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Before filling in the registration form please read the following: Who should register Only students who have their own personal blog can register Students who are going to do the activities otherwise mentors’ time is wasted. Students who want to connect with other students around the world A few days after  you have registered Check…Continue…Continue Reading Students read this

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You have heard about the student blogging challenge and want to join in for this session? Then fill in the form below remembering the following things: If your blog URL is very long, then use a shortener such as this one from Google  Also handy if students are registering their blogs especially if kidblog as…Continue…Continue Reading Class registration

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Do you have your own personal blog and want to take part in the March 2014 student blogging challenge? Then fill in the form below, remembering the following things: Just use your first name No need for the http:// bit in your URL – just something like or Country abbreviations: United States of…Continue…Continue Reading Student registration