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Our commenting team is a very important part of the Student Blogging Challenge. They provide an authentic audience for our participants and offer the students support and encouragement.

We know how much students love getting comments on their blog posts!

We are currently building a strong team of commenters to visit the hundreds of students who will be taking part in the next challenge.

Are you interested in volunteering as a commenter? Check out this post. 

 Meet our commenters Student Blogging Challenge

Who Are The Commenters?

Before we begin the challenge, we thought it would be nice to introduce our commenters who will be working behind the scenes for the 8 weeks.

Commenters are involved in education either as teacher (active, preservice, or retired), student (past challenge participant), or administrator, coach, leader, writer etc.

Our commenting team leader is retired teacher, Sue Wyatt (@tasteach). Sue started the Student Blogging Challenge in 2008 and now works behind the scenes.

Commenters, Please Introduce Yourself

We’re now inviting our commenters to leave a comment on this post and introduce themselves.

Please scroll down to find the comment box.

You might like to tell us:

  • Your name: Choose the name you’d like students to address you with — either your first name or Mr/Mrs/Ms etc.
  • Your location: You might like to be specific about where you live or just tell us the country you’re from.
  • Your role this year: Are you a teacher? Student? Administrator? Please share your role in education.
  • Why you’re volunteering as a commenter: Or perhaps your interest in blogging or global collaboration.
  • Anything else interesting about yourself: Perhaps tell us something about your hobbies, family, pets, or background etc.
  • You URL: Do you have an educational blog? Feel free to leave the URL.

Feel free to end your comment with a question for our readers.

We’d love to see any readers (commenters or participants) go ahead and reply to any of the comments!

Example comment

Here is an example of a comment from Sue Wyatt. As you can see, she has used a greeting and paragraphs which is a sign of a quality comment!

If you’re wishing to reply to a comment, look underneath the comment for a respond button.

Comment from Sue Wyatt on this post

Replying is just a matter of entering your comment in the box, entering the anti-spam word, and writing your name (students should not write their surname).

Entering your email address is optional but it can be a good idea to enter your email address if you have one and then tick the box to get a notification of follow-up comments.

How to reply to a comment

Over to you!

Time for you to leave your comment. We’re looking forward to meeting our commenters below!


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  1. I am Dawson also known as Girraffe spelled with two r´s. I really like this student challenge

    I live in the United States and like to blog too.

    Which states have you visited in the United States of America?


    This is my blog url and I would like you to visit.

    • dawson1152025
  2. Hi everyone out there,
    I’m Mrs Riener. I’m half-Irish, half-Austrian, so part of me loves the sea, the other half enjoys skiing in the winter months.
    I live in a picturesque, medieval town in Austria where I teach English and German. I have two kids and a Springer spaniel called Cookie.
    I’m joining the Student Blogging Challenge for the first time because I want my students to acquire 21st century skills and use their English in a real-world context and not just in homework books that only I get to read.
    I hope to learn lots of new tricks and get inspired by other educators and students the world over.
    I’d appreciate a visit from you on rienglish.edublogs.org
    All the best, F. Riener

  3. Hello.

    I am Mrs. Trivedi-Ziemba. I am a mom, an educator and a learner.

    I love my family, reading and connecting. The recent books I read are unwind by Neal Shusterman, The caves of Steel by Isac Asimov and Motherhood and Hollywood : How to Get a Job Like Mine by Patricia Heaton. I am a serial crafter; after knitting scarves for all of my friends and family, I am now knitting hats 🙂 I am looking forward to reading what our young people shares and encouraging them by being a commenter.

    Come and connect me
    Mrs. trivedi-Ziemba

  4. I’d just like to say thank you to all of the commenters for volunteering your time for the Blogging Challenge! I know it can be time consuming, but your comments are so valuable to all who are participating in the challenge.

