Challenge 2: My Place

Last week we learnt all about you – your interests, your favourite foods, music and lots of other things when you wrote your ‘About’ page. This week we are going to learn all about the area in which you live. As many of you know, I will be visiting the USA and Canada (in fact…Continue…Continue Reading Challenge 2: My Place

Visit these -March 2011 -Week 5

Oh dear, I am colour blind after all the excellent colour posts. I also enjoyed reading the picture sentences and stories. Keep up the great work including the attribution for any images you use. Early challenges like my blog and avatars Candice, Carli, Amy, Nicky, Abbi and Katie, Speaking a different language French, Spanish, Russian,…Continue…Continue Reading Visit these -March 2011 -Week 5

Visit these -March 2011 -Week 4

This week’s activities certainly created some great posts and polls. Make sure you visit those blogs where polls are created and take the time to vote. Have you also noticed we still have new students and classes registering for the challenge? Make sure you visit them over the next few weeks – Taiwan (ages 9-11)…Continue…Continue Reading Visit these -March 2011 -Week 4

Visit these -March 2011 -Week 3

Some more great posts and blogs to visit. My apologies to Sahiba and Song Yong Min for mis-spelling your names in the last ‘Visit these’ post. Why visit my blog Shyanne, Dasha, Jayden, Abiel, Diwa, Tomas, My Theme Dasha, Zachary, Recommended blogs to visit Emmy, Zoe, Kristen, Alex, Maygan, AnnaS, Essie, Mrs Martinez, Laura, My…Continue…Continue Reading Visit these -March 2011 -Week 3