As this week’s challenge is all about commenting, it would be a great time to have some visitor widgets on your blog sidebar.

Sue Waters, from Edublogs, has a demo blog for widgets you can use. Check out her post but don’t go overboard putting hundreds of widgets on your blog. To get a widget, click on the widget or the link underneath it in Sue’s sidebars.

  • Perhaps choose a revolver map, clustr map or flag counter.
  • Maybe include a weather widget for the area where you live and a clock widget.

If using blogger, here is a post about adding gadgets to the sidebar in general. Here are specific posts for adding a site counter and revolver map and adding a clock.

Visiting a few blogs over the weekend I have noticed some fantastic conversations starting particularly with the students from Louisianna who are mentoring groups of 5 younger students. Keep up the great work!

8 thoughts on “Visitor widgets

  1. Mrs. W,

    The students I am assigned have made their welcome post showing their artistic & technological powers. There is no other posts on ant of the blogs. Is there anyway I or member of Edublogs team can get in touch with them?

    I have linked their blogs on my blog.

    Thank you.

    Best wishes.

    Mrs. Trivedi-Ziemba

      1. Thanks.

        You already know this but let me tell you once more. Being Mentor for student Blog is allowing me an opportunity to hone my skills.

        Best wishes.

        Mrs. Trivedi-Ziemba

  2. I really like how your color scheme is and how imformative your posts are!! I think that maybe next time you could explain what your links go to. Or in other words explain what your putting. I love your blog and hope to see and do more!!
    Come visit my blog somet

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