  5. Hello! My name is Maddox and I am a 7th grader. I am part of a family of five and I live in Ohio, USA. My favorite hobbies are playing golf, volleyball, and showing cattle. I also love the color orange and my family’s favorite vacation spot is Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.
    My favorite hobbies are golf, volleyball, and showing cattle. Me and my mom love to play volleyball all the time. I just got a volleyball net for Christmas last year and we like to play over it. I just joined the golf team this year for my school and I love it. We got second in a tournament that we played in . My favorite hobby is showing cattle. I go all over mid-Ohio to show. The cow I show is Moline, otherwise known as MoMo or Mini Mo. She has the best personality a cow could ever have. I love showing cattle. Volleyball, golf, and showing cattle are my favorite hobbies.
    My family’s favorite vacation spot is Lake Cumberland, Kentucky (LCK). We go down every year and spend time at the lake. We have a pontoon boat that we take down and my grandma has a boat and a jet ski that we use on the lake. My grandma lives at the lake so we always stay at her house. We love to swim, tube, and boat on the lake why we are down at the lake. My family’s favorite vacation spot is Lake Cumberland, Kentucky.
    Hope you get to know more about me and you can visit my blog at https://sites.google.com/loganelmschools.com/maddoxle2025/home

  6. Thank you for your help Kathleen, I hope I have a good time while participating in this challenge.

  7. My name is Gavin I live in Ohio, USA and I am a 7th grader. I love to hunt and fish. I play three sports. The three sports I play are football, Baseball and I wrestling. I love the beach. My favorite vacation was to North Carolina. I work at a butcher shop skinning deer. I also do European mounts. My favorite color is red. That is a little bit about me.

  8. Hi I am Gavin I live in Ohio, USA and I am a 7th grader. I love to hunt and fish. I play three sports. The three sports I play are football, baseball and I wrestling. My favorite color is red.I work in a butcher shop skinning deer. I also make European mounts. I love the beach. My favorite vacation was to North Carolina. My family includes Mom (Amy), Dad(Eric) and Sister(Brooklyn). That is a little about me.

  9. Hi! I’m Ms. Michael at Avoca West School in Glenview, IL. Our class posts a lot of our work on our blogs, so you can see our stories, videos, and other work as well as our introductions. I can’t wait to read blogs from other schools!

    • Janis Michael
  10. Hello – You can just call me Evelyn! I blog in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Portland Oregon to be more precise. My afternoon class of 3rd-4th graders are learning how to blog with me and we are having tons of fun. As we only meet once a week, it’s going to be hard to keep up with the challenge!

  11. Thx u again

  12. (Srry I dont spell normal, I spell in short words.)

  13. Hi Marg,

    Thank you for helping out!We look forward hearing from you more!Have fun doing these types of things.Thx

    From Fourth Grade South Cali

    • Hi Valerie,
      I love the blogging challenges, and meeting great kids from everywhere! I will be checking out your blog to see your ideas!


  14. Heyo Marg,

    Thx for helping us with the blogs and stuff.cant wait to find out more about u.
    4th grader in California

    • Hi Ruby,
      I am thrilled to be part of the blogging challenge! Have you finished the first week? I will be looking for your blog. Here’s mine


  15. Hello!

    • Hi aria131,
      Are you excited to do the first week challenges? I haven’t started yet, but hopefully I will have time tomorrow.


  16. Hey thank you for helping us cant wait to hearing from you.

    • Hi Roderick,
      You are welcome. I will be looking for your blog. Are you excited to get started?


  17. Hi Marg,

    Thank you for helping us out!.

    • Hi Kamden,
      You are welcome. I just love the blogging challenges! Have you started on the first tasks?


  18. Hi Marg,

    Thank you for helping us out! We look forward to hearing from you! Ever and all comments are greatly appreciated!

    4th Grade in Southern California!

    • You are so welcome! I had fun. Enjoy your blogging, looking forward to reading. 😄


    • Hi 4th grade in California,
      I am happy to help and learn! I will be looking for your blogs! Can’t wait.🤓


  19. Hello, My name is Adon Kaufman (Adon means mister in Hebrew).

    I teach in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…a terribly cold place in the winter but absolutely lovely nonetheless. We are known for our snow and cold, but it is really beautiful here.

    I teach social studies to 7th and 8th grade students. My 7th graders learn all about how we can end hunger in our city (and are even working on building a greenhouse so we can grow food for people). My 8th graders learn all about American history and how we can have our voices be heard.

