Challenge 10 – Sept 2010

Well, this is it!! The last challenge post for the year 2010. Usually when you finish a project or area of study at school you have to evaluate how well it went. That is what we will be asking you to do for this final challenge. This final challenge is an audit of your blog…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 10 – Sept 2010

Challenge 8 and 9 – Sept 2010

What an exciting last two weeks in the challenge! You have had a chance to win big by taking part in the Edublogger’s competition. I have visited there often and noticed there are over 150 comments and links. If you win, congratulations on having a 12 month Pro blog subscription. How will this change your…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 8 and 9 – Sept 2010

Time to nominate

Have you been reading some class blogs lately where teachers are nominating blogs for the ‘Edublog Awards’? These blogs do not have to be Edublogs platform but can be WordPress, blogmeister, kidblogs etc.  The important thing is you only have until December 3, 2010 to nominate your blogs. Here is how Mrs Yollis wrote her…Continue…Continue Reading Time to nominate

Leaving links back to a post

Yesterday when I checked all the comments on this blog, I found this one from Olivia. Hey Miss W, I was wondering what you have to do to get mentioned… Please visit my blog at ~Olivia~ So I visited Olivia’s blog and found she had only been linking to the URL for  Challenge Yourself…Continue…Continue Reading Leaving links back to a post

Have you visited these blogs?

Previous challenges: Jacqueline writes about her culture, inspiring work by Coleman, Windows into 2T about images, Ashley about attribution, Tate adding images, Anni about images, Hayley about images, paragraph beginners by Jared,  digital footprint with Jacqueline,  Jared’s digital footprint, Science Girl Em has a footprint, Ashley’s footprint and sentence starters, Ryan improves his posts, Hayley…Continue…Continue Reading Have you visited these blogs?