As mentioned in my previous post, I am going to be changing the role of the mentor from this challenge onwards.

Reasons being:

  • Some students register for challenge but then don’t do the activities.
  • Mentors time should not be wasted by visiting blogs that did not have posts about the challenge activities.

So mentors are now going to become commenters instead. This will work similarly to 100WC.

Commenters will:

  1. Register to be a commenter via a Google form found on the Register page above the header
  2. If selected as a commenter, receive one email giving the 5 numbers allocated to them to comment on
  3. Receive a weekly email, sent out on Wednesdays Australian time, reminding them to leave comments – will be a link to that week’s student post Google form on the email

Each week:

  1. Click on the link in your weekly email
  2. Find the 5 numbers for the blogs to comment on
  3. Click on URL of blog post to leave a comment – leave comment on that post or any other post from that student blog
  4.  If you want to comment on other student blogs, visit the main challenge blog and check out any comments left there for that week in the normal commenting area

For this to work well:

  • Students need to remember to fill in the form each week at the bottom of the challenge post.
  • You may fill in the form more than once –  for each activity you complete that week
  • Students need to make sure they only fill in the form once their teacher has published their post
  • Make sure you fill in the correct form for the activity you have completed – important if you are behind in the posts because of holidays etc
  • Classes also remember to fill in the form so commenters can visit your class blog
  • Students may also leave comments in the main comment area of the challenge post but these might not be visited by a commenter

Readers: Anything else that might need to be on this post regarding commenters or any questions you might have about this change?



6 thoughts on “Mentors change of role

  1. Thank you, it sounds as though you have really thought of a system which will support teachers to be successful supporters of student blogs.

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