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Have you registered to take part in the Student Blogging Challenge?

If not, click here to register as a student or click here to register as a class.

You might be wondering exactly how the challenge works? Read on!

Each week, we’ll follow the same process. There will be some information on a blog post to read through so you can learn more about our topic and then some tasks to choose from. Once you’ve completed your activity, there’s a final step which is very important: connecting with others!

New video explanation

I’ve created a new video to explain the weekly process.

Feel free to embed this on your blog or share it with students to help them understand how the challenge works.

Four step weekly process

Don’t want to watch the video? Here’s a summary…

1) Read the weekly post

  • This will be published every Sunday (Australian time).
  • If you’ve signed up to our mailing list, you’ll get an email telling you about the weekly post.
  • Some teachers ask students to read the post, some teachers read the post together with their class, other teachers summarise the post on their class blog.
  • Teachers are welcome to copy and paste the weekly posts onto your own class blog and adapt the activities as needed (change them/add/omit). Just remember to link back to the challenge post somewhere on your post.  Here is an example from Ms. Mack and one from Room 5. 
  • The weekly post shares highlights from the previous week, information about the weekly topic, an explanation of the activity choices, and the Google Form to submit your published work.

2) Tasks and Activities

  • After you’ve read through the post, choose one or more tasks you’d like to work on.
  • For students with their own blog, you’ll publish your task response as a post on your blog.
  • If you have a class blog, student work might be published as a post (or series of posts) on the class blog. Or sometimes the teacher posts and the students comment.

3) Form

  • Once your post is published, head back to the weekly post on the Student Blogging Challenge site.
  • At the bottom of the post, you’ll see a Google Form.
  • Enter your blog post URL and your details into the form so a commenter and others to visit you.
  • Teachers are welcome to put the link to the Google Form on their class blog if it’s easier to navigate.

4) Connect and Comment

  • Making connections is a big part of the challenge and the more you put in, the more you’ll get out!
  • Take the time to visit other participants’ blogs and leave comments.
  • You’ll find the links to everyone’s weekly posts on the sidebar of the blog. The new link will appear a few days after the weekly post is published (so usually around Tuesday). This is so participants have a chance to start completing and submitting their tasks.
  • When someone comments on your own blog, remember to approve the comment and reply in a timely manner.

Summary of the weekly process

Feel free to copy this graphic and display it on your blog.

4 Steps To Participating in STUBC smaller

This A4 poster version might be handy to print out for students or for a classroom display.

4 Steps To Participating in STUBC A4 Poster


Any questions about this process? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you or use this form to contact me via email.


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