    I am volunteering because I really want to learn more about other people from around the world. It is so interesting meeting new people and I really enjoy listening to other perspectives.

    I do have one pet; a husky (a type of dog) named Marina. She is so lovely and really enjoys going for runs.

    My blog is linked below: http://edublogs.mjds.org/nkaufman/

    • Hi! I am Scotty a student of Mcdowell Middle School in Circleville Ohio, Ive always wanted to go to Wisconsin despite the cold, Milwaukee sounds like such an amazing place. Our school is a great place here too, we are about to have a new school soon and sportswise we have been destroying the competition here. There is also our circleville pumpkin show coming up soon, its such a great place id love to hear more from you!

    • Dear Adon Kaufman,

      I’m trying to leave a comment on the blog of one of your students, Eitan, but it says I have to log in to your school. Could you change the settings so people outside your school could leave comments?

      May Wohlafka

  20. Hi!

    When blogging and participating in global projects with my students the world opened up to them. My 3rd graders really upped their game when they knew they had a worldwide audience. Seeing the smiles on their faces when reading comments from around the world never got old.

    Now that I am retired, I am so excited to be a part of this amazing blogging challenge as a commenter. Blogging is one of the things I miss the most from my classroom days, so I am looking forward to reading your blog entries and connecting in this global community.

    My name is Sue Halbert and I live on a small farm in the southern part of New Jersey. These days, I am busy growing veg and flowers, canning/preserving vegetables and fruit, baking, crafting, reading, spending time with my horse, and taking care of our many barn cats. When I get a chance to travel, one of my favorite places to go is Nova Scotia (Canada) and hope to one day soon travel to the UK.

    Here is the link to my class blog when I taught 3rd grade: http://3hcrew.edublogs.org/

    Happy blogging!
    Sue Halbert

    • Hi Sue,

      My parents and sisters currently live in South Jersey ( I graduated from high school there as well) and I love going to the area farms to pick fruits like strawberries and blueberries. I’ve been teaching for a long time and now live and work in Vietnam, but miss my days of canning jams, pickles, and salsa!

      • Hello Sue and Susan!

        I, too, live in South Jersey (although I’m not a farm girl!). I work in Franklinville (rural) but live in Marlton (suburban)…so I’m more about Wawa and restaurants than I am about picking fruits or taking care of animals (although I do have a small dog!). It’s nice to see some “locals” among the worldwide group assembled here. Looking forward to reading all the blogs again this year!


        • Hi Karen,
          It is very much a small world. I know Marlton pretty well because I grew up in the Medford area. What grade levels do you work with? This is my first year as a commenter and am excited to get started!
          ps: how did we all survive before Wawa? 🙂

          • Sue Halbert
        • Hi again Sue!

          I teach 3rd and 4th grade ELA Basic Skills, so I basically work with struggling readers. I taught 4th grade for 9 years prior to this and actually did a class blog way back when (but never had a global audience). How about you?

          This is my second year commenting. It was a fun experience! The students are usually not too responsive if you ask questions, but I’m told that they LOVE hearing from people and it’s such a great thing for them to be learning at such a young age.

          FYI: My husband graduated from Shawnee. He started out in Palmyra but moved in middle school. So moving to Marlton was like coming home for him!

          • Karen Scott
      • Hi Susan,
        How different your world must be now that you live in Vietnam.! I can only image how different the choices are in your farmer’s market compared to here in South Jersey. Do you get an opportunity to cook very often these days? I would be very interested to know what fruit and vegetables are available there.
        Thanks for reaching out!

    • Hi Sue! It’s wonderful that blogging was enjoyable for your students! I remember that one of my 3rd grade teachers made a lot of things enjoyable for me, like reading and writing. I’m sure you’ve done the same for your previous students!

      I’d love it if you could check out my blog and give me some advice!


  21. Hi ya’ll (Texan-ish)
    I am a retired high school teacher (44 years) from San Antonio, Texas. Most folks call me “Buck” since my last name can be challenging for many. I taught Science and for 42 years was the Student Council/Government advisor. I also represented a state StuCo district as advisor along with directing state wide leadership workshops for many years.
    I am looking forward to the “challenge” as a commentator and participating to enhance my tech skills, creating a blog…for an experienced educator.
    I look forward to the posts.

