a couple of weeks, and chose the blogging unit as the lesson to observe. Thank you again for the suggestions to improve my students posts.

        1. This week’s activity is visiting other blogs and commenting. No other activities but that, so hopefully students will be able to get out there and start making connections.

  9. Hi Miss W,
    Recently I have been working on my blog, and I made a really cool avatar that perfectly describes me! I hope I get lots of comments on my post. I really look forward to continuing this blogging! Here is the link to my post.


  10. Dear Miss W,
    I have enjoyed blogging very much. I had just recently finished the first weeks blogging challenge. It was extremely fun creating my own avatar and writing a poem about myself. I really liked creating my own avatar because I was able to create a virtual character of my self that looks similar to me. Wring the poem about myself was exciting because I was able to talk about my personality. You should come check out my blog
    https// /wp-admin/profile.php. Thanks!

  11. Dear Miss. W,

    These informative tips taught me so much about how to properly comment on other people’s blogs. The videos were so interesting and will help me make constructive comments towards other people. Here is the link to my blog: Enjoy!

    Thank you,

  12. Dear Ms. W,

    I very enjoy the Student Blogging Challenges as they are very fun and engaging and help me learn more about the world of blogging. My blogging skills greatly improve and I love diving into this challenge. These activities are very exciting and creative. In case you wish to visit, the link to my blog is:


  13. Dear Ms. W,
    So far I have enjoyed completing these blog challenges. Completing these challenges helps me become stronger in blogging and writing as one person. Sometimes, I have trouble with these things and ask people for help, but now it is all up to me to figure everything out.
    Here is the url to my blog.


  14. Hi Mrs W,
    I really enjoy your blog posts and i think that this is a great activity for future blogging. This is an important part in our experience with blogging. I now understand how edublogs works thanks to you!

  15. Dear Miss W,

    Thank you so much for these wonderful tips and videos they have helped me progress in my blogging. I absolutely love doing the student Blogging challenge because it helps me with my blogging skills as an individual.
    Here is my blog link if you would like to visit.


  16. Miss W,
    My Tuesday class has posted for week 2 about commenting. Some students had a hard time completing the activities in one class period, so this post took two classes. I will be modifying the activities and asking them to complete only one activity during class in the future. They can follow up on other activities outside of class. Hopefully, this will let them experience the benefits of blogging without overwhelming them.

    I love the activities you have posted each week so far. I hope you enjoy reading their blog posts.–library-class/posts

    Thank you.

  17. Hi Mrs W. I really enjoyed this weeks blogging challenge because I can now comment on other people’s blogs even if they are in different countries.

  18. I found this blog interesting and informational.It is a great influence and I am sure this blog will be very popular across the world,but what are great ways to reply to comments that are positive and those that are negative?

  19. Hello Mrs. W,

    Our class has enjoyed blogging so much. The activities included in the challenge are engaging for all students. I have seen growth in technology skills, writing and self-confidence, just in the few weeks we have been blogging. Are the activities the same with each challenge?

    I enjoyed making avatars with students. Some of the recommended sites were not as easy as others and not all of them would allow us to save and download them with chrome-books. You can see my avatar on my blog:

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this challenge!
    Mrs. Whittle

    1. Hello Mrs. W, I have one other question. How can I add the blogging challenge badge to our class blog?

    2. G’day Mrs Whittle,
      Some activities are similar every challenge such as creating avatars and about me pages/posts, commenting skills and images. But I try to think of other topics every three or four sets of challenges so students don’t get the same activities each time they participate. But as there are usually 4 or more activities to choose from each week, there is plenty to choose from throughout the year when the challenge is not running.

      There is also the chance for a class to run one of the weeks with their choice of topic. Please contact me if your class would like to do that.

  20. Hi Miss W,
    I really like the blogging challenges they are very fun and challenging. I am also learning a lot about computers that I did’t know about before.

  21. Hi Miss W. Thanks for setting these activities I have really enjoyed it so far. I have had some of comments. From Teagan

  22. Dear Mrs W,

    Thank you for these wonderful tips they have helped me progress in my blogging. I love doing the student Blogging challenge as it helps me with my media skills.

    Here is my blog link if you would like to visit.

  23. Hi Miss.W

    Thank you so much for the inspiring words! You encouraged me so much. I finished week 2 assignment.

