Great blogs to visit

In one of the last challenge posts, I asked for nominations of great blogs. Because there are no Edublog awards this year, I have decided to add to this post all those blogs you have nominated and who nominated them. Please visit these blogs and decide why some students thought they were great. Now read…Continue…Continue Reading Great blogs to visit

Week 9: Show off

Mike Trimble via Compfight So we are one week away from the end of the challenge. As some schools finish soon, I will be posting the last challenge early this week instead of next weekend. Look out for it about Wednesday. Do you think you have improved your blogging skills since you began earlier this…Continue…Continue Reading Week 9: Show off

Week 8: Community

University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment via Compfight A week or so ago, I took part in a global education conference. The people who presented and listened to all the sessions are part of a network of educators around the world. They have their own little community or network. As a student…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Community

Week 7: Let’s talk school

It has been interesting reading posts from students in different countries of the world. I wonder how similar or different your school day is! So this week’s theme is all about school. I am going to give you some suggestions but what you post about is up to you. Use one of my ideas or…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7: Let’s talk school