    • Calvin Buchholtz
    • Hi Buck,
      I am from Circleville Ohio (a town in the middle of cornfields.) I like how you show your leadership. You seem like a really nice person. I like to mountain bike and ride four wheelers. I also like cars. I go to car shows all across ohio.

  22. Hello from the shores of Ohio’s Lake Erie.
    My name is Dinah (pronounced Dy-nah).
    I’ve participated in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge for several years. As a mentor/volunteer each challenge gives me the opportunity to connect with many gifted people from all over the world.
    As a former childcare provider, Kindergarten teacher and university Media Specialist, I am passionately interested in education and technology. I also enjoy completing the activities along with the student participants.
    Here’s to another wonderful challenge of blogging.
    Thank you.

  23. Hello, is it too late to be a commenter? I am a retired school teacher who tutors online now. My students are primarily from China. I would love to help! Michele Hall

    • Hi, Ms. Hall,

      What school(district) did you retire from? I am a substitute teacher.

  24. Hi I’m Sheena Beas, I am a Primary teacher and I am new to blogging. The begin of this academic year I have introduced my students to blogs and I find that they are very enthusiastic about it. I am an Indian expat living in Dubai, teaching at The Indian High School, Dubai..

  25. Hi! My name is Mrs. Wohlafka. I live in East Northport, New York, U.S.A. I am a children’s librarian at a public library.

    I have been volunteering as a commenter for several years. I heard about the Student Blogging Challenge from a school librarian I was interning with to get my library degree. I really enjoy reading the blogs of students around the world!

    I have two daughters, and identical twin granddaughters who are two years old. Most of my free time is spent traveling to Loudoun County, VA (Sterling), where my granddaughters and one daughter live, and Baltimore, MD, where my other daughter lives.

    I have a blog, mwohlafka.wordpress.com that is about being a librarian.

      • Hi, Julia!

        Thank you!

        I see you like the Percy Jackson series. I really like that, too! Have you read “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard” series by the same author, Rick Riordan? I really love that series!

        • Mrs. Wohlafka
  26. Hello,
    I am so excited to be a commenter again! I am a retired teacher who loved blogging and skyping with other classes around the world. My students were always so excited to get comments.

    I live in rural south eastern Alberta, Canada. It is so beautiful here – prairies, sunrises, sunsets, wildlife. It’s mainly an agricultural area. We aren’t far from Dinosaur Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.

    I love reading, quilting, visiting family and friends and playing with out dog.

    Marg Grosfield

    • 😄 oops, spelling mistake already! “our” dog.
      I get so excited about the challenge that I post before a final check. ( and then I always say I will try to do better.) sigh

      • Hi, Marg!

        Thank you for helping Kathleen and Sue out with running the challenge!

        May Wohlafka

        • Thanks May,
          It’s been fun! I have learned lots about spreadsheets and checking URLs. Like you I think blogging and learning about our world are fantastic experiences at any age. The hardest part for me has been NOT reading all the fabulous blogs ai have seen. 😄 There are just too many and they all look so interesting.

          • Marg Grosfield
  27. Hello, I’m Lauri.
    I teach basic skills; reading, and writing, in a regional vocational high school in northern New Jersey, USA. This year I am using a class blog as a place for my students to link their writing assignments. I hope to create an active writing community with all of my students, not just those in the same class period. I plan to have my students take part in the blogging challenge in March. Being a commentator will allow me to experience a challenge before my students participate. I’m hoping it will help me help them succeed. I’m excited to have this opportunity.

  28. Hello Bloggers!

    Blogging, for me, is a way to think through ideas and share them with others. The writing and the ideas don’t need to be perfect; they just need to be clear and add something good to the world. I’ve connected with people around the world and discovered how amazing and wonderful people and places can be.

    I look forward to reading your ideas and seeing how you build your blog to fit who you are and what you learn.

    As a retired middle school language arts and media teacher, I enjoy the unique voices that develop over time as bloggers create, share, and connect so others learn about the wonder of your place in the world.