  24. I’m excited about blogging, because I have never blogged before. I also love the student blogging challenge!

  25. Hello Miss W!

    This sounds like a great activity the Student Blogging Challenge. I happy to be in this blogging challenge it is fun so far even though we are only on week two.

  26. Hello Miss W!

    This sounds like a great activity for the Student Blogging Challenge. I am happy to be in this blogging challenge it is super fun so far even though we are only on week two. Thank you for making this fun activity for kids all around the world. I think it is a great way to meet new people and share your thoughts with other people. It’s also an exciting unit in my library class! Thanks again, Bye!

    Jadyn 🙂

  27. Hi Miss W,
    I love this blogging site! Thank you so much! It was very kind of you to set this up for us. You are a good teacher. Thanks!


  28. HI Miss w
    This article about commenting correctly and incorrectly really helped me comment on other peoples blogs. I have had more people visit my blog because I leave my URL thank you for posting this for the student blogging challenge to help us know the right and wrong ways to comment. Please visit me at:

    1. Thank you Yoongeon,
      I had never seen this avatar creator website before so I will have to add it to my list. Also thank you and all your classmates for leaving comments on this post.

  29. HI Mrs W! I find this extremely helpful for my school work. Some other tips for commenting are not to use ‘and’ too much and to put a comma before the word ‘but’. In my opinion, the Student Blogging Challenge is great because it gives you fun things to add onto your blog. However, I do have some questions. What inspires your amazing ideas to put on the challenge? How much time do you spend online? And last of all, what would you do if you went blank for ideas when you were thinking of another challenge to put on the blog?
    Hope you reply;
    Grace 😉

    1. G’day Grace,
      What great questions! Sometimes I do have blank moments of what to do a post about in the challenge. So then I will ask my friends on Twitter if any of them would like to write a post. This challenge Sue Waters will be writing some of the posts. I’m online every day usually from about 9am until about 10pm but I do take breaks to go for walks or do some gardening. If you or your classmates have some great ideas of a topic for a challenge, please feel free to email me – see the link on the challenge blog – or leave another comment here.

    1. G’day ANita,
      I began the student blogging challenge back in 2008 when I was a teacher. My students each had their own blog but nobody from overseas was commenting on them. SO my Twitter friend Sue Waters sent our a message and three teachers from Canada, USA and Portugal replied, so we started commenting on each others blogs and writing posts to share. That’s how the challenge started. You can read more in the About page on the challenge blog.

  30. I like the Student Blogging Challenge because it teaches you about the internet and I can’t wait to see what we will be doing next. Type this in the search bar to see are class blog.

  31. I love being part of the student blogging challenge because I love making and going on other peoples blogs, it is so fun, you can basically make anything!

  32. Dear Miss W,

    I love the new and exciting challenges. They are so much fun! I think that making avatars were cool and I can not wait for the new challenge next week. I loved the tips you gave me and my class

    From Abby

  33. Hi Miss W,
    I have really enjoyed doing the student blog challenge so far. I find it fun to look at other people’s blogs to see how they have done the challenges and see if they have done them differently to me.
    Here is the link to my blog I hope you like it.


  34. Dear Miss W,

    I love the blogging challenges and activities! When I started I thought it was going to be boring but is actually is kind of fun.

    Thank you,

  35. Hi Miss W,
    Thank you so much for writing this post to help me understand commenting a bit better. I can’t wait to start commenting on other peoples blogs.
    Thanks again,

  36. Dear Ms.W,
    I really enjoy doing these blogging activities. Thanks for the support!


  37. HI Mrs.W,
    I have finished this weeks blogging challenge! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a wee bit nervous about the whole ordeal but I made it so hurray! Here’s a link to my blog but my actual posts for this week won’t come out until a day or two but when it comes (because it will) please leave a comment telling me if I’m doing it right because I don’t have a clue if I’m doing it right. Thanks again for all of the helpful information and here’s my blog link: (P.S I changed up my website a little from when you last visited 😉 )

  38. I’m new to this blogging thing and I’m just trying to get know how to use them. Soon I hope to become a teacher so I looked at your blog and liked it.

  39. Dear Ms. W,
    The SBC is very fun for me to do. It makes me write posts that tells about me. Thank you for the SBC.

