Great posts to read

I have been very impressed with the number of students who have included a pingback for me to visit their blog post. Every couple of weeks I will choose those which were very well written, showed variety in the answers or were very creative and well thought out. Make sure you visit these blogs and…Continue…Continue Reading Great posts to read

Leaving links back to a post

Yesterday when I checked all the comments on this blog, I found this one from Olivia. Hey Miss W, I was wondering what you have to do to get mentioned… Please visit my blog at ~Olivia~ So I visited Olivia’s blog and found she had only been linking to the URL for  Challenge Yourself…Continue…Continue Reading Leaving links back to a post

Time to nominate

Well the official part of the challenge is finished until September 2010 when we will start all over again. But there is one more thing we would like you to do. Over the past ten weeks, you have been visiting lots of different blogs from students and classes around the world. Some of them you…Continue…Continue Reading Time to nominate