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It has been interesting reading posts from students in different countries of the world. I wonder how similar or different your school day is! So this week’s theme is all about school. I am going to give you some suggestions but what you post about is up to you. Use one of my ideas or think of something for yourself. Check out what these three students have done:

Kaiya – lunch time choices

Brooke – interview a staff member – make sure they know beforehand you will be putting it on your blog for the world to see

Maraya – report on an event at school

I have included a few videos and links  you might like to check to give you ideas for posts.

So what could you do for a post this week?

  • Create polls about how people get to school or work, or favourite school subject or …..
  • What is your weekly timetable like, compare with other students – time you start and finish school, number of lessons each day, breaks during the day, days in year you go to school
  • Choices of subjects at school – remember to explain abbreviations you might use eg LOTE , ELA
  • Your dream of what you will be doing once you leave school
  • If you were principal for a week, what would you do? If you were a teacher for a week, what would you do?
  • Research the history of your school and create an about my school page
  • Research a famous person who attended your school
  • Technology in your school
  • What do you do at break times?
  • School bell has gone – what do you do now?
  • Food you eat at school – what is in your lunchbox or your school meal – good activity for taking photos
  • If you could improve your school, what would you do?
  • Your ideal school – maybe include a map of what it would look like
  • How has schooling changed over the last 100 years? Maybe interview parents, grandparents and ask questions about schooling – use an audio app then embed in blog
  • The view outside your classroom window – maybe explain plants that might be seen, the weather, seasons etc
  • Hold a debate about uniforms or school starting times or subjects or …..
  • Anything else that relates to schooling around the world

If you create polls or surveys, make sure you contact me so I can publicize on Twitter to get other classes around the world to join in. Use #16stubc or #globalclassroom if you are doing it yourself.

Check out this gallery of classrooms around the world

Martha Payne’s blog turned viral overnight – check out this interview and her blog about school lunches  Make sure you read her very first posts on her blog.

Collaborate with some other schools to create a video like these global classrooms did – Dancing around the world


Check out how you can connect with other schools using Skype in the classroom – Here is link to Hello Little World Skypers  Perhaps join in some of their projects.

Make more global connections by listening to the archives of recordings from the Global Ed Conference that has just been held. Maybe join the Global Education Network that has over 24000 members around the world.

Remember to leave a comment here including a post URL telling me which activity you have done. If your post is great, it will be added to the Flipboard Magazine.


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  1. Hi Mrs. W,
    For this weeks challenge I made a poll on the sidebar and I need some more votes. Would it be possibe for you to post my blog website on your twitter. Here is my website, hannaroth3104.blogspot.com Thanks!
    Happy Blogging,

  2. Hi Ms. W,
    I created a poll on my blog page for my research. My topic is After school activities! Please come visit my blog and take the survey(If you’d like) at: http://syedapeera1404.blogspot.com/

    Thank you,

  3. Hi!

    For Week 7, sts have created a padlet with some opinions about our school!
    Please check it on: http://englishclassspg.blogspot.pt/p/our-school.html
    Sts have begun their assessment period, so they have made an extra effort to catch up the SBC!

    Maria José Paiva

    • Maria José Paiva
  4. Dear Mrs. W.,
    I have added a poll to my blog on my sidebar for the week 7 challenge. The question I asked is “How do you get to school” and I was wondering if you could tweet it so global students could participate. I would appreciate it if you helped me with this, so I can have a decent amount of people take my survey. Thank you.
    Happy Blogging,
    The link to my blog is http://danikkerne5204.blogspot.com/

  5. Hi Mrs W,

    I liked writing about my dream as what to do after school. Thank you for your time into doing all the activities. Check out my blog posthttp://lucieisd20.edublogs.org/2016/11/27/my-dream/

    Thank You,

  6. Hi Ms, W!

    I just finished week 7.

    I did if I could improve my school, what would I do? activity


  7. Hi!

    Paulo wrote a great post on his favourite places to visit in Portugal. It’s certainly one of the best texts my students have written for this challenge.
    Paulo’s Favourite Places
    Maria and Carolina wrote about their school. Check out their post.
    A School in Portugal

    King regards
    Maria Joao Carvalho

    • Maria Joao Carvalho
  8. Dear Ms W,
    I would really appreciate it if you visited my blog and considerd putting one of my posts in the Flipboard magazine.
    Kind regards, Anesha


  9. Hi, Ms. W
    I hope you are having a wonderful day, for week 7 I wrote about being a principal for a week. Here is the link to my blog post. http://abdelisd.edublogs.org/

  10. Hello Mrs. W,
    I chose to respond to the prompt “If you were principal for a week, what would you do? If you were a teacher for a week, what would you do?” and I think my response is kind of interesting. Here is the link: http://20zanec.edublogs.org/2016/11/23/week-7-sbc/
    Zane Cameron

  11. the children dance good and the are happy .

  12. Hi Ms W,
    I surveyed my classmates (and my high-school), asking them if they bring lunch from home or if they buy lunch at school.
    Here is my post , if you want to read the results, and even do the survey yourself! 🙂

  13. Hi Miss W.,
    I really enjoyed this week’s post because it allowed us to reflect on our school and see how we can impact it, or just learning more our school as a whole.
    I decided to voice my opinion and talk about the improvements that could be made in my school.
    Thank for for the challenge,
    here is my post:

  14. Hi Ms. W,
    Thank you for this weeks challenge I really enjoyed it. I wrote about my school’s schedule and our vacations. I hope you get the time to read it.

  15. Hey there, Miss W!
    I was a little worried how we would complete this week’s challenge since we only had a two-day week due to our Thanksgiving Day break. (Yippee!) However, I couldn’t miss out on this one! I knew my students would want to tell others about their school!

    We decided to do a Google Presentation to give our viewers a little glimpse of our school. We’d like to invite everyone to peek in!

    Enjoy the rest of the week! 🙂
    Mrs. Caudill

  16. This week commenting was really fun and made me think about how much school has changed since my great great grandparents went to school. Check out my blog at https://jamesfgms23.edublogs.org/

  17. Ok, Ill be right on that.

  18. Hi Mrs. W,
    This is Sydni and this week for the blogging challenge I did a survey it is about your favorite subject in school or was your favorite. Here is the URL for the survey http://blog.elanco.org/king5qt/.


  19. Hello Miss W,

    Thank you for this week’s student blog challenge. I really liked having different options for my choice of post. I have decided to make a poll about people’s favourite subject. You could complete it to! Here is the link to my post:


  20. I thought this week’s blog post was really cool. I liked how it gave us the chance to speak out about our schools and even learn what’s like in other schools. I did the “improvement on our schools” post, which you can check out on my blog at http://katherinebgms23.edublogs.org/

  21. hey here is my post URL- what I dream of being when I grow up

  22. Hi Mrs. W, I have a question for you. Why did you decide to do this Student Blogging Challenge and how long have you been doing this? Also thank you for featuring my blog “Soccer Time.” Thank you, and goodbye. Sorry that this comment is not about the week seven challenge.

    • Hi Cole,
      If you check the about page for the student challenge blog you will find out how long I have been running the blog and why I started it.