Tools to use

Instead of having links in the sidebar to tools you can use on your blog, I am creating some symbaloo webmixes that are available on the public gallery. I am also colour coding the tiles so you know what the link will do.

Sites for images and sounds.

  • Green links are for creating slideshows
  • Yellow links for adding audio to your blog
  • Brown links are interactive presentations
  • Blue links are places to find images with creative commons
  • Orange links are fun ways to use images

Sites for coding

Many thanks to Merry Beau for this symbaloo which she uses with her students age 4-12 in Ireland.


Digital storytelling

I have looked at a few other symbaloos including digital storytelling websites. Those on the left are ones I have used myself. Those on the right in yellow are new to me.

Avatar websites

One of the first activities we do is to create an avatar.

One comment

  • Congratulations on the commitment and dedication you have shown to producing such an outstanding and professional Student Blog Challenge.

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