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Note: Registrations have now closed. Please join us for the next Student Blogging Challenging beginning in March 2020. 

Registrations are now open for the next Student Blogging Challenge! This is a way for students to learn about publishing online while connecting with other students around the world. 

The Student Blogging Challenge is 100% free and you can read more about the challenge here.

The sign-up form in this post is for students to register as individual student bloggers. Want to register your class instead? This is the form you need. 

Registration Information

Before filling in the registration form below, please read the following information.

Who should register?

Students should register who:

  • Have their own personal blog (any platform)
  • Want to connect with other students around the world
  • Have permission to take part from their teacher/parents
  • Are aged between around 8-16
  • Are located anywhere in the world

Note: Your blog must be public on the web with comments enabled in order to participate.

Reminders before registering

Please read through the Frequently Asked Question guide which explains more about the challenge.

Mailing List options for students:

  • Students with their own email address might want to sign up for our email list to get sent all the Student Blogging Challenge news and the weekly posts. Click here for the mailing list sign up form.
  • Students without email addresses can check the weekly post on this site each week and/or ask a parent or teacher to sign up for the mailing list. Sometimes teachers post the challenge information on a class blog for students to refer to as well.

Before the challenge begins on October 6

There are a few things you can do prior to the challenge to make sure you’re ready to go in October.

Check your registration

  • A few days after registering, check the student participants’ page. Look for ‘2019 Students’ in the header area of this blog. Check this list prior to October 6 to make sure you are on the list and your details are correct.
  • If you are not listed on the participants’ page, register again being careful that your blog URL is correct.

Other ways to get ready

  • If you are on the participants’ list, start visiting other student blogs if you have time. You might choose to visit students who are a similar age to you or who share similar interests.
  • Consider starting the Blogging Bootcamp self-paced course if you’re new to blogging and need to get your blog set up before beginning.
  • Try to have at least one post published on your blog so others can leave comments when they visit.
  • Spread the word! For students/classes that use Twitter, the hashtag is #STUBC.

Registration Form

Read through all the information above? Ready to join us? Simply fill out the form below or click here to open it in your browser.

Please make sure you fill in the form just once and please make sure your blog URL is correct (tip: copy and paste it from the address bar so you don’t make errors).

Any questions? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!



Your email address will not be published.

  1. Hello, My name is Benicia and I would like to be a part of ” The Student Blogging Challenge” as I think it is a great way to connect to others. My age is 10 and a half and my blogs url is –

    • Hi Benecia,
      It’s great to see you joining in the challenge. Don’t forget to submit your post in the Google Form that’s at the bottom of each weekly post if you haven’t already.
      What country are you from?
      Best wishes,

      • Kathleen Morris
  2. Hi, I am Anisha and I want to join the blogging challenge. My age is 14 and my blog’s URL is:

    Thank you,

  3. Hi!
    Its Anisha here and I am want to join the blogging challenge, my age is 14 and my URL is: anisha6.weebly.com

    Thank you,

    • Sorry, the website here is a mistake to please do not mind this.

      Thank you!

  4. thank you

    • Hi Ranger,
      Glad we got it all fixed!
      Happy blogging,

      STUBC volunteer

  5. Hi, I made a mistake with the URL of one of my student blogs.
    It’s lettuceblog.edublogs.org (I left out the -s at the end of edublogs).
    Could you please change this? Or is there a way I can change this?
    F. Riener

    • Hello,
      Fixed it! Thanks for letting us know.

      Happy blogging


  6. Hello,
    Rosie (12 years old) listed her blog address incorrectly. It should read 2025rosie.blogspot.com. Could this please be fixed?
    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      Rosie’s blog address is fixed.


  7. How many people have registered for this challenge?

    • absisthebest123
    • Hello,
      So far, 1342 individual students plus 134 classes. There are more registering!😄


      • marg grosfield
  8. sweet cant wait to get started!!

  9. Hello,
    How does a student fix the link to her blog?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Ms. Adams,
      Thanks! Fixed them.
      Have fun blogging.


      • Marg Grosfield
  10. I just signed up, where is the link to make sure I am regestered?

  11. I just registered my classes. Will they still be able to register their blogs this week?

    • Of course, James. We keep registrations open for a couple of weeks. It’s great you can join us!

      • Kathleen Morris
    • Thanks so much Danna,
      I will get fixing right now! 😄
      So excited to start the new challenge!

      Marg Grosfield
      Blogging challenge volunteer

      • Marg Grosfield
  12. Hi im new would love to start is there any restrictions

  13. Good Morning!
    Looks like one of my students forgot a letter 🙂
    This one is incorrect:

    This one is correct:

    Thank you!

  14. Is this challenge good?
    I am so excited for participation.

  15. Hello Mrs. Williams. I wanted to let you know that my name shows up two times on the student registration form. My name is Noah and there are two 2025nrm.edublogs.org

    I don know if you are able to remove one, but I wanted to let you know anyway.

    Looking forward to the student blogging challenge.

    • Hi Noah,
      Thanks for letting us know! Great job. I deleted one, so there should be only one listed now.
      Marg Grosfield

      • Marg Grosfield
  16. Hi Kathleen! I have a quick question. When does the challenge start? I have been eagerly waiting!

    • So glad you’re keen to take part, Hannah. It starts in two weeks on Oct 6! 🙂

      • Kathleen Morris
  17. I am eager to enroll my students in the Student Blogging challenge again! I was wondering, though, if a Google Site or a Wakelet site would work for individual student blogs?

    • Roberta Caudill
    • Hi Roberta,

      We often have some classes who use Google Sites so feel free to give that a go if it works for you. I’m not sure that Wakelet would really work but I could be wrong!

      Hope to have your wonderful students on board again!

      • Kathleen Morris