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October 16-22 is Digital Citizenship Week in USA. CommonSenseMedia have lots of great ideas for activities.

One important aspect of being a responsible digital citizen is our topic for this challenge.

There is a lot to learn in this challenge so it will be running for a two week (fortnight) period. The next challenge will be posted on 30 October and will be a guest post.

Admin for this challenge

  1. Thanks to all those students, teachers and mentors who have been checking the student list for students mentioned more than once. If you haven’t checked yet, please make sure you are only listed once.
  2. Also we still have some mentors not able to leave comments especially on those blogs from blogger or blogspot. Make sure you have Name/URL as an option when leaving comments.
  3. Some students (who already have a mentor) will soon be deleted from the lists if they have not been participating in the challenge activities.
  4. I have visited hundreds of blogs recently leaving many comments or flipping posts to our magazine. Have you found one of your posts in there yet?
  5. We now have a few more students who have been asked to be mentors. They will be leaving comments and giving hints just like the adult mentors.

Teachers: Here is a lot of information regarding images, creative commons and copyright which you can use with your students or to refresh yourself about what is acceptable or not on public blogs. Also one of our mentors in 2014, Maria, has put together some lists with great tools when using images and audio. The Edublogger also has a post on free image sources. Above the challenge blog header is a page containing a symbaloo with many tools to use on your blog – many relate to images.

Students and teachers please read this before doing the activities

This week’s activities are going to be fun but first there are some things you need to know so please read carefully.

I have been visiting many blogs over the last few weeks. Some students new to blogging have been writing some great posts while others who have been blogging for a bit longer have started adding videos and images to their posts.

Yes, this week we deal with using images, music and sounds in your posts.

But can’t I use any image, music or sound that is on the internet?

No, you must use creative commons or in some cases the fair use rule.

But where can I find these images, music and sounds? Can’t I use anything when I google an image?

No, your blog is public so you must use creative commons images, sounds, music and videos.

Sue Waters over at the teacher challenge has written a fantastic post about images, copyright and creative commons. I would suggest you all head over there to read the post. She explains about creative commons and the licences, attribution, how to find images for your blog and how to upload images to your blog. Most of this would be appropriate whether you are using Edublogs, blogger or any other blogging platform. This might be very wordy for some students, but Sue uses lots of images and how to do sections in her posts.


Have you read Sue Waters’ post yet?

Off you go then come back here for more information and the activities for this fortnight.


Other places to find information

OK I want to use some legal creative commons images and music in my slideshow.Where can I go to get them?

Do you have compfight plugin for your blogging platform? Follow the instructions from Sue Waters’ post.

Maria, a mentor from 2014, created some lists of tools to use with images and audio.

Other places to get images and music:

You will need to work out how to get the attribution to put on your posts. Check Sue Waters’  post to get more help and more places for images. This post from Edublogs explains how to add media in all its forms to your blog posts or pages. If using blogger, check out the posts from this blog.


Make sure you check out the links under creative commons in the sidebar of the challenge blog.

Music and sound effects

JamendoCCMixter, post with 14 websites for music, post with 20+ websites for music, post with 55+ sites with sound effects

Now for the activities for this fortnight

Activity 1 Watch this video about sharing work and write a post about what you learned. Include words such as attribution, share alike, licences and derivatives to show you understand what the video was about. Do some more research on the topic and perhaps create your own class video about using images, music and videos in class.

This video is the reaction of students in Mrs Yollis’ class when she mislabelled their artwork. How would you have felt?

Activity 2. Check out this story using remix and fair use of video. What was interesting, positive or negative about it?  Could you and your friends create a 20 second video using remix and fair use?

 Activity 3. Find an image or piece of music. Add it to your post (with attribution) and write a poem relating to the image or music. Invite your readers to write their own poems. Here is Fernando’s example, Samantha is confused

Activity 4. Similar to activity 3. Find an interesting landscape image (include attribution).  Write the beginning of a story relating to your image. Remember to include a conflict of some sort between your characters. Invite your readers to finish the story. How many different endings can you get? Which ending do you prefer? You might need to visit some other bloggers and invite them to finish your story. Remember to leave the URL of your post for them to click on.

Activity 5. Write a sentence using just images – no words. You still need to include attribution for each image you have used.

Activity 6. Find 5 images that create a story – again no words only the attribution for each image.

Activity 7. Create a slideshow, photo gallery or poster about your interests to add to your about me page or as a separate post. Your final slide should include attribution for each image.

