Nuorten SM-hiihdot 2018

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What a great start has been made to this our 20th student blogging challenge!

But I have noticed a couple of things that might need fixing for next week.

Filling in the weekly form

From next week on, I will be deleting any blog URLs that are for just the blog rather than the exact post you have written. Your commenter needs to go to the exact post rather than have to search around on your blog.

Here is an example:

Blog URL:

Post URL:

Notice the difference between these two URLs?

To find the Post URL, go to your blog. Click on the title of the published post you want the commenter to see. This will now open in a window of its own. Look up in the navigation area of your computer browser and you should see the URL of your post. Highlight and copy this URL to put in the weekly form you need to fill in for each activity.


Writing your post

Think about the font,  font colour, whether using ALL CAPITALS IN YOUR POST. Which is easier to read for your visitors?


Adding links in your posts

In the avatar post you were asked to add the link to the site where you created your avatar.

I went to to make my avatar.  (Unlinked)


I went to to make my avatar.   (Linked)


I went to a Japanese website to make my avatar.   (Hyperlinked)

Which of these three sentences looks neater?

Here is a post explaining how to add a link in your post. By using method 2, it will be common to most blogging platforms.


Some interesting statistics:

As at publishing this post, we have:

  • 683 students registered
  • 66 classes registered – many with student blogs on sidebars or in a page
  • 24 commenters – would love to have some more though to spread the load
  • We were born or live in 24 countries of the world

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