Week 7: Footprints

This week we are talking about our digital footprint. Being connected with all this technology means everyone is leaving a digital footprint. Activity 1. Watch the following 2 videos then leave a comment on this post about something that you found very interesting in one of the videos. Write a post explaining the differences between the videos. Which…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7: Footprints

Week 4: Digital Footprint

This week there are three parts to the challenge. Photo Credit: Alan via Compfight Part 1 is about your digital footprint where you need to visit Mr Bogush’s class blog to find out the activities to try. Remember to leave a comment on his post about the activity you completed and why you chose that…Continue…Continue Reading Week 4: Digital Footprint

Week 3: Leaving footprints

I have spent a lot of time this week trying to find different resources to use when talking about leaving our digital footprint. These first two videos I use each set of challenges as it shows how easily a footprint can be created. It is not only you but your relatives, friends, newspapers etc also…Continue…Continue Reading Week 3: Leaving footprints

Week 7 – Connections

How well connected are you? No I don’t mean if you are related to royalty or the president of your country. I mean are you a connected person? Twenty three years ago when I did my first trip around the world, I was not very well connected at all. To communicate with my parents I…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7 – Connections

Challenge 6 – Digital footprints

When does your digital footprint start? When you start putting information online in your blog? When you join Facebook or Twitter? When you join Animoto or YouTube? Check out this video about your digital dossier or footprint and how information can be gathered about you. Commonsense media has lots of videos about your digital footprint….Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 6 – Digital footprints