Week 9: Have I improved?

Mike Trimble via Compfight As many students are starting to leave the challenge due to end of term, I have decided to publish two posts very quickly for the last two weeks of the challenge. Week 9 is about proving your blogging skills learnt this year and Week 10 is reflecting and evaluating your blog…Continue…Continue Reading Week 9: Have I improved?

Week 7: Thinking globally

  Think globally, act locally Locally My recycling bin has more in it every week than my normal rubbish bin. I have a worm farm that chews up any extra fruit and vegetable rubbish I might have left over. Whenever I go for a walk, I pick up any rubbish especially on the beach nearby….Continue…Continue Reading Week 7: Thinking globally

Week 6: Visiting others

Jim Hoffman via Compfight Some students and classes as well as some of the Edublogs managers have given me permission to use some of their posts for you to visit. Leave your comments on their posts rather than mine here. Remember what makes a great comment. Activity 1 Visit at least three of the posts…Continue…Continue Reading Week 6: Visiting others