Week 3: Using images

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Duncan Hull via Compfight


A post looks a lot more interesting if you have included an image, as long as it relates to the topic you are writing about.

But where can you get these images?

I’ll Google it


Not every image on the web can be used in your blog. You need to find ones that have a creative commons license and then you need to give attribution to the owner of that image somewhere on your post.

What’s attribution?

A note to show that someone else took the photo and they have given you permission to use it.

But how can I know that?

Using the correct images, clip art, music and videos is a very necessary skill for both teachers and students. Sue Waters has written a brilliant post showing how to find images, how to give attribution and how to add them correctly to your blog posts.

Please read this post before doing the work this week.

If you want lots of other activities for using images correctly, check out our post from the March challenge. This includes a couple of videos you could use in class regarding images.


If you are using an Edublogs blog, you have a plugin called Compfight. Here is part of the teacher’s post that Sue Waters has written about using this on your blog.

To activate, go to dashboard> plugins> find compfight and click on activate> then go to settings and change to look like mine above – #4 is what I actually change.


Time now to get to the activities:

Many students mentioned in their About Me posts about their love of family and doing things with them like playing volleyball with cousins, or going camping during summer.  So the activities for this week will need an image included.

Activity 1: Write a post about a favourite time with your family.

Include an image with attribution. If using an actual image of your own family, you need permission from your parents and everyone shown in the image. Make sure you mention in the post that you have permission to use this and maybe that it is copyright to your family so no one else may use it without your family’s permission.

Activity 2: Write a post about a person who has passed away.

Maybe a family member who you have a picture of in your family archives. Or maybe a famous person from your town or country.

Activity 3. Have a relative write a post about their parents or grandparents

They could tell you about their parents/grandparents or you could interview them and ask questions. Find an image of something that was happening in the world during that person’s lifetime. Remember to give attribution.


  • Many of you are now starting to get visitors to your blog. They may come from your own country or maybe from overseas.
  • How do you keep a record of that?
  • You add widgets to your blog sidebar. Sue Waters from Edublogs has written a post including 42 widgets including ones mentioning visitors to your blog.

Activity 4. Add at least one new widget to your sidebar and write a post explaining why you chose that particular widget.

Activity 5. What have you learnt about using images on your blog? Write a post, create a poster or video explaining your understanding now.

Activity 6. Write a post in your native language using an image as a prompt. Make sure you have a translate widget on your blog for your visitors to use. Check out the Serbian students linked on this sidebar.

Still got more time?

  1. Visit other blogs either class or student – choose bloggers from other countries, maybe you will start getting some dots on your clustrmap or some flags on your widget.
  2. Look out for another special event post coming soon – lots of creativity for this one.
  3. Check out the magazine on the sidebar – are you featured in there yet?
  4. Also check out the One World Our World magazine – this is where I am flipping the Raise Your Voice posts

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Miss W visiting your blogs

Starting next week, I will only be visiting blogs where students or classes have left the URL to the post in a comment with an explanation. If your teacher is moderating your posts, you will need to wait until it has been published before giving me your URL. Check out the difference between a blog URL and a post URL.

Blog URL: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org

Post URL : http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2015/10/10/raise-your-voice/


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