G’day from the commenting team,

We started visiting blogs over the last couple of days but have found it difficult to leave comments on some student posts. If you haven’t had a comment by the end of the weekend, students please check the following:

  1. If you wrote an About me page, did you remember to change the default setting to allow comments?
  2. Check the green week one task link on the sidebar (or click here) to see if your blog post URL is still on the list. If it isn’t, Miss Wyatt probably deleted it as the URL didn’t go to a specific post or page. Check the chart below showing what URL types are not being accepted.
  3. Some students have left links to posts that are nothing to do with the challenge tasks. Usually, commenters won’t leave comments on these posts.

Well done to the students who have left links to great posts. Remember to check the Flipboard magazine to see if yours has been flipped or not.

Hints for teachers

If you are moderating comments on student blogs, please make sure this is done regularly as students might think they don’t have any comments, but there they are waiting in the moderating queue for you to approve.

Do visitors to your class blog or student blogs have to login to leave comments?

  • Check here for settings if using Kidblog. You need to change both the post settings and comment settings.
  • Check here if using My Class in Edublogs or CampusPress.

If using Google Sites, please make sure students know how to enter the correct URL in our form as we have been receiving some that go to an error even though the URL looks okay for me. Also, some students have a Google form to fill in for comments while others have ‘leave a recorded message’. Not everyone has a microphone attached permanently to their desktop computer (e.g. me) so some students might miss out on comments.

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From Commenting Team Leader Sue Wyatt

Founder of the Student Blogging Challenge

4 thoughts on “Commenting team have started but ….

  1. OK, some of my students have the pink “can’t comment” next to their Week 2 posts on the spreadsheet. I am not finding the place that addresses this problem. Thank you for your help-

    1. G’day Laura,
      Thanks for getting back to us. We are finding a similar problem with a few in week 2. Your students have posted the link to a Google slide show but it is view only. It doesn’t allow commenting from the visitors.

      Other classes on google sites have embedded the slide show in their blog but have not given permission to see the slide show. These are just small hiccups in the first few weeks when blogging and learning about embedding and sharing documents.

  2. I originally set up as a class blog but have changed my mind and have now issued my individual students their own blog (using Edublogs). I will link their individual blogs to the class blog, but would like to make it as easy as possible for people to access their individual blogs. What should I do?

    1. Hi Erin,

      That’s no problem. The best approach is to get your students to fill in the Google Form at the bottom of each weekly post with their individual URL. That way, a commenter will be assigned to them and others will be able to see their work on the spreadsheet too.

      I hope they’re enjoying having individual blogs!

      Let’s know if you have more questions.


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