I have just been checking the shortlisted blogs from the Edublog Awards and noticed there are many student and class blogs from the challenge included. Remember to vote for the blog you feel is best, not just one of your friends. If you have been visiting other blogs throughout the challenge, you might have left comments…Continue…Continue Reading Congratulations

Week 10: So long, farewell

Dee Ashley via Compfight   This is our last post for the Student Blogging Challenge until we start again next year in March 2016. I hope you have enjoyed the activities and the chance to make connections with other students and classes around the world. I would like to thank Sue Waters from Edublogs for…Continue…Continue Reading Week 10: So long, farewell

Week 9: Nominations

Hibr via Compfight Every year, Edublogs present a digital award for those best educational class and student blogs. You get a chance to nominate then vote for the one you consider deserves the award. There are a few rules about nominating so you will need to go to this link, read the post then put forward your…Continue…Continue Reading Week 9: Nominations

Week 8: Game time

More Good Foundation via Compfight I loved reading your posts about things in nature you are passionate about. So many of you wrote about space and the universe. One student Rachel, wants you to visit her post, create your own planet and leave the answer in her comment area. Her instructions for this are below the…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Game time

Week 7: The World of Nature

Jose Roberto V Moraes via Compfight This week is going to be a chance for you to write about something you are passionate about relating to nature. For this activity, nature is defined as everything not made by man. What topics might this include? animals plants and trees rocks and fossils stars and planets landscapes…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7: The World of Nature