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Every year, Edublogs present a digital award for those best educational class and student blogs. You get a chance to nominate then vote for the one you consider deserves the award. There are a few rules about nominating so you will need to

go to this link,

read the post then put forward your nomination. You don’t have to nominate an edublogs blog it could be from weebly like our Serbian bloggers or from blogspot like many of our New Zealand bloggers. It just has to be an educational blog.

Nominations close on December 2nd at 11.59pm EST time in USA

Once you have nominated, the blogs will be shortlisted and then I will write another post including a poll for you to come and vote for the blog you think deserves the award. If you are over 13 you will be able to vote via Listly on the main edublogs voting page, but if under 13 you will need to vote here on the student blogging challenge poll.

If you hope to have your blog nominated, then I suggest you have some fantastic posts ready for any visitors to read and comment on.

When being shortlisted for student blogs, we look for quality of posts, appearance of blog as well as commenting.

Good luck, get nominating and writing.

19 thoughts on “Week 9: Nominations

  1. thank you Student blogging challenge for the fun activity

    here is a link to my blog

  2. Hi Miss W.

    I nominated people in these 3 categories: Best Class blog, Best Student blog and best Teacher blog.

  3. I nominated best teacher blog, best new blog, best student blog, best class blog, and best individual blog.

  4. Hello, Mrs. W!

    I really enjoy your challenges and I just wanted to say, that I nominated the best new blog, best class blog, best student blog, best individual blog, and best influential blog.
    Your Writer,

  5. I nominated on these categories: best teacher blog, best new blog, best student blog, best class blog, best individual blog.

  6. Hi I already did my 3 categories. My categories were best teacher blog, best student blog, and best classroom blog.

  7. Hi Mrs.W,
    I already did my 3 categories which were best teacher blog,best student Blog and best classroom blog.

  8. Hello Miss. W, I just wanted to tell you that I already nominated. The categories i nominated for were, Best student blog, Best teacher blog, and finally Best class blog.

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