Instead of having links in the sidebar to tools you can use on your blog, Sue Wyatt has created some Symbaloo webmixes that are available on the public gallery.

The tiles are color coded as indicated below.

Sites for images and sounds

  • Green links are for creating slideshows
  • Yellow links are for adding audio to your blog
  • Brown links are interactive presentations
  • Blue links are places to find images with Creative Commons
  • Orange links are fun ways to use images

Sites for coding

Many thanks to Merry Beau for this Symbaloo which she uses with her students age 4-12 in Ireland.

Digital storytelling

Sue has looked at a few other Symbaloos including digital storytelling websites. Those on the left are ones Sue has used herself. Those on the right in yellow are new to Sue.

Avatar websites

One of the first activities we do is to create an avatar. These tools should help.

Technology Task Challenges

US teacher Ron Burke has created these popular Technology Task Challenges for Teachers. They’re straightforward instructions that show how to use a range of different tools.

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  1. Congratulations on the commitment and dedication you have shown to producing such an outstanding and professional Student Blog Challenge.

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