We have been nominated

Many thanks to those who nominated this blog in the Edublog Awards. If you now wish to check out the other blogs in this category and perhaps vote for us, here is the link. We have also been nominated for this category of  “Use of a Social Network” Please check out the other blogs in…Continue…Continue Reading We have been nominated

Time to nominate

Have you been reading some class blogs lately where teachers are nominating blogs for the ‘Edublog Awards’? These blogs do not have to be Edublogs platform but can be WordPress, blogmeister, kidblogs etc.  The important thing is you only have until December 3, 2010 to nominate your blogs. Here is how Mrs Yollis wrote her…Continue…Continue Reading Time to nominate

Challenge 5 – Sept 2010

Week 5 so now we are half way through the challenges for this part of the year. Most students have completed the following: added an avatar – both blog and user created an ‘About me’  page – also a post for some students written some interesting posts on their state or town commented on classmates…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 5 – Sept 2010

Some disappointed students

I noticed as I was checking blog posts from the last two challenges, that some students had tried to embed Vokis and pets on their blog posts or sidebars, but they hadn’t worked properly. The main reason for this is that Edublogs free blogs (which most students have) often get a lot of spam from…Continue…Continue Reading Some disappointed students

Time to nominate

Well the official part of the challenge is finished until September 2010 when we will start all over again. But there is one more thing we would like you to do. Over the past ten weeks, you have been visiting lots of different blogs from students and classes around the world. Some of them you…Continue…Continue Reading Time to nominate