  40. Hi Mrs. W,

    I finished last week’s blogging challenge and uploaded my avatar and making my about page! I watched Mrs. Yollis’s video on how to comment. I hope this will help me with my blogging. You can view my blog at So far blogging I have enjoyed creating my avatar.


  41. Dear Mrs. W,

    I finished the commenting post, here is the link to it

    Thank you,

  42. Hello Ms. M,
    I have just finished my about me post, and I would love it if you could check it out some times. Anyways I have found the challenges that you have created fun and educational. Without these challenges I wouldn’t even know how to create a blog. Thank you for the weekly challenges, and I hope you have a nice day.
    About me post link:

  43. I have finished this weeks blogging by making my avatar and uploading my about me page for this weeks activity and ever since I started blogging I have loved it.

  44. Hi Ms. W,
    I have just started blogging and I am learning the routes. I like challenges you face us with. I will do my best to complete all your challenges.

  45. Hello Ms. W,
    I really like this weeks challenge. Commenting is often hard for me but hopefully ill be learning how to be better at this. Thank you so much for taking your time out to do this for us.
    Sincerely, Mahogani

    Here’s My Link:

  46. Hi Miss W.,

    I have finished this week’s activities on practicing commenting. Once again, I have enjoyed all of the activities! I can’t wait to see what you have come up with for next week’s challenges. Here is the link to my blog. Sorry if the posts don’t show up; they’re still pending:



  47. Dear Mrs. Waters,
    Commenting is serious business! We just reviewed the comments on our blog and unfortunately, had to delete quite a few because they weren’t quality comments. There were tons of spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes which made the comments hard to read. The comments didn’t give enough detail, for example they didn’t refer to the post or something specific in the post. The comments weren’t creating conversations either. Some weren’t polite.
    So, what makes a great comment? We have a video with ten tips. Please check out our video on our blog

    Bloggin’ Frogs

  48. Dear Mr.W thank you for information I’m new at blogging buy, Hoping to have fun! I liked both of the videos.

    My Blog is I barely have anything on it so if you want to check it out you can.
    Have a good day everyone!

  49. In these videos I learned allot about blogging and quality comments, and be sure to take a look at Mr. 2.0.s’ blog.

  50. I’ve never blogged before so the “How to write a quality blog!” was helpful to me. I’m also having fun with the week two blog challenge. Are you?

  51. I really liked those videos talking about posting good quality comments. I love blogging because I can post things and post comments to make other bloggers feel good!!

  52. Hi!
    I like the challenges so much! I haven’t commented very much,but I like to comment! Do you like to comment?
    Fluffy Kitty

    1. Hi Fluffy Kitty,
      I love commenting. Whenever a student leaves me a comment on the challenge blog and includes the URL to their own blog, I will visit and leave them a comment.

  53. So many comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the post about emotions and you put my answer on it.

    P.S. It is the second fourth grader one.

  54. Hi Miss W,
    Last week I completed creating my avatar and making my about me page. I hope you get a chance to look at my blog


  55. Man, thanks for giving me those tips for commenting. Now I’m commenting to u. I will be sure to pass the word to others, so they can make quality posts. I hope u inspire others as well

  56. Hi, Mrs. W!
    I loved those videos.
    Thanks so much for your tips on how to make a quality comment!
    I will leave a link to my blog below. Thanks!

  57. I like the videos you added! They really helped to explain how to make a great comment. I can’t wait to comment more! Visit my blog to learn more about me. This is my site.

  58. I now know all the steps to take when posting a comment. It will be so much fun to read other people’s blogs and then comment. I hope other people have fun commenting too.

  59. Dear Ms. W,
    I have just finished the Week 1 Challenge. I really enjoyed creating an avatar. There are surprisingly so many avatar sites. Also, I liked writing facts about me to post to my blog because I like to write. Below is the link to my blog, I hope you’ll like it.

    Jacqueline Gewert

  60. Dear Ms. W,

    I’ve enjoyed doing all the activities for the blogging challenge because it’s fun and you get to and answer lots of challenges about commenting, yourself, blogging, etc. I can’t wait for the next blogging challenge next week.



  61. HI Mrs. W! This is a very interesting post, and I appreciate you taking the time to make this post. I really hope you can check out my blog some time. Here’s the link.

  62. Hi, Ms. W.
    This is the link to a post I published about commenting guidelines. If you could look at it, it would mean a lot.
    What’s your favourite colour?

