Earth Hour 2010

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Did you or your class remember to take part in Earth Hour last weekend?

This week we are going to continue on similar topics about global issues.

Global activities from January through March

Did you or your class discuss or take part in any of these events?

What do you think are some of the worst global issues at the moment?

There might be some that are more specific to your area of the world. But this week research one of the following topics:

  • hunger
  • water
  • racism
  • use of resources
  • global warming
  • specific aspects of the environment
  • unemployment
  • war and unrest
  • use of land
  • terrorism
  • HIV/Aids
  • child labour
  • women’s rights
  • education and literacy
  • another global issue of your choice

Activity 1: For this challenge we are looking at research skills, attribution, links and creativity in how you have presented the work.

For the topic you have chosen you might want to create two or three shorter posts rather than one very long one.

In your posts, include links to where you researched and some images with attribution. You might also want to include a poll or survey, a collage of images, a slideshow you have created. You may have found a great video you could also include.

Teachers – Here are some links to where you might get some ideas –  Global Concerns Impact, educating for global citizenship, ACEE – student voices,

Activity 2: Global issues in your classroom

Have you or your class taken part in some work associated with a global issue? Create a post about what you were involved in. Check out what some classes did a few years ago relating to Uganda. Here is a wonderful newish website about projects students and classes can join in.

Activity 3: Visit other blogs

Visit at least ten other blogs not from your country. Ask questions about some of the issues they might have in their country. Make some comparisons between the countries taking part in the challenge. Here are some classes from Turkey who are working on global issues – 5B Plewes, 5C Plewes, 5A Ecosite, and 5B Ecosite.

Activity 4: Be creative

Use a web 2.0 tool to be creative about global issues. This might be a poll or survey, a quiz, write a poem, create a poster, draw a picture, write a story or cartoon about a super hero saving the world – just be creative.

Activity 5: Do something

Do something about a global issue. Here are links to games and activities for kids about global issues. What did you choose to look at? Write a review in your post.

Teacher resources – Action Aid resources, Know My World, iEarn in many countries of the world, World Savvy,

Still more time to spare?

Visit students and classes from the other countries involved in the challenge. Leave a comment or question relating to a global issue that might be affecting them.

Leave a comment on this blog telling Miss W. the global issue you think is most important to be solved. It might not be one of those mentioned in the post. Give reasons why it should be the first issue solved.

Great posts from images week

Zoom out – Claudia, Angela,

Jigsaw puzzles – Emily, Natacha, Thunyama, Ella, Summer, Thanumi, Anisha, Maddison,

Poems from image – Summer,

Finish the story – Allegra, FluffyWhiskers, LaurenSophie, Shahreen,

Slideshow – Anisha (includes punctuation),

Idioms from images – Madison,

Fluffy Whiskers completed at least 7 of the image activities – check it out

Devi sets out a challenge for a meme you have created.

Devi has created a fantastic explanation of how to comment on her blog.

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