Activity 8. Create your own images and add to a post of your choice. In your post add a link to the website or tool you used to create your image.

Other options for creating your own images include:

  1. Comic Generators like MakeBeliefsComix.com,  ToonDoo
  2. Photo Editors like Befunkyfd’s Flickr Tools
  3. Tag Cloud Creators such as Wordle

Mixing up your images using these types of tools can really spice up your posts! Leave a comment on this post, if you or your class can recommend some other image sites to add to this list.

Activity 9.  Zoom out from an image

We first tried this activity in the challenge in September 2010. Choose a picture, and have your readers zoom out, so to speak, by leaving comments.  Check out the example from Huzzah who finished their story. If doing this activity, include the word ‘zoom’ in your title so I can find it easily. Remember to give attribution. Most important here is to read previous comments, so you can add to the story.

Check out these zoom pictures: BeckyJacquelineAbbey

Activity 10.  Go back to previous posts

If you have used images in any previous posts you have written, then you are ethically obliged to give the correct attribution or take the image out of the post if it does not have the right creative commons license.  Samudra  wrote a great post about using wikipedia commons.

Activity 11.  Create a jigsaw from your image. Mrs Schmidt’s class has done this using Jigsaw Planet . Here is her explanation

Last week (2014) my students made some jigsaw puzzles about famous places in our area.  First each student created one Power Point Slide showing a photo and some facts about a location in our area.  They saved the slide as a JPEG and then uploaded it to Jigsaw Planet.  Once the puzzle was created, they published a link to it on their Kidblog. Click on Niamh’s puzzle link.

Activity 12. Write a post about different websites to find creative commons images. Are there any widgets you can add to your blog to make this easier?

Still got time left this fortnight (two weeks):

1. Visit other student and class blogs – leave some quality comments

2. Teachers – have you started visiting blogs listed on the class list of blogs? Maybe pair up your students with those on the other class blogs.

3. Reply to comments on your own blog

4. Start using tags and categories with each post you write to make it easier for people to find posts on certain topics. Make sure you have the tags and categories widgets in your sidebar.

5. Have at least five other student blogs linked on your sidebar – students from other classes and schools – not your own. We will need this for a game we play in a couple of weeks.

Try to have a few different headings like

  • My Blogging Friends
  • Other Class Blogs

Having lots of  links to student blogs from other countries will help spread the game.

Here are the instructions for adding links to your sidebars.

EdublogsBloggerKidblog – not sure if this widget goes on the class page or each student page

 Most important learning from this fortnight’s challenge is:

Use creative commons images, not just any image on the net. Always include attribution of where you found the image. Compfight plugin does this for you.

PS If you have done the blogging challenge before, you will find these activities are nearly the same each time. If you have ideas for different activities please leave a comment on this post.


I will only be adding posts to the flipboard magazine that:

  • are written in paragraphs
  • have been proofread
  • include an image, sound or video with attribution

So make sure you have taken note of this week’s learning about creative commons.

Miss W visiting your blogs

From this week onwards, I will only be visiting blogs where students or classes have left the URL to the post in a comment with an explanation. If your teacher is moderating your posts, you will need to wait until it has been published before giving me your URL. Check out the difference between a blog URL and a post URL.

Blog URL: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org

Post URL : http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2015/10/10/raise-your-voice/

Visit these blogs that couldn’t be flipped or were very interesting to read:


Grace finally wrote her About Me page, Palin used Thinglink,


Mrs Arendt has three classes of students so visit them all

Mrs Kimball has five classes blogging – check them out here under 7ELA blogs

Mr Ellsworth is a new challenge class and they have their blogs here

Mrs Vazquez’s class update their Meet the class page each challenge

Ms Farley’s class in England made a great google slide presentation – the students write on their class blog rather than have their own

Mrs Beard has her student blogs in a list under the posts

These students from Portugal have a survey for you to fill in after checking out their info about their school and country.


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  1. Miss W,
    We are playing catch up, but here is our post on images. We are going to also create a Zoom in post. I will be posting that here in the next day or two. This is so much fun, and we continue to learn more and more about using images in posts.

    Thank you,
    Mrs Vazquez

  2. this is my awesome poem for week #3 hope you like it! /jadentgms23.edublogs.org/

    • Dear Miss Wyatt

      I don’t really know why my HTML codes are wrong. Could you please tell me so that I don’t keep making the same infuriating mistakes. Thank you!

      Best wishes
      Maria João Carvalho

      • Maria João Carvalho
      • Hi Maria,
        Have sent you an email with a couple of your examples to show the small errors you are making.

