Before you start, please make sure you have at least 5 other student blogs linked on the sidebar of your blog, in a page near your header area or in a recent post that your visitors can find easily. Make sure these are blogs from other students around the world, not just those in your class or school. Perhaps have a blogroll or link category called Global students or Global classes. Here is how to add a blogroll if using Edublogs or Blogger. If using Kidblog write a post mentioning at least 5 great blogs you enjoy visiting.

Game week is all about visiting other blogs.

Student and class blogs – new bloggers and old hands at the blogging – mentors as well as participants.

Remember one of  the main aims of blogging includes commenting and carrying on conversations with the author of posts and their other readers.

A good commenter will have:

  • read the post carefully,
  • checked out the links in the post
  • read the previous comments before they leave one of their own
  • added to the conversation with a quality comment – remember that video from Mrs Yollis’ class.

Game rules

This is a game we have run for many challenges and allows you to connect globally.

Those who have taken part in a challenge before know the game of  ‘Count Out Three’. Here are the instructions:

  • click on a blog on the student list or class list– count one
  • now click on a blog from their blogroll – count two
  • finally click on a blog from that blogroll – count three

Leave a comment on an interesting post at this third blog. Remember to include the URL of your blog, so that person can visit you as well.

Teachers: If you are moderating student comments, please make sure you are up-to-date with that this week as students can be very disappointed when they think they have no comments, yet many are in the moderation queue ready to be published.

Students: Make sure you are also replying to any comments that have been left for you.

Do this activity at least three times and finally, write your own post saying which blogs you visited and which posts you left a comment on. Why did you choose that post? Remember to include a link back to the post you left a comment on.

Get to it – start visiting and leaving quality comments that show you have read the post. 

How many quality comments could you leave this week? Can you leave 10, 20 or maybe 50?

Write a post about the commenting you have done this week or throughout the challenge so far.

  • What have you enjoyed about commenting?
  • What is annoying about commenting?
  • How have you found interesting posts to comment on?
  • Are your posts getting lots of quality comments? Why or why not?

Create a list of great comment starters to help new students to blogging. There are some lists on the web but try to create your own. Here are a couple of examples from Anne Davis:

  •  Another thing to consider is…….
  • I can relate to this…….
  • This makes me think of…….

Write a quick post then include 5 great comments as part of the post – use some interesting comment starters for each comment.

Still got time left:

  • Have you been checking the flipboard magazine?
  • Is one or more of your posts included?
  • Miss W has included some great examples up to week 5. Remember to include the URL of your POST in the comments here at the challenge blog if you want to be included in the magazine. Miss W checks the posts first before adding them. Sometimes she also leaves you a comment.

20 thoughts on “Week 8: Game time

  1. Committing can be a good thing and sometimes they can be a bad thing. some good things are the people who comment are nice, another thing is that the people who comment can be helpful by telling you what you need to improve. some bad thing are that people can over comment and just be over whelming. @gracie111

  2. Hi Miss W!
    This Challenge was super fun! I might have cheated a little bit… For one of the three times, I only clicked on other blog roll’s twice because I saw a post that I related to. It was fun seeing other blogs, other than my own classmates. It also gave me some inspiration for my own blog!

    Here is my post :

    Meghana @

  3. Hello everyone!
    My grade 4/5 class got a late start to this challenge. I think it’s a fantastic way to teach good commenting skills but my class is worried that everyone will stop visiting their blogs when the weeks activity is finished. Please come visit them, their blogs are on my class sidebar.
    Mr O’Toole

  4. Hi Miss W, I have been participating in the student blogging challenge since week #1. I am from a small town in Canada and at my school, everybody in my class participates in the Student Blogging Challenge. I personally really enjoy the weekly activities and i’m excited to write more. I think it would be amazing if one of my posts got put into your magazine. You can reach my blog at:
    Happy Blogging!

  5. Hello miss w
    I really like this challenge it. Is very fun this is one of my favorite challenges so far an I can’t wait to finish the other challenges

  6. This passage about comments is very informational. It taught me how to correctly comment on someone’s blog.

  7. I kinda enjoy commenting but I mostly enjoy reading the comments I get. One annoying thing about commenting is that you have to put your URL. Some commenting starters are…
    I like you post because…..
    One thing you could have changed……
    Your posts always keep me interested……

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