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The 21st Student Blogging Challenge starts soon! The first post will be published on this blog on October 7 (Australian time). 

Let’s take a look at what you can do to get ready!

For Students

Have you:

  • Registered for the challenge?
  • Added the challenge badge to your blog? Click here to find the badge and instructions.
  • Checked you are on the student list only once? If your name is in pink then the URL is incorrect or visitors are unable to leave a comment — please change your privacy settings.
  • Subscribed to our email newsletter to get alerts of new posts (if you have an email address)?
  • Written a great first post so your visitors have somewhere to leave you a comment?
  • Replied to any comments left by your visitors especially if they have asked a question?
  • Checked out our help page to learn some of the basics of blogging?

For Classes

Have you:

For Commenters

Have you:

  • Added the challenge badge to your blog sidebar? Click here to find the badge and instructions.
  • Read Sue Wyatt’s email with all the information about commenting? If you didn’t get it, please leave a comment on this post. (Note: if you only signed up in the last couple of days, Sue will be in touch during the week).
  • Gone through the Commenting FAQ guide?
  • Considered asking a colleague or member of your PLN to be a commenter with you? The more support we have for students, the better!


Looking for some ideas on how to introduce your students to blogging? We recently published a post on The Edublogger with 10 ideas that might appeal to you.

10 Ways To Introduce Your Students To Blogging

Any questions? Leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you! 😄


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  1. Hi Kathleen, thanks for your work/support! It is a fantastic way to introduce students to blogging. I have a couple of issues with student details in the doc. Charlie has listed his blog as charlie4.edublogs.org rather than charliep4 and Sydney is listed twice (with the same details). Thanks

    • Thanks so much for the clarification, Mr R. All fixed! Hope your students are enjoying the challenge so far. There is a lot to go through at the start! It should get simpler in the coming weeks. 🙂

      • Kathleen Morris
  2. I am so impressed with your clear and complete directions for everything we need. We are so excited!

    • Thank you kindly, Cherie. I’m definitely aiming to make everything clear. If you have any suggestions on how to improve, please let me know. So great to have your lovely class involved!

      • Kathleen Morris
  3. Hi Kathleen,
    Thank you for your email. I have added a commenter badge to my blog and look forward to participating. I haven’t received an email from Sue Wyatt yet. Thanking you. Merry Beau

    • Hi Merry,
      It’s so kind of you to register as a commenter again! I’ll send you an email now.

      • Kathleen Morris
  4. My class is on the list twice, how do we fix this?

    • Thanks for letting me know, Dawn. I can see one is an Edublogs site and one is a Google site. Could you let me know which blog you’ll be using for the challenge and I’ll remove the other one? Thanks!

      • Kathleen Morris