Leave a comment below for other post ideas for this month. I will then add to the list and acknowledge as your idea. If you have a blog, leave link so I can add that as well.


1876 – Poet CJ Dennis born – Memorise one of his poems then using an audio tool recite the poem and embed in blog

1866 – HG Wells born – Research what happened on Halloween night 1938 that relates to HG Wells. Create a comic strip about it.

1880 – Alfred Noyes born – Read two or three of his poems, write a review about the one you liked best.

1899 – artist William Dobell born – Do you prefer his portraits or his landscapes? Why?

1916 – Roald Dahl born – Which is your favourite book written by him? Why?


1929 – First BBC TV broadcast – Create a timeline about the history of TV broadcasting in your country. Here is link for Australian information.

1875 – First newspaper cartoon strip published in USA – Who is your favourite cartoon character? Why? Read this post to see if I am correct or not? How can you validate information?

1666 – Great fire of London – What happened? Cause? Deaths? Play this game and write a review.

1939 – Hitler invaded Poland and World War II began – create a timeline of 10 major events in WWII – why were they major events in your eyes?

1620 – The Pilgrims set off from Plymouth, England – imagine being one of the Pilgrims – write about your voyage or the first few weeks in the new land.

Global or National Events

International Day of Charity – Does your school run events to raise money for certain charities? Write about them.

International Literacy Day – What literacy skills do you need now that your grandparents might not have needed? Create a Venn diagram to show your results.

International Day of Democracy – What makes a country a democracy? How can you have your say in a democratic country?

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer – What do you use in daily life that is helping to deplete the ozone layer? What can you do about it?

International Day of Peace – Check out the links and write a post about peace in the world. Maybe use a quote as part of that post.

World Tourism Day – this also involves a blogging competition – When you visit another country, what are some things you might need to think about that could be different than touring in your own country?

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