Week 8: Game and nominate

Photo Credit: Toni Blay via Compfight We are now into week 8 of the challenge and it is time to make sure you have been visiting lots of blogs. In fact I am publishing this post earlier than normal so you have extra time to get organized for the game and to visit lots of…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Game and nominate

Week 7: Let’s talk schooling

Photo Credit: Môsieur J. [version 9.1] via Compfight It has been great checking out all the celebration themes created on student and class blogs. Remember there are two easy ways to find other blogs to look at. Check out the comments left here on the challenge blog. They usually have a link to the student…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7: Let’s talk schooling

Week 6: Let’s celebrate

There is only one challenge activity for the next two weeks. Throughout the year, there are many celebrations held around the world. Your challenge over the next two weeks is to design your blog to show one celebration you take part in throughout the year. Places to find celebrations you could choose from Fact monsters have…Continue…Continue Reading Week 6: Let’s celebrate

Week 5: Pictures and videos

Admin: This week I am starting to highlight student names and classes from the participants list, if either I or your mentor feel you have not completed enough challenge posts. I know some classes have been on holidays and fall break, so to stay on the list, you need to have completed the following: an…Continue…Continue Reading Week 5: Pictures and videos

Blog Action Day 2014 Inequality

Photo Credit: ITU_Pictures via Compfight I thought how appropriate #blogactionday was to have the theme of inequality, especially after the announcement of the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Both winners, Kailash Satyarthi from India and Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan, are trying to restore inequality equality especially for children. (Thanks Ms Scott) The United Nations states…Continue…Continue Reading Blog Action Day 2014 Inequality