Week 3: Let’s show photos

Thanks to all those students, teachers and mentors who have been checking the student list for students mentioned more than once. If you haven’t checked yet, please make sure you are only listed once. Also we still have some mentors not able to leave comments especially on those blogs from blogger or blogspot. Make sure…Continue…Continue Reading Week 3: Let’s show photos

Week 5: Pictures and videos

Admin: This week I am starting to highlight student names and classes from the participants list, if either I or your mentor feel you have not completed enough challenge posts. I know some classes have been on holidays and fall break, so to stay on the list, you need to have completed the following: an…Continue…Continue Reading Week 5: Pictures and videos

Week 4: A picture is worth

Yes, this week we deal with using images, music and sounds in your posts. But can’t I use any image, music or sound that is on the internet? No, you must use creative commons or in some cases the fair use rule. But where can I find these images, music and sounds? Head to the…Continue…Continue Reading Week 4: A picture is worth

Challenge 4 – Lots of choice

Some excellent posts being written, but I am only finding out about them by accident. Many students are still not adding a trackback or link on their post that leads back to the blogging challenge post they are writing about.       Improving your blog Instead of me writing about copyright and creative commons,…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 4 – Lots of choice