  3. Hi!
    My students have been busy making videos on Blogging Guidelines (How to Comment and Use of Images, Music and Videos). Have a look! I hope I’ll get the HTML code right this time.

    Margarida and Mafalda
    José and Paulo

    Maria João CArvalho

    • Maria João Carvalho
  4. Happy Friday, everyone! My classes have enjoyed working on the Week 3 challenges. I have collected some of my favorites and posted them on this Padlet board. Please check them out! From the Padlet, you should be able to click on the link that will take you directly to their blog post. My students would LOVE to hear from you, so please comment! And while you’re on our blog, feel free to check out all of the other things we’ve been doing.


  5. Check out my project about a landscape and a random image

  6. Hi Ms. W,
    I really liked this blog challenging because it allows us to be creative with pictures. Also one of my interest includes photography, so this gave me the opportunity to share my pictures.
    Here are my Week 3 posts:
    (Activity 8)
    (Activity 4)
    (Activity 5)

  7. Hello Mrs. W

    Here are my blog posts to activities 4 5 and 8

  8. Dear Mrs W,
    I love doing this
    Thanks for your time!

  9. hello! my week 3 posts can be found here:

  10. Dear Miss W.,

    Here is the link to my post for activity 6: http://hmsangela.edublogs.org/2016/10/25/sbc-week-3-activity-6-2/
    Here is the link to my post for activity 9: http://hmsangela.edublogs.org/2016/10/26/sbc-week-3-activity-9-zoom-d/
    I liked doing activity 6 the best because it made me think in a less-detailed way, which is very hard for me. I normally like to lay out all the little pieces of information and use it all, but I was limited to five images.


  11. Hi Miss W, This week I wrote a poem about an image on a snail from Activity 3. I would love you to check out my blog. The URL is here http://sarah6wildy.edublogs.org/
    Kind Regards

  12. I want to share my post I made to teach the kids about this week’s challenge: attribution. Here in the States, college and career readiness standards are placing great emphasis on the ability to cite sources and give credit for writing. I think this week’s blogging assignment aligns with that skill.


    What you gave us was a TON. I teach ESL English, so that much information/text is just too much for even my highest readers. I decided to construct a post that would boil it down to the bare essence and then walk them through an example. I plan to have them take some time to comment on some blogs, and I’m going to show them how to tag posts, as well (that’s something I always do… I love the tag cloud! :).

    I doubt we’ll have time this week, but at some point soon, I’ll have them make the list of followed student blogs. Just five. To me, having a sidebar too cluttered is more of an eye-nuisance than a positive. Just my aesthetic sense. I know others would disagree.

    Thanks again for keeping the challenge going. We’ll try to keep up.

    • Hi Seth,
      There is no need to keep up, just choose to do the activities that suit you and / or your students. The first three weeks of the challenge are more the educational learning about skills needed for blogging. The rest of the weeks are putting those skills into practice via various topics. Feel free to adapt any of the posts in the challenge to suit your students and their abilities.

  13. Hey guys and gals, this week I did activity #3! I have a post that involves poems and hedgehogs! Check it out at Vhttp://mcdowellmedia.edublogs.org/2016/10/25/activity-3/

    • Dear Miss Wyatt

      I must be doing something wrong. When we click on the links to my students’ posts the message Page not Found comes up. I don’t know why.

      Maria João Carvalho

      • Maria João Carvalho
      • I will check; looks like the HTML code is not quite right. I will fix them for you.

  14. Hello!
    Here is what my class did for week 3 challenge: http://englishclassspg.blogspot.pt/.

    As I’ve considered relevant to give sts a clearly idea about the “Digital Citizenship Week”, I’ve posted all the information on the homepage of our class blog, as you can see!

    We’ve made a webpage with the most important ideas about the topics copyright, attribution, fair use, images and then all sts created their own comic strips, using MakeBeliefsComix, about those topics.

    I can say they were all quite curious about this week subject!

    By the way, I’ve already insert some others blogs and we have visited them
    all together!

    Maria José

    • Maria José Paiva
  15. Hi Ms.W,
    I recently posted Something with a Picture. I am in huzzah’s class. Here is my blog url http://hudsonz12.edublogs.org

    Have a wonderful day 🙂


  16. Hi!

    Here’s a nice post. One of my students wrote about her favourite things and added a gallery of photos she took.

    Maria João Carvalho

    • Maria João Carvalho
    • come***

    • It doesn’t work!