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Bioretention Gardens in Detroit

Creative Commons License University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment via Compfight

A week or so ago, I took part in a global education conference. The people who presented and listened to all the sessions are part of a network of educators around the world. They have their own little community or network.

As a student or teacher what type of communities or networks do you have both in school and outside of school hours?

These communities might include

  • sporting groups
  • after-school activities
  • networks online such as Twitter, Facebook, Minecraft
  • local community groups eg gardening or Boy Scouts
  • country level groups
  • global groups

This week the theme to write about is community.

You might like to think about the following and mention some in your post.

  • The pros and cons of being in a community
  • Which communities you are part of now
  • Which communities you would like to join or be part of later in life
  • Roles within a community
  • Responsibilities when part of a community
  • How to find out about communities to join
  • Value of being in a community

Remember to have your post flipped to the magazine you need to have a great post as mentioned in previous posts in the challenge. This week I have flipped about 200 new posts to the magazine but I have also left comments about making sure you have included images and links within your great posts.

Keep visiting other students and reading posts from the magazine.

Next week

You will have a chance to nominate a great student and class blog for the Edublog awards. These blogs do not have to be from the Edublogs platform but just be a blog about education.

You will also have a chance to show how well your blogging has improved since beginning this challenge.


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  1. Good post. Communities play an important role in every person’s life because they can openly discuss any topic with a relevant subject expert. What type of community you join, it totally depends on you.

    • Leesa Johnson
  2. I really want to join in with this next year! Please look at my bookloving blogs at blogfrog.edublogs.org thank you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -BlogFrog xx 🙂

  3. Hi Mrs. W,
    I have posted about my community and what we do together as one.
    Be sure to check out my post at http://raynenvpa.edublogs.org/


  4. Miss W,
    My name is Mr. Geiman and I am a 4th grade teacher from Lancaster County PA. I have enjoyed having my students learn to blog using your wonderful student blog challenge for the past 2 years. I myself am learning about how to get students excited about writing and how to get them writing more quality writing. I want to thank you for all of your hard work it is truly appreciated. I was wondering if I would be allowed to use your 8 essentials to a good post and make a page on my class blog page where these are listed. I wanted to ask permission first and I will attribute it to you at the bottom of the page? If this is ok with you please email me and let me know. My email is adam_geiman@elanco.org
    Thank you again for all you do for our students.

    • G’day Mr Geiman,
      You can certainly add it to your class blog. Anything I create on the student blogging challenge is creative commons which is why you can just copy paste any posts or part thereof to use on your own blogs. Thank you very much for having your students take part in the challenge. I hope as a teacher you have also been able to connect with other teachers who are blogging.

  5. Dear Mrs. W,
    Sorry if I haven’t been telling you about my blogs. I will keep up with it from now on. I have finished this weeks blog. Here is the link for it if you would like to see it- http://ameliavgms23.edublogs.org/2016/12/01/this-small-community/ . Well, like I said before, I apologize for not keeping you notified for when I post a new post on my blog. I will keep commenting.
    Thank You,
    Amelia V.

  6. Dear Mrs W.

    I apologize for not notifying you about my recent blogs. I have recently just written my community blog and i would love for you to check it out!
    Here is the link- http://alliesgms23.edublogs.org/ ( It is titled ” Im apart of..”)

    Thank you! – AllieS

  7. Hi!

    I’ve asked my students to somehow link the topic we have been dealing with in classes lately Food and Health with being part of a sporting group, social networks or any other community or group.
    Ana wrote about her eating habits in general, food she eats at school and the role of social media in her life.
    Lifestyle and Social Media
    Érica wrote about her lifestyle in general and the benefits of being part of some social networks.
    Eating Habits, Lifestyle and Social Media

    Maria João Carvalho

    • Maria João Carvalho
  8. 4-H – Week 8: Community

    Posted on December 1, 2016 Leave a Comment | (Edit)
    4-H Clover

    One of the communities I am in is 4-H. During 4-H, we do many activities. We do community service, fundraisers for other companies, and food drives. The purpose of all of this is to help others and have fun while doing it. Some examples of what we do are the Porter County Food Drive, fundraising for AIDS, and donating clothes, coats, and hats to men’s, women’s, and children’s shelters.

    I truly enjoy 4-H because you get to have lots of fun interacting with friends while helping or doing something for a cause. I really enjoy using my time the second Monday of every month doing this. The best part about it is that we get to make projects for the fair, for us it is the Porter County Fair. There are various projects from pets, to shooting sports, to baking. You complete a part of a very fun hands on workbook and then work on the real project. I have been in woodworking and shooting sports ever since I started 4-H. The average amount of projects someone does is 2-3. Some people I know have done 6! I usually stay from 2-4. You get a grade on it and you can get it sent to the state fair if you do really well. It is another opportunity to do something at the fair.

    Lastly, I would strongly encourage you to join 4-H. It looks good toward colleges, too. It is lots of outstanding work and if you tell someone you do 4-H they usually get all excited and say that you are really cool. It may not be for you, but it is for me and lots of other people. I have been in 4-H for 6 long years and it has been fun on my part. There are lots of pros that I have mentioned, yet not many cons to it. You are not going against anything and it helps something in a fantastic way.

    4-H Website

    Porter County Fair

  9. Hi Miss W.
    Thank you for this weeks challenge. Today I decided to write about the pros and cons of being in a community.


    • Hi again,
      I was researching how to add a hyperlink and I used the work URL. I used the one of my research.
      Here is the correct hyperlink to my blog post:

      Blog Post Link

  10. Hi Ms W,
    I wrote a lot about community. This is a very interesting topic for me 😀
    Check out my post 🙂
    -Z 😛

  11. Hi Ms. W,
    Thank you for having done this challenge this has helped me with my blogging and citations. I finished the blog post for this weeks challenge, I hope you get a chance to read it. http://lauraisd20.edublogs.org/

  12. its good people are helping communities around the world.

  13. Good Afternoon Ms.White,

    How are you?

    I have done the activities above and they actually helped a lot knowing more about my own surroundings and my own community such as my school. I would love if you could check out my post too:


    I have also done the corrections on the other post we have to do last week such as adding pictures , of course with attributions :


    Thank you,


  14. Hey here is my Post.

  15. Hello Mrs W,
    I responded to the community prompt with my views on communities. Linked is the post where I talked about it href=”http://20zanec.edublogs.org/2016/11/29/community-sbc-week-8/”>Blog post
    Thanks a lot,
    Zane Cameron

  16. Dear Ms.W,

    This week’s challenge was nice, It was fun to go in dept of what its like to be in a community , I’m interested to see what others have said about their communities. Here is a here is a link to my blog post about communities if you have time to take a look at it: http://zoumanaisd20.edublogs.org/living-in-a-community/

  17. Hello Miss W!

    i have written a post here about community, it would be great if you could check it out!

  18. Today for week 8 I wrote about the advantages and disadvantages about being in a community, and how they can bring you from a good student to a bad one.