Time for a break

As we still have some schools and students catching up with the challenges over the last four weeks, I think we had better have a break from the major challenges. Instead, if you want to leave some comments on other student blogs, remember to visit the Sept students 2010 page and check out the interests…Continue…Continue Reading Time for a break

Challenge 4 – Sept 2010

As mentioned last week, all the activities this week relate to writing comments. So please have your ‘Recent comments’ widget on your sidebar with 10 comments visible. This will make it easier for us to see where we left our last comment. But before I set the activities, I want everyone to visit this post…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 4 – Sept 2010

Some disappointed students

I noticed as I was checking blog posts from the last two challenges, that some students had tried to embed Vokis and pets on their blog posts or sidebars, but they hadn’t worked properly. The main reason for this is that Edublogs free blogs (which most students have) often get a lot of spam from…Continue…Continue Reading Some disappointed students

Visit these

Get a Voki now! Some more great responses for challenges 1 and 2. Vokis to guess where students would like to go: Indy, Marcy, Abbey, Posts about privacy, internet safety and lifelong learning : Teegan, Megan, Deja, Sadina,  Ashley,  Malcolm, Olivia, Ruma Toru Otewa, Monique, Krithika,  Chelsea,  Heather, Coleman,  Megan,  Jake,  Ashley, Blogging commandments :…Continue…Continue Reading Visit these