Week 8: Game and nominate

Photo Credit: Toni Blay via Compfight We are now into week 8 of the challenge and it is time to make sure you have been visiting lots of blogs. In fact I am publishing this post earlier than normal so you have extra time to get organized for the game and to visit lots of…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Game and nominate

Week 8: Schooling

Photo Credit: Anna M via Compfight There are many different types of schools around the world. Most of the students in the challenge go to a government or public school, I think. But some are homeschooled like Warrior Kat and Ghost Soldier. Visit their school blog written by their mother. We have some students go…Continue…Continue Reading Week 8: Schooling

Week 7: Leadership

Photo Credit: Hamed Saber via Compfight Very early in the blogging challenge, I asked if anyone had ideas for new challenges. Amber left a comment about world leaders. So thanks to her, this week the challenges are all about being a leader. Activity 1: Characteristics of a leader Think about some famous leaders like Nelson…Continue…Continue Reading Week 7: Leadership

Challenge 9 – Game Week

Game week is all about visiting other blogs. Student and class blogs – new bloggers and old hands at the blogging – mentors as well as participants. Remember one of  the main aims of blogging includes commenting and carrying on conversations with the author of posts and their other readers. A good commenter will have…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 9 – Game Week

Challenge 7 – freedom again

Our last three challenges have been fairly serious – adding images to your blog posts, how to get comments and visitors to your blog and looking at your digital footprint. This week your sole activity is to make sure you are ready for a game we will be playing next week – in fact there…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 7 – freedom again