  63. The post helps people if they don’t know how to comment on a post properly. The video also helps because it shows you what you can use to make a good post.

  64. Thank you for writing such a good and helpful post. I really think that these blogs will turn out great. I can’t wait until we’re in the further weeks and can really get into it.
    Here’s the requested link

  65. I really thank you for doing this. Before I signed up for the Student Blogging Challenge, I was really lost on what to do with my blog. This challenge has really got me started on commenting. Thanks again!

  66. This was a great learning experience! I didn’t know about this stuff,But I have a question. When making a comment can you make a link to another blog not your own?


    1. G’day Positive Ion,
      Yes you can certainly add links to other blogs within your posts and comments. You know how to do this in comments and you can see how I do it often in the posts I write. This is called hyperlinking or linking. Highlight the words you want someone to click on, then click on the chain in the top row of your icons on your post dashboard, a new window will pop up and you paste in the URL of where you want them to go to and click on submit or similar word. Sue Waters from Edublogs has written a post about inserting links into posts.

  67. I think those videos were great to teach good commenting. These will help me out a lot. Are there any other ways to leave a good comment?

  68. I really like how this post has videos as well as written tips. This really helps if you have no idea what to commment about! I am part of the blogging challenge and I like the ideas you have on it. I especially like the post on avatars.
    Thank you!

  69. Hi Mrs. W,
    I found your post very helpful while learning how to comment. I love how commenting allows us to interact with each other, and gives us feed back so we can learn how to do better!
    Here’s my blog, I hope you will check out my continuation of Sleepy Hollow!

  70. These kids inspired me to go make a good comment. I enjoyed the video. Go visit my blog

  71. those little girls are inspirational😉
    . I like the challenges and can’t wait for more. You should visit my blog at

  72. I think this week’s challenge activity was very fun because it encourages students to read posts from other people’s blogs. It also helps students to be aware of what they are typing on someone else’s blog.

  73. Hi Mrs. W.
    Thanks for the challenge. Now I now how to make good comments on other people’s blogs. I also liked the first challenge. I can’t wait until the next challenge.

  74. The best thing is that this might be a place that everybody around the globe can visit if we all post a paper with a link to this site!

  75. Hi Miss W
    I am so excited for this weeks blogging challenge. I think that it will be cool having conversations with other students all over the world.
    Professor Lawrence

  76. Hello Miss W.
    Thank you for the wonderful tips on how to make a good comment! This week’s challenge is a lot of fun and I enjoy commenting on others blog!

  77. I liked this weeks challenge, it helped me understand more about commenting.
    Thank you for making it.

  78. Hi Mrs. W
    So far, I like this student challenge website. We get to learn how to be creative and smart with our comments. It’s really educational for us and I get to learn new perspectives of my blog.

  79. Hello!
    Thanks for the challeng! I can be a lot of fun for everyone and giving them useful information!

  80. This blog is really going to help a lot of people who find commenting hard. It will also help them understand why commenting is important or can be important.
    Overall this was a very informative blog and shall definitely help many people.
    Here is my blog:

    Have a good month,

  81. Hello, Ms W, I updated my “about my page” page and I chose the A-Z task, so I wrote a paragraph about myself and things I do.

  82. Hi Miss W,
    This entry was very informal and helpful when commenting! thank you so much for making this post. I’m glad I now know the correct and incorrect ways to comment on other posts. I’m excited to see where these commenting “skills” take me! check out my blog!

  83. It’s awesome and cool because it help people and give you tips.
    Thanks for the tip!

  84. What I learned is that thare is sevrsal types questions in text. Like though question and simple questions.
    So that is what I learned.

  85. The videos were great information. Leaving a good comment needs to have correct grammar and not slang words. Leaving nice comments or even helpful critics start a great conversation

  86. Hi Mrs.W
    This is a good post because it informs on people how to make good comments. It uses good videos to help as well.

  87. Dear Mrs.W
    I love doing the blogging challenge, it has made blogging way more fun now!
    I am guessing that this is for activity 1, as it states “leave a comment below”. I am really going to enjoy the blogging challenge! For instance I really love challenges and I really like blogging. I hope you will be really fond about my comments on the blogging challenge!
    Dear Mrs.W
    I love doing the blogging challenge, it has made blogging way more fun now!
    I am guessing that this is for activity 1, as it states “leave a comment below”. I am really going to enjoy the blogging challenge! For instance I really love challenges and I really like blogging. I hope you will be really fond about my comments on the blogging challenge!

