Week 5: Let’s talk school

I wonder how similar or different your school day is! I know we have students taking part that are home schooled, or are from an international school or have a one room school as well as go to university or a normal school. So this week’s theme is all about school. I am going to…Continue…Continue Reading Week 5: Let’s talk school

Week 4: Free choice

Pedro Luna Guillen via Compfight The first three weeks of the challenge were mainly learning lots about blogging skills you need when working on public sites on the internet. You should have learnt the following so far: Avatars – what they are, how they are used, how to create one and upload to your blog…Continue…Continue Reading Week 4: Free choice

Enjoying the challenge?

I know you have two weeks to complete the images and sounds activities but thought I might mention a couple of things I have been noticing while visiting blogs. Images When you use an image from the web you need to include a link back to where you found the image. I should be able…Continue…Continue Reading Enjoying the challenge?

Week 3: Using images

There is a lot to learn in this challenge so it will be running for a two week (fortnight) period. The next challenge will be posted on 29 October. It is also a chance for classes that have been on Fall break or holidays to do some catching up. These activities also relate to Digital…Continue…Continue Reading Week 3: Using images

Visitor widgets

As this week’s challenge is all about commenting, it would be a great time to have some visitor widgets on your blog sidebar. Sue Waters, from Edublogs, has a demo blog for widgets you can use. Check out her post but don’t go overboard putting hundreds of widgets on your blog. To get a widget,…Continue…Continue Reading Visitor widgets