We are coming up to half way through the challenge and as I mentioned in one of the earlier posts, some students will be taken off the student list in early November if they have not completed certain activities.

Why do I do this?

We have over 2000 students registered for the challenge but only about half of them get to have a mentor. So if students are not doing the challenge activities I feel they don’t deserve to have a mentor.

Which students will be taken off?

Students who already have mentors need to have completed the following to be left on the list:

  1. An about me page or post
  2. One other post related to the challenge
  3. Settings on their blog must allow comments to be left by anyone
  4. The URL of their blog must be correct on the list


I will be asking you to check the students on your list to see that they have completed the above things. If they haven’t could you please email me the names of students I should be taking off the list.  Their country will be left in pink until the end of next week, then if changes have not been made, they will be removed off the student list on November 7. I will then add new students to your list. If you can take extra students please notify me as well.


I will be removing classes with incorrect URLs or those where the settings don’t allow comments – these are with pink countries. I am presently putting mauve colour on those classes where student blogs are listed on the sidebar. This makes it easier if teachers want to pair up students for commenting.

13 thoughts on “Admin post

  1. Hello,
    Sorry I’m a little late checking in with my Mentor duties!
    The following blogs in my list (Evelyn Theriault caramel colour) should be removed as they don’t exist or are faulty urls:
    The following blog has been entered twice so ONE of them should be removed:
    Thank you and sorry for the delay,
    Evelyn Theriault

    1. Good evening,
      Most students on my list have been participating but there are a cluster who have just one element of the challenge.
      As I had not left comments early in the challenge, if you agree then I will drop them a line and let you know next week if there is still no change.
      In the meantime, I am ready to take on about 10 new students if there’s still a need.
      Mrs. Theriault

  2. Hello Miss W.
    I have Finished This weeks blogging challenge. I absolutely can’t wait for the next challenge. I am looking foreword to it. Also I would like to thank you for the comment on my blog, and the answer to the question you asked me is. Well I am Not sure why I got this beard of dog but I am very happy to have them. They were a Birthday present from my Grandparents.
    From Kassy

  3. Miss W,
    I am not sure if I missed the email address for you, but I don’t have it. I have students who have not posted yet and would like to send the list to you as per the admin post.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Mary Ellen,
      Not everyone gets a mentor. Depends how many people offer to be one. But the earlier you register for the challenge the more likelihood you will get a mentor.

  4. HI MIss W,

    I noticed that my class blog,, is pink on the list. We’ve already had other students comment on our blog, so I’m wondering why our list is in pink.


    Kim Lepre

    1. Hi Kim,
      Your country is not in pink so I can leave comments. Your class name is in mauve because you have a list of student blogs on the sidebar so other classes can link up students easily.

  5. I am helping Mrs. Martin’s MP3 class with this challenge. I *think* we have it fixed so others can comment, and we have added links to other blogs on the right hand side. I see we’re still highlighted in pink denoting that you can’t comment – however I realize how busy you must be! When you have a moment and can check, can you let me know if we’re “all good” now? 🙂

    Thanks – loving the challenge!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Class names in mauve mean they have lists of student blogs on the sidebar. This makes it easier to connect students and classes for commenting.

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