    I live in rural Washington State, and love writing, blogging, photography, doodling, cats, dogs, hiking, nature. Even when I visit the big city, my husband and I find the quiet, woody areas and notice the places that provide beauty through flowers, greenery, or art.

    See you in the blogsphere! Sheri Edwards [Ms Edwards, as a teacher] What Else

    • Hi Sheri!

      You were one of my moderators for JumpStart! How exciting to see you here! It’s my FIRST year blogging with my class, and I am nervous about keeping up with all of their posts and comments. I’m MORE excited to provide the opportunities for learning though. Each of my students has their own blogs they’ve just created, and we are trying to work out the bugs before the challenge starts next week! Thanks so much for volunteering your time to do this! Have a great week! Danna Wong


    • Hi Sheri, I am a student at Logan Elm in Circleville, Ohio. It seems like you really like to help people out. You sound like a really good person to take time with people to help them out. To me it also sounds like you have been doing this for a while. I also like how you take the time to see how what is around you that is hard to find. Thank you!!!
      From Josh (Link at the bottom for my site)


  29. Hello! I’m Hannah Caudill and I am a pre-service teacher I study Middle Childhood Education with concentration areas in Math and English Language Arts. I am a senior at Miami University, which is in a beautiful small town in Oxford, Ohio!

    My mom, who is a 7th grade ELA teacher with a classroom participating in this challenge, recently told me about the need for volunteers. I thought it would be so fun to hear from people all around the world! It’s very interesting to compare differences and similarities between lifestyles. I also just want to become more familiar with student work! Even though I am a pre-service teacher, my college classroom experience has been limited to three semesters. I want to get to know students better!

    Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and our two cute furbabies. I also enjoy anything related to Disney, and I have had the amazing opportunity to work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida twice now! Both times brought me experiences that will last a lifetime, and I absolutely love sharing about my experiences and encouraging others my age to apply and work there!

    I can’t wait to read your posts!

    • Hannah Caudill
    • Hi Hannah!

      I am Addie I am in your mother’s ELA class this year! So far, this year has been so much fun and I am very fond of some of the techniques of teaching your mother uses. Personally, I like that your mother does a read-aloud. In fifth grade, we had a read-aloud and I enjoyed it very much. We didn’t have a read-aloud in sixth grade though.

      My site is https://sites.google.com/loganelmschools.com/addiele2025/home

  30. Hello Bloggers!
    I am excited to again participate as a commenter for the latest Student Blogging Challenge! Although I don’t have my own class participating this time I know what a wonderful and enriching experience it will be for students and teachers alike.

    My name is Pat Ruffing and I am in my 45th year as an educator. It is my 20th year as a technology integrator and as you can imagine, technology in schools has changed dramatically during that time! I love helping students to create and then share their learning. I also love helping classroom teachers discover new ways to use technology to make the learning process better.

    I live in eastern Pennsylvania, and although I have not had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling myself, I love learning about geography and culture. The blogging challenge is an awesome way to learn about the joys and challenges of students all over the world. We are more alike than we are different!

    Very special to me are my three grownup children and four amazing grandchildren. It is exciting to imagine what their futures will be like. I would love to learn about how your schools and communities are working to help our planet’s future as well.

    Looking forward to your wonderful posts!

    Mrs. Ruffing

  31. Hello there! My name is Cherie Blessing, and I teach 3rd/4th at Mid Vermont Christian School in Quechee, Vermont.

    I have been blogging for quite a few years now and have found it such an exciting way to provide an authentic audience for our writing. Last year was our first time trying the Blogging Challenge, and we LOVED it! We learned so much about the world, and we enjoyed all the connections with other passionate and curious learners in all sorts of places.

    I am a New Hampshire girl through and through, cherishing every snowflake and every granite mountain. I enjoy cross country skiing, lots of swimming, visiting parks around New England, observing wildlife, heaps of books, singing with my family and in my church, and leading the MakerSpace at our school with lots of STEM intrigue.