  88. Hi Mrs. W
    I like weeks challenge and I think the is was wonderful information
    I loved it so much and I can’t wait for more.

  89. Hi Mrs. W,
    My name is Emma, and I am really enjoying commenting on other people’s blogs and doing these challenges. It is awesome that I can communicate with other people and commenting on their posts. Here is a link to my blog:

    Thank you,

  90. No comment…..jk.I like the way you can communicate through comments. Go visit my website if you want. It’s:

  91. What I learned about commenting is that ask questions or connection about the post! Check out my blog and hope you enjoy!

  92. Hello from Virginia, USA!
    We’re part of the Student Blogging Challenge, too. We loved your Italian artwork. Your school looks very different than ours. What is a typical day like in your school? We’d love to hear back!

    Mrs. Rombach Sixth Grade
    Ashburn, VA

  93. Hi Mrs. W,
    I have finished reading the weekly change and I think the s was wonderful information I loved it so much and I can’t wait for more.

    1. These posts DO feed me good information about how to make a successful blog, and even though I’m new to blogs, I’m getting better at finding things and posting more specific posts.

  94. I love all these activities and I think you should do more with stories and articles. I like the aha moments and I wonder activities.

  95. I am very cited to be started my very own blog and I am very excited to finish all of these steps for today. I would like to say this video gave me great feedback of teaching me how to comment on a video, now I can comment over anything without thinking if it is good enough and what I am missing in my comment.



  96. I really likes you guys video. It taught me a lot! Like not to use more explanation point if you want to show excitement you use more words!

  97. I have really enjoyed the challenges for this week I can’t wait to do them. They look very fun!

  98. I have now completed challenge 1 for week 2. This post is very helpful on what a good comment is. Now on to challenge 4!

  99. Hi Mrs W.
    I enjoyed doing the week one challenge, it was very challenging for me, but that what makes it funny.
    I would really enjoyed the next challenge cause I think it would be a time for me to learn something new.
    Thank you

  100. Hi Miss W,

    I’ve just completed last week’s Blogging Challenge. I changed my avatar and added an “About Me” page as well as practicing by commenting on my classmates’ blog posts. Here is my blog:\
    I had fun thinking about facts people might not know about me and hope to continue writing blogs.
    Thank you!
    Mary Pat 🙂

  101. I think those tips are really great for helping write a good comment. I really enjoyed watching the videos. I found even more on YouTube. Great use of resources!

  102. Hi Mrs W
    I really enjoyed completing the all about me activity. It was fun to be creative about something I know so much about. I did a playlist of my life. It was weird because I learned a little bit more about myself. You can check out my post on my website.
    Here’s the link to my blog.

  103. Hi Miss W.,

    I have very much enjoyed all of the activities so far! I can’t imagine how you can come up with all of these great challenge ideas. It must be strenuous work. I can’t wait to see what other challenges you come up with!



  104. Dear Ms. W,

    I am really enjoying the blogging challenges and I can’t wait for next weeks challenges!


  105. Hi Miss W,
    I am doing the first activity for this week and so far I like Edublogs. This has been a very fun experience and I can’t wait to continue!

  106. Hi miss W,
    Blogs to me can be very difficult to understand but they can also be very fun and exciting! For instance when you first start blogging its very hard and sometimes confusing. and I’m just starting to get the hang of blogging, so its quite hard but I still think its fun. 🙂

    Thank you for reading

  107. I really enjoyed completing the all about me activity. It was fun to be creative about something I know so much about. I did a playlist of my life. It was weird because I learned a little bit more about myself. You can check out my post on my website.

  108. Hi, Mrs W. I’m very new at blogging an itnvery confusing but I hope it gets easier. I”m excited to learn more about blogging.

  109. Hi Ms. W!!!! Blogs to me are a little confusing but i’ll figure it out eventually! I liked week ones challenge because I had fun making a character to represent me!!!! I can’t wait for the future challenges!!

  110. HI..My name is Tamara. I kinda like playing soccer! I don´t like playing instruments..but I did play a flute!

  111. HI..My name is Tamara. I also have a relative that plays for soccer! I don´t like playing instruments..but I did play a flute!!

