Week 7: Footprints

This week we are talking about our digital footprint. Being connected with all this technology means everyone is leaving a digital footprint. Activity 1. Watch the following 2 videos then leave a comment on this post about something that you found very interesting in one of the videos. Write a post explaining the differences between the videos. Which…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7: Footprints

Week 3: Leaving footprints

I have spent a lot of time this week trying to find different resources to use when talking about leaving our digital footprint. These first two videos I use each set of challenges as it shows how easily a footprint can be created. It is not only you but your relatives, friends, newspapers etc also…Continue…Continue Reading Week 3: Leaving footprints

Week 7 – Connections

How well connected are you? No I don’t mean if you are related to royalty or the president of your country. I mean are you a connected person? Twenty three years ago when I did my first trip around the world, I was not very well connected at all. To communicate with my parents I…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7 – Connections