    I can’t wait to enjoy YOUR writing!
    Cherie Blessing

    • Miss Blessing
    • Hi, Cherie Blessing You have such a beautiful name! My name is Genaviene (Jenna-veen). What is it like in Vermont? I’ve always wanted to visit Vermont because that is where Ben and Jerry’s ice cream originated, and I love ice cream. I think it’s really inspiring that this is your second year blogging. Hopefully I enjoy blogging as much you do. I’d really appreciate it if you’d check out my blog. https://sites.google.com/loganelmschools.com/genavienele2025/home

  32. Hello Everyone!
    My name is Arantza I’m an EFL teacher in a primary school in Barcelona. I’ve been working as a teacher only for the last three years, and I have so many things to learn… I think global blogging can give my students many opportunities to use and enjoy their English, and to feel it is really important to improve their English if they want to be part of great global communities such as edublogs.
    I love my city, I enjoy my job, and I also like travelling and reading. I used to travel much more before, when I worked as an anthropologist and travelling was part of my work. Nowadays, I read a lot of YA and middle school novels in English and I read aloud wonderful picturebooks to my children and my students. It’s my rediscovered passion!
    In the next weeks I hope I will learn a lot from your blogs and get the chance to collaborate and make connections globally without moving from Barcelona.
    Happy blogging!

    • Hello! Hola! Aloha! Arantza,

      We think you are a great teacher because you want to help your students learn as much as they can. We were especially excited to learn that you used to be an anthropologist! We are studying hominins right now and learned about social scientists.

      We want to make connections around the world just like you do so we are hoping we can work with your class! We are sixth-graders in the U.S.A. specifically in California. Our class is a combination class with English language arts and social studies. English is the second language for some us because at home we speak Spanish.

      What does primary school mean? What grades do you teach? What did you do as an anthropologist?

      Thank you for taking the time to read our post.
      Mrs. Wong’s Class and community of learners!

  33. Dear all,
    My name is Alexandra and I’m a Portuguese EFL teacher. I have taught German but English has been a constant in my teaching career that spans over 2 decades 😁.
    I’m currently teaching in a rural area near Coimbra, the famous University town (my hometown btw), listed a UNESCO World Site.
    I’m a classroom teacher involved in projects, always looking for challenges, experimenting with free Web 2.0 tools and implementing them in my classroom practice. I’m also a blogging fan having dedicated my master’s to blogging, namely classroom blogs.
    As often as I can, I read, especially historical fiction and if it’s around WWII even better.
    It is very rewarding to belong to this international group of like-minded educators and I believe that together, including our mentors Kathleen & Sue, we can make a difference in the participating students’ blogs and in their lives.
    Best wishes,

    • Alexandra Duarte
  34. Hey there!

    My name is Michelle Bentley and I teach computer class to K-5 students. I live in a rural area near Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. I have a dog named Poker who is afraid of lightning and having his picture taken. I help with our school’s robotics team, read all the time, love to go to movies, and travel when I can. I was excited to go to Atlantic City and Philadelphia this summer and took my first cruise last year…to Mexico.

    My first career was in graphic design which helped me gain much of my computer experience. I’ve been a teacher for 17 years. Before teaching computer class, I taught all subjects to K-3 students. I began blogging as part of my portfolio while working on a college degree and loved it! Last year, I started teaching my fourth graders to blog and we participated in the Student Blogging Challenge this spring. I have a different group of students each week, and they write stories about their life for our PixelPoints blog.

    I’m so excited to be a commenter for the first time this year. I can’t wait to meet students and teachers from around the world and see what they are doing. I hope to get new ideas to share with students, collaborate with teachers, and make global connections.

    Looking forward to your posts,
    Mrs. Bentley


    • Michelle Bentley
  35. Hello All,
    My name is Mrs. Doran, or Mrs. D, as my students call me. I am the fortunate teacher of amazing 6th graders in Cave Creek, Arizona. This is my second year blogging with students and as a commenter. I feel like there is still so much to learn about blogging and am looking forward to a new year with new bloggers.
    I love reading and sharing that passion with everyone I meet. My students are amused by the enthusiasm I display when a new book order comes in. Authors are gracious enough to come and engage my students with experiences in writing and publishing. The blog is an authentic way to hook students into creative writing.
    Happy Blogging.