  112. Hey Mrs. W! I love all the great tips! I’m sure they will help me leave great comments in the future! Thank you for the tips on commenting and the avatar links.

  113. Thank you for all the tips, and I will really keep them in mind when I post on others sites. Please visit my site!

  114. Thanks for these wonderful tips on commenting. I will really put them into play in my future comments. I have really enjoyed the student blogging challenge.

  115. Hey Mrs. W
    I like this challenge and feel it could be very useful. Commenting is always a good way to put yourself out there and tell others what you liked and feel. I think it’s a fun respectful way to show everyone what you think is important.

  116. I think that it is very important to leave good comments because if you aren’t careful, you could hurt someone’s feelings.

  117. Hey Mrs. W,

    I really like the student challenge blogging because it gives me ideas for blogging. It also gives me stuff to do on my blog because I’m new to blogging. Here’s my link to my blog i don’t have much on it though.

  118. Dear Mrs.W I finished my About Me page On the 7’th , sorry that I didn’t tell you later, but i hope you like my About Me page on my blog .It’s There you go that’s the web sight I really hope you like it if their’s any thing you want to talk about the About Me even if their’s anything with it it’s okay if you want to tell me about it. Thank you.
    from James

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    NiGiL FiDDLER.

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    I am so far really enjoying the Student Blogging Challenge. It has made me explore different aspects of my blog and opened my eyes to see the amazing things I can create through technology and blogging. Here is the link to my blog so you can have a look.

  121. Hello Miss. W,
    I am loving doing the Student Blogging Challenge so far.
    I really enjoyed last weeks task, creating an avatar for our blogs. I enjoyed being creative and looking at different websites to see which character best described my personality. I think that the videos you posted for this week helped me a lot and taught me how to write a good comment. Thank you for supplying them. I am looking forward to next weeks tasks.

    Here is my blog URL.
    I hope you enjoy my blog!

  122. Dear Mrs.W
    I love doing the blogging challenge, it has made blogging way more fun now!
    I am guessing that this is for activity 1, as it states “leave a comment below”. I am really going to enjoy the blogging challenge! For instance I really love challenges and I really like blogging. I hope you will be really fond about my comments on the blogging challenge!

    Here is a link for my blog… I hope you enjoy my blog Mrs.W!

    1. Hi Kennedy,
      I tried to leave a comment on your blog URL but it told me only people subscribed to the blog can view it. You might need to change your visibility settings under dashboard> settings> discussion or reading.

  123. I think it’s important to comment around a lot of things because it helps people connect to other people out there and can start a lot of discussion. I didn’t finish the challenge yet, but this is my blog url, Maybe you could come and read some of my blogs.

  124. Hello Mrs.W,
    this really helped me make a good comment. The 5 tips the video really gave good information. It helped me make good comments and blog posts.

  125. Hi Miss W.
    I really like blogging and enjoy seeing other’s blogs and i just finished the challenges for week one. Here’s my URL so you can check it out hope other’s can check out my blog also and I hope you enjoy it.

    1. G’day Mrs Black,
      I love your post for week 1 but when I tried to flip it to the magazine it wouldn’t go – maybe you need to go to dashboard> settings> reading and under site visibility allow search engines. Also, so that the posts of your students attached to your class blog can be flipped go to dashboard> my class> settings> again allow search engines

  126. Thank you a lot for all the tips to make a good blog and to also make a good comment I will remember this when using a comment. Thank you.

  127. Hey this weeks challenges, comments, and activities are really fun and exciting. After reading all these instructions on commenting hopefully I’ll leave a good comment that will help others. Hopefully I get a chance to post stuff on cyber bullying and good and bad comment. Hopefully you will visit my and comment on my post. Here’s the link:

  128. Hi Ms. W,
    I’ve really enjoyed seeing new people blogs and what their lives are like. It’s interesting, especially when they’re from different countries. I’m loving this weeks challenge and I can’t wait for next weeks.

    – Sydney

  129. Hi Miss W,
    This entry was very informal and helpful when commenting! thank you so much for making this post. I’m glad I now know the correct and incorrect ways to comment on other posts. I’m excited to see where these commenting “skills” take me! check out my blog!

    1. Hi Mrs. W I have just finished week I blogging challenge. The first activities were very fun. This is my post for the second challenge
      Thank you,

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