Week 10: Time to evaluate

I am sure that your teachers ask you to evaluate your work at the end of a topic. We are doing the same here in the challenge. There will be two evaluations: a survey of the actual student blogging challenge – we want your ideas of the plus, minus and interesting about the challenge. Most…Continue…Continue Reading Week 10: Time to evaluate

Week 9: Count out three

As the second last week of the blogging challenge, this is your chance to visit lots of other blogs and leave comments on great posts you read. In previous weeks, you have had lots of chances to write your own posts. If you haven’t then maybe start writing some excellent posts relating to your interests…Continue…Continue Reading Week 9: Count out three

Week 8: Game preparation

We’ve been working hard and had some time to relax.  Now it is time to get organized for the game next week, then the evaluation in week 10. To take part in the game you need the following completed: a blog avatar and a user avatar an ‘about me’ PAGE not post a clustrmap or…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Game preparation

Week 6: Let’s work

Well, the holiday or vacation is over and it is now time to get back to work. What is work? What type of work do you want to do once you leave school? Is work always enjoyable? What would be the best work or dream job you could possibly think of doing? Do you have…Continue…Continue Reading Week 6: Let’s work