  36. Hi Everyone!

    My name is Mrs. Bennett and I am a fourth-grade teacher from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I just started blogging with my class last year. We had lots of fun learning to blog and visiting other class blogs. I wanted to become a commenter this year after I saw how excited my students got when they received comments. I wanted to do my part and help other students get excited this year.
    I have three wonderful children and an energetic whippet. I love to spend time walking my dog, reading, and relaxing with my family at the cottage. I also love being a teacher and learning along with my students.

    Happy Blogging!
    Mrs. Bennett


  37. Hello from Loudoun County, Virginia!

    My name is Mrs. Rombach, and I’m an eighth-grade English and Communications teacher at a middle school located just about 30 minutes west of Washington, D.C. I’ve been blogging on and off with my students and by myself for about eight years, and I absolutely love the international community of teachers and students in the blogosphere.

    For this challenge, all eleven of my Communications students will participate in the student blogging challenge, and we’ll be participating as a class, too, through my teacher blog. My students are incredibly excited to embark on this adventure together, and they’ve already written two blogs posts and added a couple of widgets to the blogs in preparation.

    Teaching is my third career. My first career was in NYC and Boston as a writer in the publishing industry. I stayed home after my third of five children was born. When my youngest started kindergarten, I switched careers and put my English degree to work in the classroom, first as a sixth-grade English teacher, and now as an eighth-grade English and Communications teacher.

    What do I love? I’m an outsider, that’s for sure. I’m always up for a spontaneous hike along a rocky mountain trail or a top-down Jeep ride. My goal is to hike in 15 national parks in the next five years. Right now, I’ve got Acadia, Rocky Mountain, Arches, Canyonlands, Shenandoah, Mesa Verde, Sequoia, and Yosemite under my Chaco belt. I’m currently collecting handmade pottery mugs from each park, and I drink my morning coffee out of a different one each morning.

    I’m also a nonstop reader (especially YA books), love music, have two sweet dogs, Lainey and Clancy, adore my five “children” (ages 16-25), and would drop everything to travel at a moment’s notice. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you travel? Are you a national park geek like me? If so, what’s your favorite park so far? Mine is definitely Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

    I’ll look forward to visiting your blog and reading all about you!

    Mrs Rombach

    • Martha Rombach
  38. Hello everyone!
    My name is Pinto. Annie Pinto. (sorry – could not resist it 😉) I am a big movie buff and a self-confessed bookworm. I am also a very curious person and love learning new things.
    I work as a library technician in a primary school (in Western Sydney, Australia) and am hoping to pass on my love of books and reading to the students. Some of my favourite books are Little women, Leave it to Psmith, Harry Potter, A town like Alice, and the Chicken soup books.
    I believe in encouraging children in all their endeavours and learning. By becoming a commenter on this challenge, I would like to think that I would be contributing to their journey towards becoming more responsible digital citizens. This is my second round as a commenter.

    • Hi, Annie!
      I am a children’s librarian at a public library in the U.S.A., but I have worked as a school librarian in an elementary school. What is a library technician?
      May Wohlafka

  39. Hello! My name is Karen. I live in New Jersey, USA, not far from the city of Philadelphia. I am an elementary school teacher who works with students who struggle with reading skills. I am also an author and blogger so I have a keen interest in helping students with their writing! This is my second year as a commenter (I learned a lot last year!), so I am looking forward to doing it again. I have two (sort of) grown children, a pretzel-baking husband, and one feisty little terrier. I love to read, write, travel, and watch reality TV.

  40. My name is Julie Williams and I teach 6th Grade in Durham, North Carolina, USA. I love teaching because my students inspire me each day with their creativity, intelligence, optimism and kindness. The blogging challenge is a great way for students to connect with each other in different parts of the world. We better understand all of the things we have in common and all of the things that make us unique! Have fun blogging!

    • Julie Williams
  41. Chandran.A from Bangalore,INDIA. Responsible for delivering Classroom teaching and assignments for discussion for case study and MOOCs at R.V.Institute of Management,Bangalore( http://www.rvim.edu.in).Also additionally coordinate for community development & volunteering programmes through RVIM Centre for Social Responsibility and College sports Coordinator. Interests in Art with moderate works earlier,Music and passion towards photography and writing.Innovation in practice and problem solving approaches adopted in RVIM Innovation Lab.